Where are the cheap Vodafone data packs coming from?

where are the cheap vodafone data packs coming from?

i went on ebay and there are a heap of vodafone 3gb mobile data starter packs for under $10, am I missing the catch or if these are genuine they must be getting them cheaper somewhere else to be able to sell them that cheap


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  • Interesting. Cheaper than NetPlus' offer a few days ago and they say they are already loosing money on that offer. Fell off from the back of truck somewhere?

  • yeah probably, maybe based on that website doing it, they are clearing them out to make way for new technology?

    also i got a vodafone modem zte k3571-z and i got the unlock code, but how do you unlock it? its not coming up automatically and it talks about software but i cant seem to find the software on my computer on vodafone or google. has anyone done it, i think im doing something wrong.

    i want to know can i use my phone simcard in the mobile broadband modem, has anyone tried it?

  • Hi Kwaker,
    I'm not familiar with the k3571, but I can tell you a generic way that the unlock process should work. Worked for me on Pocket wifi and wifi2. You typically need to insert a SIM card from another network. The modem will tell you that you need to unlock the device or that there is a SIM lock (not the SIM pin code lock-that's different). You would input the unlock code and then the device should be unlocked for other networks. Hope this helps - good luck. If that doesn't work on that model - google is your friend.

  • If you buy from that eBay seller, please do it via eBay. I wanted to buy 3 data packs and asked for a postage discount. I asked for it to be done via eBay and the seller, faked that they couldn't provide postage discounts in teh system.

    The person took my money, waited 6 days nothing arrived (lived within 2 km of the seller, so P&H delays ruled out). I had to escalate the transaction to a Paypal resolution process to get the money ($21) back, the seller then claimed he thought my suburb was in QLD (c'mon within 2 km from you and with paypal providing full details?). During the escalated claim process, the seller acknowledged they never sent the item and had the audacity to ask whether they could drop the item off that weekend. Nice to get service only when I claim a charge back but no response otherwise.

    I tried another seller (tanky) from Sydney via eBay, got the item.

  • i bought 10 of john something. he sent me the item one was opened but it was unused no problems for me. i did it outside of ebay into his bank because he was a business

  • I inquired through eBay member "winner-packing" - 54 feedback. The invoice (outside of eBay) was sent via winingpackaging1 (9 feedback). I got an Chinese name (not John)

    Obviously the same person (same location, everything), but 2 split in 2 accounts to get around the 30 eBay free listings and create artificial competition.

    winner-packaging (54 feedback)
    winningpackaging1 (9 feedback)

  • was not the same user i got mine from