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50% off Sitewide + $9 Shipping (Free with $99 Spend) @ Mr Simple


50% Sitewide on Men's Clothing & Accessories
Free Shipping if you spend over $99, otherwise $9 flat-rate.

Can't comment on quality as haven't tried them before but after looking at past deals on OzBargain and a bit of a Google search, I decided to get a few things from them.
They have a few Fair Trade items too if you like that kind of thing.

Not sure when the deal ends, says it is Snap Sale due to the various lockdowns so it may only be short-term.

Edit: Looks like they have Herschel backpacks, which are pretty popular. Seems like a good price for some of those.

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    What is snap sale? Does it accept snap payment?

    • I am guessing it's related to the "snap lockdowns" all the states have been going into.

  • Thanks Op - 50% off makes the prices pretty solid - especially for the backpacks. Free returns if people want to take advantage of the $99 threshold for free shipping.

  • Hi OP.Keen on the Linen shirts but they're advertised as "$49.97 each or 2 for $149"
    Please clarify.Thanks.

    • OP doesnt appear to be associated. Why don't you add to cart and see what happens? 2 for $75 maybe?

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      I don't have anything to do with the store? Just saw the deal.

      But a quick 1 minute click shows that the cart goes to $99 when you put 2 linen shirts in, not $149.

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    As a long term customer of Mr Simple, I highly rate them. The quality of products is incredible especially for the amount you pay. I've so far purchased jeans, jumpers, tees and shoes and they fit great and last a long time.

    Myer also stocks them as of about 1 year ago, but I prefer to buy through Mr Simple directly.

    • Awesome! That gives me some confidence for what I bought.

      How do you find their sizing? I tried measuring myself but found the sizing charts not all that useful, not sure where their numbers were coming from.
      Glad they have free returns just in case.

      • I'd usually wear large size tshirt from brands like Lacoste, Marcs, Tommy Hilfiger and Bonds. But in Mr Simple I wear a medium. I am about 86kg and 175cm tall if that gives you something to work with.

        • Uh oh, I was worried about that. I usually wear size XL t-shirts and jumpers, so I ordered some XL sweaters…. guess we will see.

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    Thanks all and apologies to the OP….so I gather the shirts are on the larger size? so if I normally wear a size M, a size S would be the go?…and free returns help.I like their quality and these prices are much more realistic btw.

  • Was hoping they'd have done track pants by now. Ah well, Australian Stitch it is.

    • I would definitely say buying local is better and supporting smaller businesses but I just got a pair of Iconic Staple Superior track pants for like $25 and they are probably the best trackies I’ve ever owned.

  • +1

    Thanks…got a couple of linen shirts, with free shipping.

  • Thanks OP got myself some chinos.

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