Suggestions for PSU and Case (and HDD?/Cooling) to Complete My Media Pc

Hey all,

A while back my media box died (sorta..) it was an old HP N54L with a graphics card, running libre-elec. the OS was running on a USB stick which I think is what kept dying but they also dropped support for the graphics card so it wasn't working great.

so I'm on a quest to rebuild, and planning to use unraid.
current parts:

  • Gigabyte Z590 UD
  • 2x WD blue SN550 1tb NVME's (cache)
  • Core i5-11600K (on order)
  • 2x G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz CL16 DDR4 (on order)
  • 4x Seagate NAS HDD 3.5 inch 4TB Hard Drive ST4000VN000 (from old system with data)
  • LG Blue ray burner

Looking for suggestion for a good PSU in the 400-500W range (from what I've seen this should cover me)
I also want a case to fit in a Kallax case so 330x330xwhatever (or I design and build my own which is tempting..)
and I'm keeping an eye for another 1-2 bigger drives for parity and to replace the older drives
Open to suggestions for potential cooling options but I think the stock coolers will be fine for now.

Thanks in advanced for any advice and help.


  • Refuse to believe a HP Microserver can die! Even my N40L from 2011 is still going strong. What's wrong with it? I slotted a GT1030 passive cooler in my N54L couple years ago and it's been rock solid.

    Those specs seem very overkill for a basic media server, are you using it for something else too?

    Always been a fan of Corsair power supplies, it's one of those things you don't want to skimp out on. Have an AX860i that's been on 24/7 since 2013 with no issues.

    • I honestly believe you are right about the N54l, maybe I could resurrect it with just a graphics card swap out but I wanted to do more.
      and it's probably overkill, but I do have some future plans and got some good deals on components.
      it's sitting under the TV so it's media player, retriever, and storage. plan to have it as a home file server/backup, network monitor, possibly more depending.

  • The full size motherboard is going to make case recommendations a little difficult if you want it to fit in a 330x330 space.

    • I did plot it out in sketchup last year and I think you can fit everything in nicely actually but I don't think there is a case that does.

  • That is a very high spec for a replacement media box.

    I would of gotten the 11400f instead of the 11600k

    Also would of looked at mini itx motherboard/case/psu

    • I was looking for one of the I3's with integrate graphics but they are like hens teeth, I managed to get a nice deal on the i7 so I took it.
      honestly I was originally, going for an ITX board but I wanted more sta ports and NVME which made it hard to find at a reasonable price.

  • Get yourself a good Full Tower ATX casing. Should leave you with plenty of room and with many options out there, you should find something that will look pretty cool too.

    Good brands like Lian Li, Coolmaster, Corsair, Thermaltake, and the like should have solid PSU's included. You will need to match the PSU option for the power requirements you need. Usually, the casing will have some PSU options, otherwise buy individually.

    Add in an extra fan or 2 nearby to the HDD's and you will be fine.

  • My EVGA has been going for 7 years now
    The bloke that does the comparison site has retired I read, but he is active in a forum which I forgot at the moment, or just head over to Toms Hardware, and they have a good comparison in his absence, or just get a EVGA, they are not Seasonics, but they are pretty good nonetheless. My P2 1200W came with a 10-year warranty, that is how good they are, and EVGA are a reputable company. Here is a spread for EVGA PSU's, or you can go to EVGA direct, you can even get GPU's from EVGA direct; I am in line for my dream card, I just have to wait for some chips to be made