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[NSW] Free Indian Meals for Jobless/Battlers/Elderly/Int Students @ Nilgiri's Indian Restaurant, Cremorne


Similar to this deal, the owners have reached out to me to post this on their behalf - seriously blown away by the generosity of some people. If the owners decide to make themselves known in the comments, please feel free to thank them. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

We run an Indian restaurant in Cremorne and we are lucky so far to have the ability to keep our kitchens operational. Our food is "No Curry in a Hurry" and we are cooking food for anyone & everyone who is doing it tough, including international students. We realise that we are one of the lucky ones so far, to have the ability to keep our kitchens operational. Our community initiative is back to the fore and we would like to reiterate that it is available to anyone & everyone who needs it.

Dob in a friend, a neighbour or anyone who requires a meal. Please complete your details below, email us, call or reach out to us and we can deliver in the local area or you may pick-up, no questions asked!! The circumstances with the pandemic & lockdown now are extraordinary. We have had tremendous support from our regulars and it is only right that we pay it forward in a small way. Ideally, if we know how many portions in advance, that would help a lot. Either way, we will do our best to look after anyone who reaches out!

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      • Even food courts are charging $15 - $20 for butter chicken. We had been trying butter chickens from different shopping centres trying to find one that we really liked.

        • Seriously? Is that for premade food out of a bain? If so, that's atrocious. Miss India, what not exemplary in quality, is very cheap, but unfortunately you don't seem to have any in NSW. I think it's $11.90 for a large half/half butter chicken+rice, 2 pappadums, small raita and a veg samosa. $15-20 sounds absurd, unless it's a huge serving.

          • @barcer: I am not joking. The last time we tried it it was $17. I was shocked when the wife told me how much it costs. We usually try butter chicken with another dish that is spicy. One of my kids doesn’t handle spicy food too well. We stick to Marion’s Kitchen these days and just add meat. Been trying different flavours. I make our own naan.

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        Steak: expensive because of the meat

        Pasta: $30+ is either also expensive ingredient or you're paying for the place to dine

        Butter chicken is very very cheap to make and the place doesn't look anything special in term of atmosphere

        • Pasta is ALWAYS overpriced. Sorry but please go deeper into it if you’re going to make a comment like this. You can not tell me charging $30+ for a pasta dish is worse than charging the same for a curry.

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      There are plenty of other restaurants who charge more than that are not offering free food.

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      Keep in mind rent and other expenses are higher at North Sydney.

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      I wouldn't pay $35 for butter chicken but that doesn't mean it's wrong for the restaurant to do so. Did they not list the prices in their menus? Did they force you to dine there with the prices that you wouldn't pay?

      This restaurant must be doing something right to be able to operate and survive with those prices.

    • At least you have time to research prices .
      Some of us have better uses for our time :)

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        You’re using your time greatly reading through ozbargain comments lmaooo

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    What about the battlers in Melbourne? HEY!?!

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      Scott Morrison will post a deal soon

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        I only saw his post for his gofundme for a family trip to Hawaii.

      • Yeah, he'll offer free rounds of Delta variant with open borders and international travel.

        Thanks so much Scomo

    • you had your moment earlier

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    You won't find many jobless in cremorne (white collar wealthy Northshore)

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    I am blown away by the owner's generosity.

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    Really a great gesture.
    Seen so many initiatives from Indian community during disasters like c19, bushfire, floods etc. Well done.

    Other major community (not to mention name 🐼) just need to learn something here and help. They don't help much sadly 😒

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      It's great that some community members are helping but there's no need to be a racist and pit communities against each other.

      The Indian and Chinese communities have a long history of working hand in hand in Australia. Leave your aggression in India.

      • Ni Hao 🙏

        • Namaste

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    Absolutely awesome food at this restaurant. Great work and initiative there team!

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    Great stuff. If Im ever up in Cremone looking for a place to dine out at in the future ill remember your restaurant!

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    any chinese restaurants offering anything similar?

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    I love businesses like this.

    I have noted all those that I can support once lockdown is over and I intend to.

    Fantastic Karma. Good on you!!!

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    Wow. Faith in humanity (partially) restored! Legends

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    You're quite far out of my way - but you bet I will be making a special visit to your restaurant when things calm down. If the comments here are anything to go by I'm definitely in for a treat.

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    Great initiative, will visit you post lockdown!

  • nice - in the Sikh and maybe other Indian tradition of offering free food as good karma

    probably taste better than Hairy Krisnas too

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    Thank you everyone for your kind words. And we look forward to welcoming a number of you post-lockdown!! We have had a few requests from people outside of areas where we can deliver. Sadly, we do not have the staffing to be able to do that. So if anyone can pick up on your behalf, we will gladly provide the food.

  • might have to try the goat curry, has anyone tried it? I have been craving some since mum brought some out from wenty but thats too

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    for you Melbournian lot, http://www.sikhvolunteersaustralia.org has a free food service for those who could do with a hand.

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    Melburnian here. Just want to say kudos and hope things get better soon for you folks in NSW.

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    Great work Ajoy and Meera. You have always been very generous. I still remember your wonderful sponsorship of north shore junior cricket (NSJCA) when Annirudh played.

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    Nice job guys!

  • Does earning under $140k a year qualify as battler?

    • earnings like that. you be slumming it wouldnt you?

  • just want to ask if this is only delivery to people in local Cremorne?

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      Hi shortgum,
      We deliver in Cremorne & the adjoining suburbs in the lower north shore, typically within a 5-10 minute drive from our restaurant. Hope that helps.

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    Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for the overwhelming response to this post & also to your messages to us directly. It is really much appreciated.

    We have had a number of people reach out to us via our Community Form & via email for food & no one has been refused so far! However, we have also had at least 8-10 people request "Meals for Two" in the last couple of days & not turn up. We would like to request that only genuine people get in touch with us for food, as we do take a lot of pride in getting our meals ready. If you have requested food on a particular day at a particular time, it will be ready for you!! If you are not able to come for any reason, especially under the current lockdown rules, please do let us know via email or phone. We are committed to continuing our initiative post-lockdown, but we do need your help in keeping it sustainable by avoiding food wastage like this.

    Please stay safe & we look forward to seeing many of you post-lockdown!!


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      100 % agreed …no food waste

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    Good on you guys !!!

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