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Breville The Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder $159.00 Delivered / C&C @ Target (Amazon Sold Out)


Breville BCG600SIL $159.00 click & collect at Target

  • Precision Electronic Timer delivers a consistent dose every time
  • 60 Grind Settings from Espresso to Plunger
  • Includes Adjustable Razor Dosing Tool
  • Adjustable amount dial
  • 340g bean hopper
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Cheers, added to the post.

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      Surely can get $10 off with newsletter signup for new users


      • Cool, thanks. Signed up from the product page as the buttons on that link above didn't work for me in several browsers/devices. Free Shipping too.

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    This or the smart grinder pro?

    • This with a little scale will do. You can do single-dosing, with a spritz of water on the beans before grinding.

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        Unless the hopper is full the beans will just fly around and not grind consistently. If you do have it full, how are you going to spritz the water on the beans at the bottom that are actually going to get ground?

        Seems like either way, the water doesn't help.

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          Single dose means measuring one dose on a scale, stir in a drop or a squirt of water with the back of a spoon for example. The water will reduce the static so the grounds don't sticking to the grinder and empty out entirely into the basket.

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      smart grinder pro if they both cost the same, but they don't.

      $159 for this one
      $300 for smart grinder pro

      not worth double the price, i go with this one.

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        You’re comparing the on sale price of this with RRP off the SGP though. The SGP has gone as low as $159 and regularly goes down to $199 so the actual difference isn’t that big, just depends if someone is willing to wait for the SGP to go on sale again.

      • https://youtu.be/8E5b0gtXbvY

        The burr of the sgp and the Batista express are identical, high chance the dcp uses same burr.

        I guess sgp has lot more gimmick and grind level to adjust. But if for the quality of pure espresso fine grind, imo the sgp, dcp and the Batista express are the same.

        • They all use the same burrs. The SGP gives more precise timing control, and slightly better build quality, vs the dcp.

  • Apparently grinds well but suffers issues reported by a few users. I wonder if it's worth it because my grinder is fekked and looking for a cheap replacement. 🤔


    • You must be Irish!

  • How does this grinder compare to the built-in grinder of the Barista Express? Worth the upgrade or not?

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      I have an older Barista Express and this grinder, The Barista express I think is mostly limited/intended for Espresso grinds, so tends to be on the finer end.

      I use the Dose Control when I'm using a french press or a V60 for a coarser grind.

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      They are the same underlying grinder. Not worth the upgrade if you have the Express.


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    I really enjoy the pre ground from Aldi. Not sure if I really need fresh ground.

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      Let me think…you need fresh ground. Some say the grinder is the most important part of coffee making.

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        Some say the roasting is the most important part. Off to go get a land to raise my own coffee beans!

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          Or you can buy green beans and roast them yourself, saves buying a farm.

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          Where does the drinking land in the equation?

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            @Hank Scorpion: Aren't you supposed to just swish it around and then spit it out?

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      If you enjoy pre-ground, then stick with it… but seriously, get a grinder.

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        eww, no one should use pre-ground. lol

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          I mean, I wouldn't want it served to me if I was visiting, but if they like it, why change?

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            @NigelTufnel: Jeepers, imagine the horror if someone served you instant!

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      Ignorance is bliss

  • Amazon
    Aug 3 - Aug 12
    Estimated delivery

    returned it and bought from target
    Free delivery and get it within 7 days

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    Reminds me of the Logitech Z623 speakers. Somehow the price has gone up 6+ years later.

  • Is the smart pro much better than this one

    • -2

      much? slightly better, yes.
      double the price better? no

      $159 for this
      $300 for smart pro

      dose control pro for me.

      • Is this good enough for V60? Not sure what I'd be giving up

      • Smart grinder Pro often goes on sale and has been as low as $159

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          It hasn't been $159 for nearly two years.

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              @Hugh G Rection: This is factually more correct for those comparing the two.

              $249 for this
              $399 for smart pro

              When on sale…
              $159 for this
              <=$199 regularly for smart pro (lowest $159)

              Both are great starter machines

          • @Neoika: I never said it had. But I got mine for 179 within the last 7 months and for 20 dollars more I believe I got the better item. Just letting others know there are options…

            • +1

              @Chocobros: I got mine for $199 almost immediately after launch all those yrs ago lol

              The RRP is a joke but the product served me well for many yrs and I only just upgraded to a prosumer grinder.

    • I bought my Smart Grinder Pro just on Friday from JB Hi-Fi. I asked for a deal and they knocked the price down to $229.

