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[VIC] Free Delivery during Lockdown (Excluding KFC, Bottle Shops, Deliveries by Restaurant) @ Deliveroo


Deliveroo responses pretty quickly this time
Enjoy your free delivery for food during lock down in VIC

Screenshot of offer

Excludes bottle shops, KFC and restaurants that are marked with "Delivered by Restaurants" in the app.

$10 Minimum spend for most restaurants, $12 for McDonalds, Subway, Baskin Robbins, and $15 for Red Rooster, The Delivery must show up as "free" in checkout for offer to be valid.

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  • +3

    Minimum spend of $10 applies to most restaurants, $12 for McDs, Subway and Baskin-Robbins, and $15 for Red Rooster.

  • +6

    But nothing for Sydney ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • +133

      I thought we're taught not to reward bad behavior.

      • +7

        She's not the Messiah, she's a very naughty girl!

    • +3

      It's not like with the Federal government where they increase the handouts the more you screw up, Deliveroo gave Sydney a week! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633903

    • +4

      Sydney will get charged extra (more than normal) for delivery

    • +19

      you get immediate gov support, we get delivery

      • +2

        immediate gov support

        With a very controversial rule saying anyone over $10k liquid assets can't claim (that lasted for two weeks).

        • +1

          Exact same rule applied to Melbourne first

    • +31

      Come back to us when you have had 5 lockdown and had over 160+ days in lockdown.

    • +3

      Cause you guys are spreading the virus….

    • I was thinking this the other day…. How come there are no free delivery deals for Sydney. Victoria have had a few now

    • +24

      Also in Melbourne lockdowns, pretty much everything is closed except for grocery stores, pharmacies, bottle shops and at times, we needed travel permits to be outside of 5km.

      In Sydney lockdowns, seems like you can go shopping for jewelry, daiso and fidget spinners as long as you have a list. Maybe keep an eye out for crayon specials to keep your shopping list up to date.

    • Sydney virus shouldn't be rewarded

  • +24

    Sigh… We're all in this together… Again… Except for 3 special removalists, I hope all the food you eat tastes like shit

    • -3

      Excepting also those in charge of allowing people in India to return back to Australia earlier this year (at least one of whom inevitably brought the Delta strain back with him). Utter morons.

    • +6

      It's likely they can't taste or smell their food.

    • +2

      They ate at McDonald's and Hungry Jack's, not sure they care what their food tastes like. The guy who went to Coles, on the other hand, may appreciate real food that tastes good. You may be better off wishing him unfortunate tasting food.

    • -3

      Vaccinate all the vulnerables and gave them priority in the case of hospitalisation (as an incentive to get vaccinated if you are in the vulnerable group).

      The rests, for the anti vaxxers and those who don't think they belong in the vulnerable category are free to make their own decision and CAVEAT EMPTOR.

      I'm in the group who don't plan to get a vaccination, BUT WILL 100% BEAR ANY RISK AND CONSEQUENCES COMES MY WAY BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT.

      I don't know why the states is behaving like nanny states. The virus won't go away, we just have to learnt to live with it like Singapore eventually.

  • +4


    Spend $100 get $10 gift card might be useful after all .

  • +1

    Deliveroo stopped working for me a few updates back, can't get past the location screen. Seems like a few others have the same complaints on the Google Play store… Shame

    • +2

      You can always order on the web, unfortunately during peak times it's still slow navigating the site

  • +3

    Just got sent a notification for free Menulog delivery, $15 min spend. Not sure if this is unique: FQC3-F8Q8

    • Damn everything in my area is all delivered by restaurant ripp

    • +29

      Melbourne is the real capital of Australia.

  • “Shut up and take my money”

    • Sorry, it excludes KFC ;)

      • +1

        "Shut up and take my money" + delivery fee


  • +2

    All these people complaining "What about Sydney?"- Maybe think about the economic impacts that Victorians have suffered in the last 18 months???

    • +2

      This comment poses such a dilemma.

      On one hand this comment is empathic, sound and highlights the fact that we really should be all in this together. On the other hand, if we paid attention to it, Sydney loses the opportunity to complain about a trivial thing which is helping another state's economy, and only results in us looking like selfish gits if we complain…

      So, "what about Sydney?".

