Kogan - Illegal Practises, What Should I Do?

First time posting.

I bought a tooth flosser set from Kogan. I thought it was the entire set but only the water tank arrived. I complained saying all the pictures showed the entire set. A Kogan customer service person escalated to their manager to investigate. Ellie T. And of course they don't even give their full name.

She sent me an screenshot of the image that had the words "tooth flosser not included". She said I did not read the picture clearly and it was my mistake and that they will not refund me.

This was a surprise to me because I was quite sure this was not in the images previously. I looked at google cache and can see they just added those words into the picture after my complaint and blamed me for not seeing it. This is such dishonest and illegal practises. After I caught them out, they said they updated it after I complained but not because of my complaint but just a random update. This was BS for sure. They then accepted to refund it and still wanted me to return the silly plastic tank back.

I returned it with their postage paid and got a refund but this deceptive and illegal practise should have the government fine them and especially the manager to ordered her team to do such things. Kogan is such a shameful store. What would you have done?

Like after getting the refund, would you still pursue reporting them?

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    Wouldn't have bought from Kogan in the first place. They have actually been fined several times but doesn't make a difference as long as people buy from them and boost profits.

    Do not support a dodgy seller that's known to have grey market products, has poor customer support (if any response at all) and has poor practises like pricejacking for sales and profiteering during pandemic. Take your business elsewhere.

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      I agree with all your sentiments except for the “grey market” concern. There is nothing wrong with grey market products as long as the seller supports them as they are a mechanism for getting around geo pricing by manufacturers and are a way of getting the same products into the Australian market cheaper. The seller still has to abide by the consumer guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law.

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        No issue with grey market products if they are specified clearly and you know what you're buying and fine with it. They often bait and switch though and don't clearly label non-AU stock.

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      seller that's known to have grey market products

      Ah I see you've been brain washed by the likes of old mate Gerry.

      The products are identical.

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        Except for the warranty.

        • Unless you buy Apple.

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            @Brian McGee: Even if Kogan were cheaper for an apple product, I still wouldn't buy from them out of disgust for their shoddy excuse of a business.

          • @Brian McGee: Not entirely. There is a difference with Apple products even though you do get international warranty.

            Local AU stock products generally will get immediate replacement if you have any issues. Even on the spot by popping into a store.

            Any international non-AU stock products will have to get repaired which takes longer process and isn't replaced with AU stock directly.

        • Depends, some products come with international warranties.

          If the seller is based in Australia they still have to provide a warranty in line with the ACL. So there goes your argument.

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            If the seller is based in Australia they still have to provide a warranty in line with the ACL.

            To get your warranty, you have to deal with Kogan, notorious for being terrible to deal with. No thanks.

            • @brendanm: Or take it to Apple store and they will help.
              I did this with my wifes then 1y 1m old iphone 8 when the camera stopped operating. I purchased through Kogan/Dick Smith ebay when they had 20% off. It came with a US style charger in the box and a 'bonus' dual USB charger from Kogan.
              I have also taken my then 2+ year old iphone 8+ to Apple for repairs, never been told it was grey stock, out of warranty, Kogan Krap.
              Apart from buying through Kogan I have not had to deal with them.

    • I'm sure the fines they've gotten are just written off as the cost of business.

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    Take it to the ACCC.
    Or bikies.

    Or both.

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    Kogan is such a shameful store. What would you have done?

    Don’t shop at Kogan again

    • Never bought from them, because i hear more bad than good about everything to do with them.

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    have you saved the screenshot from google cache?

    • Thanks. Yes, I saved the screenshots straight away and is in the emails I sent to them.

  • Link the product.

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    • Was the item sold by Kogan, or by someone on their marketplace?
      You appear to have achieved your desire, to obtain a refund. If it were me, I wouldn't buy from that seller again. Move on.
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      Thanks. Yes, I didn't want this consume more than the many hours I have already spent debating with them and move on. But I might just lodge this with the ACCC/Fairtrading like suggested so far so they have it on file and a record of their illegal tricks. I still can't believe they would change the image and lie to me just so they can refuse to refund me $30.

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        And again: Was the item sold by Kogan, or by someone on their marketplace?
        There is a difference. People have complained on here before and then revealed it wasn't Kogan actually selling the goods.

      • Send the story to [email protected] along with this thread.

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    Kogan only responds to the slow wheels of law…
    Go to Small Claims in your jurisdiction to get it resolved…

    or take the screenshot evidence to your credit card company, asking for a refund on the basis the item you order was not the item delivered

    Also, make a complaint to the ACCC. Your small case is unlikely to be investigated but adds to the numerous others so ACCC prioritises action.

    Does everyone remember the days of Kogan being on TV telling us all how scummy Gerry Harvey was?
    Now Kogan won't appear on TV anymore, probably because of shame.

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      "I returned it with their postage paid and got a refund"

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      Thanks, good idea. I might just log a case with the ACCC so they have it on file as you suggested.

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    What would you have done?

    Asked for my money back and if I was dumb enough to buy from Kogan in the first place posted a new thread about it online and never purchased from them again.

    • "I returned it with their postage paid and got a refund"

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      Thanks, Yes, I wanted to start this thread to warn others of the tricks they use and see what others would do. I might just log a case with the ACCC so they have it on file as suggested above.

  • Report to ACCC if it's illegal don't make a thread about it.

  • Wow, so blatantly dodgy. I'd file the complaint and never shop there again.

    Could you please explain how you were able to see when the product page was edited?

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      If you enter a link into google and it returns it as a search result, you can click on a small triangle near the link and it will show you a cached version from maybe 4 days ago. It doesn't always work but always worth a try.

      • Alright, thanks for the explanation!

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    Just stop buying from them. Tell everybody you know to not buy from them. Don't buy from their sister companies.

    If enough people do the same, the problem will sort itself out.

    I support gov crackdowns on their dodgy practices, but I don't think you will get any action out of this particular case, especially since you already have a resolution.

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    Kogan is pretty good. very happy with free postage and good quality products.

    cant say the same for the other sellers on Kogan's Marketplace.

  • Merged from More Kogan Illegal Practises

    So I bought a pedestal fan from Kogan, they sent me something that did not work properly and didn't meet the product description properly either.
    First thing they told me to do is post it back at my own cost for a refund. I said good try, it is not my fault they sent me something faulty. They conceded to pay for return postage which I need to a print label and take to the post office myself. I said they expect me to carry an item back to the post office when they sent a faulty and wrong item? I told them it is illegal to send rubbish to people and get them to carry it to post it. They finally conceded to send a courier to pick up their trash. I bet they get away with this all the time! Don't take this rubbish service from Kogan. Don't buy from Kogan and their rubbish service.
    Now it has been returned and they said it will take up to 14 days for the refund. I have been chasing them up and they said to wait 14 days. Guess what, it has been 16 days and no response. Kogan seems to have a real pattern of criminal behaviour.

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      So I bought a pedestal fan from Kogan

      From what you've written, it's quite clear that you were already aware of their reputation and you still decided to buy from them.

      No sympathy from me.


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