  • Is this good enough for V60? Or is it SGP or nothing

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      Yes I use this for v60 everyday

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    I've had this. I wasn't impressed.
    I used it for 2 or so years.
    Lots of clumping

  • for this model is the impeller still made from plastic or change to metal?

    • I bet the main drive gear is still made of plastic though.

      • so the smart grinder pro is all metal?

        • +1

          Nope. Plastic. And you can't buy parts. If it snaps, you can throw the grinder away.

          That's why people like the Baratza Encore

          • +1

            @Helmuth: You can 3d print the plastic impeller

          • +1

            @Helmuth: which model of Baratza Encore

            • @meoow: Not sure I understand the question. The Encore is Baratza's entry level model and has been for years. I understand they change the implementation periodically, but people like it because you can buy all the parts from the manufacturer and it's supported for years.


          • +1

            @Helmuth: I managed to repair my 800 with a 3D printed one (doubt it grinds the same but it works at least!). When the 820 died in the same way Breville agreed to replace that one. Well more like they agreed to repair it but then lockdowns hit so they eventually sent out a new one, with a back-order delay. Luckily I had that fixed 800 as a backup after all. But yeah, if (when) they both eventually die I'll prob get something different.


        • both are the same, you just get more gimmicky options with the sgp

  • +2

    Damn just bought a Timemore C2 manual grinder a couple days ago :(

    • its still good - i have one,
      keep it for travel when it becomes legal again

      • Good to hear!

        Just getting into coffee now.

        Don't have an espresso machine tho and doubt I will for a while so hopefully will do for some time!

        • +1

          I use a hand grinder, nothing wrong with it and takes up less counter space.

          • +1

            @fivespice: Which one?

            • @Borg: 1zpresso JX Pro

              • @fivespice: Tks……a tad expensive @ over $250 for my budget (just for a hand grinder). Nl6w if somebody was to give me one as a present, that would be different :-)

                • +1

                  @Borg: Yep of course, not cheap. I picked it up for $150 secondhand. I used a hario skerton for a year plus but it really sucks (bad grind consistency, hard to adjust).

                  • @fivespice: Yeah and most likely a case of getting what one pays for. $150 is a decent price indeed. Will go onto my wishlist. Thanks for reply as it is good to know which ones work well (or aren't so good)!

    • -1

      Bought the same exact thing… I bet it'll do better than this minus being automatic. No point spending cash on these cheap grinders, may as well save up for something like the Baratza Encore or Wilfa Svart.

      • Breville dose control is considered by almost all reviewers to be superior for espresso grinding than the Baratza encore. Also Baratza encore is about the same price as the dose control.

  • Why does "Precision Electronic Timer" matters when it should be by weight?

    • it doesn't have a scale?

    • You're spending $600 to have one with a built in scale.

  • Is the quality of the grind comparable with Lido E?

    • +1

      The Lido E is a stepless grinder so it would completely outclass this one, especially for espresso.

      • Any recommendation on electric grinder that's comparable with Lido E?

        • Not too sure tbh, I personally grind manually.

          Tonnes of info and reviews on the Coffee/espresso subreddits and James Hoffman's videos.

  • Hello Guys,
    I am new to coffee machines, I like to get half shot of cappaccino. I dont like very strong coffee. Is this any good as a learner person. TIA.

    • This is just a grinder that grinds whole coffee beans only

      • Oh I see. Thanks for info.

  • anyone recommended the Smeg Coffee Grinder?

  • +2

    Thanks OP, been hanging out for a smart grinder pro, but from quick reviews, this is very similar, and with target $10 off and Suncorp gift cards, came to $142.50, nice!

  • We just buy our coffee grinds from the cafe, and they grind for us.

    • +6

      Yeah, not the same as freshly grounded beans. Not even close. But if that’s ok for you, then go for it!

    • +1

      Grinding increases the surface area and rapidly oxidises the coffee, ie makes it go stale. You pretty much have to brew the coffee within minutes of grinding. Not only that grinding is variable depending on your coffee machine or if your using for pour over/filter, the freshness of the beans, dose, etc. So a 1 grind fits all from the cafe isn't ideal.

    • If you're not fussed how fresh ground your beans are, then a home grinder probably isn't for you 🙂

  • OOS? Just got an order cancellation.

    Sigh. What am I going to do with $150 in Target gift cards?? :( :(

    • when did you order it ?

      • this morning

        • they should be giving you full refund

          • @meoow: yep. ended up getting a price match from appliancesonline. free next day delivery! not bad…

            did you get one?

    • Pay the ATO.

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