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Trimat Advanced Concenrate 5kg Laundry Powder (T&F Loader) $16.99 ($3.40 P/kg) @ ALDI


Trimat 5kg laundry powder on sale again.

This is fantastic laundry powder, I've been using it for years and Choice rates it as good as Omo.

It's a bargain at $3.40 p/kg. I have been buying one of these each year as a box lasts me that long - I also use 1/2 of the recommended scoop and still get fantastic washing results.

Give it a go if you haven't tried!!

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  • Worried about some of the reviews and skin irritation

    I'm guessing this is not for cold water washes

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      You can always buy a small 1.5kg pack to test it out. I haven't had any issues whatsoever.

      I always wash in warm water (40-50 degrees) in any case as I feel it washes better and dilutes soap better.

      I've also never had sludge/soap build up or funky smells in my machine due to this.

      • Yes, warm water removes oil and dirt better, not very good for the fabric though.

        • Think as long as it's not hot (prob between 30/40º) it's not detrimental to the fabric.

          Still uses a lot more energy though

          • @0jay: I agree 40C is fine as our body is already 37+C. And if the machine is a top loader then thats a lot of heated water. And I feel a top loader needs warm water to remove dirt better.

            • @John Doh: Probly true, I’ve not used a top load in more than 15 years, so hard on the washing it’ll cut the life of your jeans almost in half

              • @0jay: I agree, I started using front loaders since 1985. Surprised anyone still bothers with top loaders anymore. Such archaic things.

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    Can also recommend this. Tried them all and always go back to this. Would still purchase this even if it was dearer.

  • I have tried this and plain Almat and haven't noticed differences in result

    • Almat doesn't rate as well as Trimat in the Choice tests - still okay but nowhere near the best like this one (neck to neck with Omo)

      • I just reported my experience. Give it a try, 2 kg is $5

  • I think Almat, ALDI's ordinary one, is already doing a great job with much cheaper price per wash

    Almat powder is $2.50/24 washes/kg, that's 10.4c/wash
    Trimat powder $3.40/15 washes/kg, that's 22.7c/wash

    even if you use half of the recommended scoop, it's still more expensive

    Edit: It looks like the Trimat laundry liquid cost better than the powder
    Trimat liquid $3.75/25 washes/L, that's 15c/wash

    • Choice reviews Almat at 73% vs 78% for Trimat overall score. Omo gets 82%.

      Depends if you want to sacrifice some cleaning ability to save a little bit of money. Up to you.

      I know Trimat liquid does a little better, but I prefer powder overall. I've tried liquid in the past, and it can leave it a little slimy in the machine/drawer.

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    Secret with powders and detergent is you don't need to use even a full cup.

    Quarter cup is fine. To three table spoons.

    Test it on your load.

  • Whats the normal price for this?

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    I tend to use a 1/4 scoop with washing of either the $3.50 Coles washing soaker power (320G/K Sodium Percarbonate) or same quantity of Lectric washing soda (100% sodium carbonate) and set the water temp to 20C so the power will dissolve easily without paying a lot for hot water.

    I then just use a basic concentrated washing power that's reasonably priced - eg coles sensitive

    Prob works out around 15c a wash

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