Budget Bluetooth Headphones (under $100)

So I wanted to get the taotronics bh 085 but they got pulled from Amazon. Was wondering if there are any recommendations for similar price and performance headphones. Currently thking about Anker Soundcore Life Q20 but feel free to drop more recommendation and your experience using them. :)

Some spec requirements:
1. Not too small/tight
2. ANC not required but a plus
3. Able to connect to AUX in case I don't want to use bluetooth
4. USB C charging preferred but Micro USB works too
5. Preferably decent to good mic as it will be used for calls


  • I had the Anker and found them very bass heavy. Also, depending on your head size, might be a tight fit. I think I have a pretty normal size head, and found them quite snug

  • Jabra Elite 65t can be found regularly for <$100. Nothing better in that price range imo

    • Why do people downvote these things? Expect too much for the price range?

  • Always find it interesting when people ask about headphones and sound devices.
    In reality, sounds is like food is to taste, and a partner is to a relationship (or if you prefer, remaining single).

    It's a personal thing. I have many different pairs of headphones. In the sub $100 range, my fav is the freebies I got with my Samsung Note 9 and Note 20. AKG's (yes ok, Samsung), but sadly wired.
    Over the $100 mark, I have various Sennheiser and Oppo's (all wired and powered by external amp/dac sources), even a pair of old school Technics floating around.

    In the wireless space - I'm for the Sennheiser Momentum 2 True Wireless - although they are a $500 RRP pair of in-ears.

    You're going to need to test, based on your music preference. To try and narrow this list down - I'd be hitting google pretty hard and reading some reviews.
    ISO makes this hard, as does the fear for some people to try headphones in a demo capacity.





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