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Omnidesk Pro 2020 Electric Standing Desk $720 (20% off) + Shipping @ Omnidesk Au


This deal is the first I’ve seen since the EOFYS. Unfortunately, only this model of desk appears to be on sale with the wood based versions not being included in this sale. Hoping there will be a deal on these sometime soon.

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    This deal is the first I’ve seen since the EOFYS sale.

    That was like 2.5 weeks ago. Dramatised much?

    • This is the first deal I've seen since Friday!!

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      Factual statement. Not sure what you’re expecting here.

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        manufactured hyperbole that only exists in their heads

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    This is a super overpriced desk. Get one from Ikea instead

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      nice - any recommendations ?

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        Buy two drawers from IKEA and place a project panel from Bunnings on-top. You can cut the panel to size or just use the full 2.2m like I did, I'm never running out of space and I think it looks great.


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          That's not electronically adjustable though. If you're at a desk all day it's nice to be able to go from sitting to standing. Plus many companies will allow WFH equipment to be expensed.

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      Ikea ones are shit and overpriced.

      Just balance a few planks of wood over a couple of stacked cinder blocks. Voilà , you have a desk.

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    If like me, you baulk at this price, I can highly recommend the Bunnings/ebay:


    Lazy Maisons Frame, then whack a slab of whatever you like on top. Under 400 dollarbucks and an excellent desk. I've been using mine for a couple months, with two monitors and a laptop all on arms hanging off it.

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    I'm looking at these 2… don't feel confident to pull the trigger yet because haven't been able to find much reviews on these…

    Artiss Standing Desk Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Office Computer Table - $500



    [Presale] Motorised Height Adjustable Office Desk Electric Sit Standing Table - $450


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    The whole point of a standing desk is to mitigate prolonged sitting and sedentary behaviour. What's wrong with standing up and adjusting the height manually?

    • Well.. cashed up aussies are unable to spend their cash on JetSki and HSVs, so the next best thing is a sit stand desk with electronics.

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      I have found I was too sedentary to use the winding mechanism, so just left it in sitting mode, but was more likely to use a motorised desk.

    • What type of standing desk are you referring to? Do you mean the whole desk or something that sits on top like this product? I'd be interested to see a non motorized desktop that you'd lift up manually


  • anyone know of a set up that has smaller desktop around 100cm?

    • See my post above. Buy a naked frame and put the desk on yourself. Get exactly what you want then for heaps less

      • Would that frame fit and secure a 2m desktop?

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    I bought this 6 months ago for 420 when it was on sale.
    Easy to assemble. Built rock solid, silent motor, memory buttons etc…

    • Thanks for the tip. How did you find the thickness/strength of the top? The thing which makes me nervous is whether it can support a heavy monitor arm or two or if it's a risk of collapse.

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        Very strong. I have 43 inch screen with paperwork and speakers moving up and down with no issues

        • Hey Masya,
          Is this desk very stable at all heights or does it rock a bit?

          • @mboardy: It does a bit for me because of the heavy monitor, speakers with sub and lots of other stuff on it but it is acceptable for me, and it doesn't affect my gaming experience even.

  • Looking at historical deals it seems that 20% off isn’t worth biting. Needs to at least be 30% off or more.

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    !!!! BUYER WARNING !!!!

    do not buy your desk from Omni, I'm in the middle of a dispute for faulty parts.
    The made every effort to blame my set up and ultimately were proven wrong.. sending out replacement parts and voiding my warranty.

    • They VOIDED my WARRANTY for using a third party cable management tray as it is screwed to the underside of the table top, rather then purchasing their cable management tray which ALSO screws in the underside of the table top.
    • Omni also tried to blame the poor desk performance on my third party monitor arms as I didn't purchase the arms they sell.
    • If you use ANY accessory that Omni sell, they will dispute desk performance faults and blame your "setup".

    Given what I known now I would have purchased my desk from ANYONE else but Omni, they have disgraceful practices.

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      If you don't get the solution you want, threaten them with filing a chargeback with your back, filing a report with the ACCC and fair trading. If they still won't comply, do those three things.


    • TO TOP THIS ALL OFF… Omnidesk has now added this condition to their warranty. "5. Warranty covers OMNIDESK products only, any use of third-party modifications and accessories will void the warranty." and tried to slap it in my face after I disputed that they had no conditions that voided the warranty if third party accessories were used. As I purchased the desk before August 6th 2021 I'll be disputing this item as well…

      DO NOT BUY FROM OMNIDESK… save yourself this pain.

    • Disappointing to hear but it's experiences like yours which cause me to think twice before spending this much on Omni vs other brands. It's clear they have decent margins on their products/accessories vs generic providers, so the differentiation point will be the service/support. If this is lacking, then it is cause for concern before spending that much on a desk.

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