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UNO 50th Anniversary Premium Edition $23.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


The UNO game celebrates 50 years of bringing people to the card table with a premium edition that includes specially designed cards and a commemorative gold coin!

The UNO "gold coin" not only adds uniqueness to this collectable edition of everyone's favorite card game, but also is incorporated into game play via a special rule.

The slick black cards with a luxurious appearance and feel make this deck a must-have for any true lover of card games. It gives this edition of the UNO game a distinctly different but boldly vibrant look.

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  • Eww-no.

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      = +8

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    These deals are getting wild.

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    everyday's price is at $29, not $50

    • Thanks - You setup a correct expectation

  • I know what?

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    Are the cards plastic or still paper?
    They’re extremely vague with this “luxurious materials” description.

    • Amazon's description lists the material type as plastic vs the paper of the $7 version.

      • Thanks. Wasn’t sure if that listing for plastic was just referring to the coin in the box

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    From the manufacturer
    Important information
    Safety Information:
    For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

    Close call, glad I read that…

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      Misread box, deck stuck in eye.

    • What should you do if you ate some of the cards? Asking for a friend.

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        A - I played the game inside the house and now there's a problem.
        B - what problem?
        A - Uno …

      • Depends on what’s on the cards.

  • This is how it feels to chew 5 gum…..

  • I have to pick up 4.

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    Does it come in a box that doesn’t tear the first time you open it? That would be far more useful than a coin..

  • What are you house rules everyone?

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    The only Uno worth playing is Uno Attack!
    The card launcher is what makes the game so much more unpredictable.

    • Yeah the launcher is fun!

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    this or $7 original version

  • I have been tracking this in a watch list. It’s been cheaper before and has been this price for a while. Not really a bargain unless a further price drop IMO.

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    $12 for same kit without the gold coin (what ever that is)

    • Card design is more legible on this set too.

    • Different cards (design and possibly materials). And different box which some people think is more important than the cards.

      Might be a better design but possibly less premium materials, but for Uno $12 or $7 is more palatable unless you’re a major fan…

  • does this also have uno flip

  • Son: dad don't buy that, no one will play it..
    Dad: how UNO

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    thought this was a "5 gum" edition uno

  • I don't like this version because all of the cards are black, with the house rules that I play, holding on to a black card when someone finish his last card, it will cost 50points for each black cards, but with this version, all cards are black then I will have a hard time explaining the rule to new players.

  • $23.99 now

    • Thanks ! Updated 🤙🏽

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    Price lowered to $20.39

    • Thanks great price. Can’t edit it. Seems the deal is locked. Maybe create a new deal so other peeps know.

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        tried to but says this deal is already existed