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$200 Off Reclaimed Pine & White Brushed Rubberwood Dual Sit Stand Desks $829 + $39.95 Delivery @ Desky


The Reclaimed Pine has been a nice addition to our softwood varieties but we're looking to make room for some new wood finishes:

https://desky.com.au/products/desky-dual-softwood-sit-stand-... - Use Code PINE at checkout for $200 off

The white brushed rubberwood would be a nice choice if you were considering a white melamine top, as the discount makes it a pretty attractive upgrade:

https://desky.com.au/products/rubberwood-dual-sit-stand-desk - Use code BRUSHED at checkout for $200 off

Deal finishes Sunday - doesn't stack with any other offer.

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    Your desks are ridiculously over priced

    • Any advice on a cheaper electronic sit/stand desk of comparative quality?

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        All of the brands use Chinese motors (apparently they go for <$200) but charge a premium. If you ask most of the reps who post on here, they'll either ignore or say one of the two top brands.

        The best motors are from Europe (linak), but are are hard to find here. There's only a few places I've found so far (Ikea idasen and console concepts being two) and they charge the same price or less for the stand.

        If you don't care about any of that, just get the cheapest that fits your budget, they're pretty much all the same.

        • Idasen's are quite well regarded, but they're so ugly! What were their designers thinking?

          • @gadget: Haha, definitely agree. Was the reason I crossed it off the list. Will probably go with console concepts when I get around to finding a nice desktop.

            • @cooleagles: The CC ones look quite decent - do you know if they are actually made in Australia?

              • @gadget: The linak kick and click have the linak motors. I would assume they're imported, but could always email/call them.

                I don't like their desktops though.

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    Over prcied.. Lazy Maisons desks are almost half the price as yours..

    • -1

      there are a few differences here. 5 year warranty, ours is 10. Melamine tops - these particular desky desks are real wood. Lesser weight capacity. We do have other models that would be more in line with theirs at a similar price point: https://desky.com.au/collections/height-adjustable-desks

      • Not the same price point.

      • desky, zendesk, theomnidesk and lazy maisons seems to be using same frame and touch panel from looks of it

      • +1

        Your cheaper desks only have a 3 year warranty and 80kg limit though. As you say the competition does 5 years and 120kg. It would be helpful to highlight the differences between the advertised desks eg motor/electronics brands.

        Also why are monitor arms on the expensive desks mandatory? Not everyone wants one or already have them

        • the advertised desks with $200 off have the info quoted above. to clarify:

          10 year warranty on our dual frame models
          140kg weight capacity
          Real wood tops (pine and rubberwood)
          Our dual frame has a larger adjustable range 60cm - 125cm which means it is more ergonomically suitable for a larger range of users.

          If you're interested in finding your ideal ergonomic height range we have made up this calculator where you can punch in your height to get the ideal ergonomic positions for your desk/chair/monitors: https://desky.com.au/pages/desk-height-calculator

          and the monitor arms aren't mandatory, any add ons on the desk page don't have to be selected.

          *edit typo

          • @BrettS: I couldn't get a price without selecting a monitor arm though, either a site glitch or my browser.

            • @gadget: i see. will check it out thanks for the feedback.

  • Order placed 24th June, 3/4 boxes arrived on July 2nd but legs were damaged.

    Replacement legs sent on 5th July, however still waiting on these.

    Cable management channel has not arrived at all.

    Support team was initially very responsive, but have had to chase up multiple times for responses to recent emails I've sent.

    Not a great experience but YMMV.

    • Sorry for the delay there mate, I found your ticket and bumped it with returns team

      • +2

        How many outstanding tickets are the returns team working with to need to have ticket's bumped. That's one hell of a red flag.

      • Thanks Brett.

        The Cable management channel arrived today, unfortunately the wrong colour was sent (received white, desk frame is black). Have emailed support, hoping there is something you can do to expedite a replacement, given the order was placed almost a month ago.

    • Had a friend in the same situation. Took Fastway 3 weeks to deliver and it eventually arrived damaged. For such an expensive product, to be using Fastway is very surprising.

    • My experience:

      Order placed on 30th June.
      Called customer service on 6th July and they were friendly enough and advised delays due to COVID.
      Order arrived on 9th July however was missing the additional power port i had paid for (paid for 2x4 Power Port and received 1x4 Power Port).
      Sent them an email on 9th July (was a Friday evening, so not expecting them to action over the weekend).
      Called them on Monday 12th July and they apologised for the muck-up and advised would send out the missing items, although i don't have any tracking number as yet.

      One a side note, the boxes did come absolutely battered, to the point where i was worried there would be significant damage. Somehow everything on that front seems to be fine.

      I understand mistakes happen, but paying this much i'd expect a bit more attention to detail - especially in something as simple as order packing.

    • I ordered a scalloped dual on 25 June and received all 4 packages on 2 July. Packaging was slightly banged up but luckily nothing was damaged. However, I received a non-scalloped top!
      Made a complaint and Desky notified that they'll send me a replacement top. That was 9 days ago, but the item still hasn't been picked up based on the tracking number they've provided, not sure if it is Desky or Fastway's fault but my subsequent emails to them was ignored.
      The silver lining is that Desky let me use the "wrong" top in the mean time. It's not great customer experience; would rather get the right order the first time.

      • im 2 weeks down and no desk.

        Got given a BS story about it being damaged at aramex facilities but they had never scanned leaving the Desky facilities.

        Also took almost week to even ship the table.

        They have the worst service……….

  • +1

    reviews don't look so great, think I'll go for a varidesk instead

  • +1

    I've had success with Desky, ordered 28/6 with 1 box delivered on 2/7 and the second one 6/7. Aramex is not the best courier from all my experience. Did contact them to help follow up the 2nd box and they were responsive and helpful.

    I bought the frame only configuration (dual motor) as I have the bunnings acaia table top (2200 x 600mm). Overall well packed and was easy to assemble, smooth and quiet operation.

    • Hi mate, I have a 2450 table top and was going to get the 140kg dual motor frame too.

      Is yours set up? Are you happy with it? Any issues? I am also interested to see what you paid.


  • +2

    Buy the $252.99 motorand the timber top $99 seperate and mount them yourself (very easy DIY) it’s very cheap approximately $352 but of course depends on whether you want/need dual motorised stands. I didn’t and it’s didn’t awesome for 3 years so far.

    • Any experience with the vidaxl? Looks like one hell of a deal.

  • Hi all,

    Anyone had experience with shipping of Desky within Melbourne?

    I had terrible experiences with Aramex where the items didn’t turn up until months later.

    So I want to know if shipping experience is any better within Melbourne and if items are shipped from Melbourne.


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