  • -2

    Good deal but would prefer freedom over free delivery

    • +10

      Don't think Deliveroo can do that

    • lineball for me.

    • <3 <3

  • +3

    For people that haven't used Deliveroo in a few years, check your email junk for a $15 off voucher (no min. spend).

    • I got that after a few months of not using the app! Worth a check.

  • +2

    cant believe lockdown 5.0 happened

    • +3

      Really - you couldnt see this coming? I'd say we'll be going Lockdown 10 at least.

      People dont want to play the game nicely its going to continue to go south.

    • +2

      Should've locked us down days ago, already knew it was going to happen with all the tier 1 exposure sites.

      • +1

        Agree it was a no brainer to lock down midnight yesterday . That one day could have huge effect .
        Syd missed it by about 9 days the perfect spot for lockdown .

        • Not to mention the half arsed approach to their lockdown.

    • will be at least another 5 by early next year, meanwhile rest of the world back to normal, 60,000 at Wembley for Euro final last week

      • Because they have a competent PM who has had 80%+ of the population vaccinated.

        We have an incompetent Liberal party and PM who goes missing in a time of crisis.

        • 🤔

        • A competent PM. Responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. We are still under 1000.

          That's not to suggest SloMo is competent. Just to be clear.

          • @brentsbits: This is like the tortoise and the hare, we were the hare in 2020 now in 2021 we have Ben overrun by the other developed nations

  • Whereas Menulog be like 'here have $10 off red rooster'

  • -1

    I guess by “Vic”, you mean “Melbourne”? I don’t think Deliveroo or any of the others service this area.

    • +2

      I'm not in Melb and vet Deliveroo.

  • No Deliveroo out in the burbs :(

  • Damn no KFC Where am i supposed to get a mega meal now?

    • By driving/walking there yourself to your local? Surely there's some fairly close to you.

  • The DoorDash $15 off free delivery for new users is still better

  • +1

    I don't use any of these sites anymore since I got an air fryer. My favourite quick recipe is chicken on the bone, marinate in hot sauce/buttermilk mixture, dip in combo of herbs and flour and air fry. It's generally quicker, tastier, hotter than anything in deliveroo.

    • I know its complicated but all delivery services ( even sometimes when I pick up at the drive thru ) , get heated in the microwave :)

    • no one asked lmao

  • +1

    You are welcomed, Victoria. No need to thank us in NSW.

    In the mean time, someone in Queensland just called the Delta strain the Sydney strain by the slip of her tongue.

  • -1

    I got pancake parlour last night after seeing this post 2 stack with ice cream and milkshake free delivery and 25% off. Best decision I've made in a while

    • What code or offer did you use to get 25% off?

      • It was before this promo started auto applied when you spend over $20 or something

        • Thanks

  • Starts at midnight

  • +1

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but I'm very sure Deliveroo won't be footing the bill and will eventually pass the cost of this onto their underpaid and risk-burdened workforce, like they do with any other saving they afford customers. Go with Menulog who at least have plans to prevent riders from being exploited.

    • You think deliveries are slow now? Wait until the rider is being paid minimum wage by the hour….

      • +1

        I don't think the deliveries are slow. My issue is that in order to be fast their business model requires people to be underpaid.

  • Order cancelled without notice.

    • Pretty sure the cancellation is the notice. What kind of notice were you expecting?

      • Haha I see what you did there.
        Pretty annoyed it was cancelled without a reason, had to deal with a hungry and angry wife

  • +1

    Hope they dont send a delivery driver from Sydney

    • +3

      I was checking a removalists website for prices. Lots of info about moving furniture and stuff like that but I could not find the "Delivering a contagious disease " options…

  • +1

    I waited 20 minutes and I rang the store. They told me my pizza was ready and I told them I would pick it up. I am never using deliveroo again 36 minutes until the driver claimed the delivery. So would have taken 45-50 minutes absolute joke. Never again

  • Everyone in Sydney is at Bondi. They don't deserve or need free delivery.

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