Xbox nbn Lag and Drop out Issue

Hi folks,

I have a 50Mbps/20Mbps with Superloop currently, previously with ABB however whenever Kids play online on XBOX it frequently drops and lags,
These lags are not evident while streaming on TV, I just assume Xbox game servers may be more sensitive to internet drops.
Other than this there is no other problem with internet.
My Xbox is on WIFI and am using Telstra smart modem, which is in next room to the xbox.
Super loop advised me to switch to 5gHz connection than the 2.4gHz connection , but that didnt help much.

Also my TV doesnt work on 5gHz connection.

Should I switch to higher speed plan or anything else can be done.


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    Try and change the wifi channels. Sounds like there is conflicts.

    If you can hardwire the Xbox that would help also.

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    You should be using 5GHz Wi-Fi on the Xbox when it's close to your Telstra smart modem. Plugin the Xbox with Ethernet to rule out Wi-Fi problems. Was the Xbox dropping out with Aussie BB, only Superloop or both ISPs?

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    Hard wire it temporarily just to rule out WiFi problems

    TV not using 5 gig doesn't seem relevant cause you can use both at once no problems, put as many devices as can use it on the 5gig band to free up the 2.4g for the older crappier devices, but anything further than your 1 room or so away is likely to need to fall back to 2.4g anyway from 5g not reaching as far/though walls as well.

    If I only use that sleep mode/fast boot on my XBox One S it'll get choppy and stuff even for YouTube videos after a while - if you're using it too try a proper reboot rather than the sleep/resume thing.

    • ""Hard wire it temporarily just to rule out WiFi problems""

      Yes yes yes

      beware of red herrings in your internal network …check everything

      Do what roy and moss say also…. turn everything off and then on again after maybe 3 or 4 minutes.

      red herrings will confuse you….

      • Cant Hardwire, the modem is too far( although is just a wall across) but wiring would need to run across couple of rooms, hallway etc.
        I only have one internet port in the house!

        • Not even temporarily?

          Ethernet from the Xbox goes back to the Telstra modem which has four Ethernet ports.

          • @Twix: for how long? the lag appears randomly and could be that it doesnt lag ..

            • @Ehty: As long as possible. Did the lag happen with both ISPs?

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              @Ehty: For as long as it takes to rule out wifi as the cause.

              Troubleshooting isn't that straightforward. Hardwiring it will find if your wifi is the cause of the dropouts.

              You could always just assume it is the problem, in which case you have two ways of MAYBE fixing it (since permanent ethernet isn't an option).
              You will need to either fiddle with your wifi settings until you get a signal that works well, or buy a new router with better wireless. Neither option will guarantee a solution, though.

              Maybe you could hardwire a computer in and ping the xbox live servers to see if there are any dropouts, but then you have the same problem: "for how long?" Doing this for too long would also lead them to banning your IP.

    • I dont know why, but I have same network name for 2.4g and 5gig, If I try to change the name for 2.4 none of my devices are able to connect to 5g.

      • Disable band steering in the modem settings and reconnect the Xbox to the 5GHz Wi-Fi network. Does this help?

        • yup, does switch.

          • @Ehty: Give the Xbox a run and report back if it still dropouts and lags.

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    nbn Lag and Drop out Issue

    NBN what? FTTN, FTTP, HFC, FW?

    • FTTN

  • Your problems sound similar to what I had - I was, and still am on a 50/10 plan.

    From my experience it could be your router. The fix for me was a mesh system.

    I had the router provided by my ISP and found that I would get random drop outs on my devices, and even streaming TV, although Netflix would run fine. It seemed to be due to my router only being able to handle 16 max device connections. I would have smashed that limit between TVs, phones, tablets, game console, light bulbs etc.

    I spent some time speed testing my incoming connection and it was generally above the prescribed values, so it clearly wasn't the issue.

    Covid and working from home kind of forced my hand and I got a mesh system. The issues instantly were resolved and we now can have multiple TV streams, games and tablets throughout the house - and it also fixed up dead spot issues.

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    • NBN/RSP issues rarely impact a single device.

    • Even if you have to buy and temporarily run 50 metres of CAT6 ethernet cable to verify that it's likely a CPE issue not a NBN/RSP issue, you should probably do so. Even then you'd just be ruling out wifi.

    • On FTTN you may need to keep the modem around anyway, but I'd use something else for routing duties and mesh wifi (eg. Eero 6, Google Nest, Netgear Orbi, Amplifi Alien) … in Australia especially given relatively slow speeds, reliability and range is usually a lot more important than absolute throughput… IIRC Superloop themselves recommend Eero and sell them below retail prices?

  • You should connect the Xbox with ethernet cable. When they are playing games against others, wifi won't cut it. Your kids will not be happy til it's wired. If it's just a plaster wall you need to go through, it's an easy job (unless you are renting..)

  • Have you setup port forwarding at all?

  • Hi Ehty,

    As other users have suggested, it might not be NBN issue. Try

    (a) To do a wireless survey to see if you have any wireless inteference on the channel you are using, there are a few free apps in Play Store (e.g. Wifi Analyzer). If there is interference, configure your channels to something less congested (5Ghz is generally faster than 2.4Ghz, but has less range)
    (b) Using a temporary wired conneciton to rule our wireless as an issue. If it's too far apart for a wired connection, consider use a powerline adapter to test?
    (c) Configure QoS on your router (if available) and allocate more bandwidth to Xbox
    (d) Use mesh wifi as suggested by other users (worth considering, if you have wireless coverage issues for your other devices)

    Generally, it is preferable to try the free options (a) and (c) first to see if it helps, otherwise, you might need to buy additional hardware to fix ..


  • Thanks Everyone, I will look into all these options and get back.

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