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Oral-B Sensitive Replacement Heads Refills Pack of 2 $8.25 ($7.43 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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Experience the Sensitive toothbrush head designed by the No.1 dentist recommended brand worldwide Oral-B. Inspired by professional tools, the extra soft bristles provide fine cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums, and the round Sensitive brush head cleans tooth by tooth and provides enhanced cleaning (vs. a regular manual toothbrush). The Sensitive replacement toothbrush head works with Oral-B Vitality (except for Vitality Sonic), Oral-B PRO, Oral-B SMART, and Oral-B GENIUS.

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    Great price , thanks OP.

  • I normally use the normal ones, can I use this one instead even though I dont really require the sensitive?

  • +1

    I find it really hard to justify the 4-5x price premium over the generics, I haven't noticed any difference in degredation rates or functionality.

    • You know why? Because it’s made of the same thing. I’ve also used generics for years

      • where can you buy generics?

        • +1

          amazon, tend to be around 95c per head, I guess you could probably find them cheaper on aliexpress or something

      • +7

        Can’t trust the manufacturing process of the generics. For all you know you’ve probably been brushing with a dangerous concoction of chemicals. So if you’re willing to put your health at risk, it really does defeat the purpose of buying a quality electric toothbrush in the first place.

        • +1

          It's just a toothbrush though, not food so I'm not sure what kind of chemicals they would really need to use on it. I imagine it would be very cheap to manufacture too.

      • +8

        How about your teeth? Generics might last longer, but saying they are made of the same thing is a bit of a stretch. You could have two same looking plastic containers, but one is safe for food, the other isn't. Yet, looking at them, you'd say they are both made of the same thing.

        While I am happy to buy generics, this is one thing I don't compromise on. Don't want to find out I have damaged teeth and then pay a lot more just to save a few bucks, especially when it is only $14 a year.

    • +1

      years ago i tried generic from kogan. the internal mechanism tend to break off really easily. Do you all have the same problem with the ones from amazon?

      • +2

        Mine have been fine so far

      • I only use the official ones and a few times the brush head has come off during brushing and exposed that metal prong in the electric brush, very dangerous.

        • +1

          Hopefully you are not drilling anything with them. Never had problems with mine and always used original ones too.

  • -2

    Order these on AliExpress

  • I found these ones didn't clean as well as the precision clean "normal" heads. Bit too soft for me.

  • OOS

  • DANG IT.

    Dentist told me I needed these :(

  • +4

    Same price at Coles this week. All Oral B replacement heads are 40% off this week at Coles.

  • Got these for $32.95 - $10 off (eBay plus afterpay) = $22.95, may be useful for some.


  • back in stock when i just looked, though no S&S option

  • How's this 'sensitive head' compared to a regular manual toothbrush?

    How often do people replace; does it do less damage to teeth?

    • +1

      Think every 3 months usually, the indicators go white on the ends.

  • What does S&S mean?

    • Subscribe and Save. A low price offering to hook you for repeat delivery, but caveat is that next delivery will be at price whatever there is. Could be same, low or high.

    • Subscribe and save, gives you an additional 10% off