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Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Heart Rate Watch Black $374 Delivered (was $749) @ Rebel Sport


Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS Heart Rate Watch Black - $374.00 Was $749.00 Ends Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) Rebel

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    This or samsung watch?

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      Garmin = fitness watch first, then smart watch.

      Samsung = smart watch first, then fitness watch.

      I have the Garmin Vivoactive 4, it's great a happy medium between fitness and smartwatch. I only charge it once a week and the ability to pay via NFC is super handy.


        Awesome thanks mate


        Is your vivoactive 4 have always-on screen without compromising on battery life? I read with Venu 2 if we opt to have always on it drains the battery fast.

        I am on the lookout for fitness-smartwatch. Hoping garmin releases vivoactive 5 this Sep


          Venu is the only Garmin at the moment with OLED display, all the other use transflective LCD that last several weeks.


            @Chridim: ah ok. and transflective LCD have always-on by default without compromising on battery?

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      If you're thinking of Samsung, wait for the Galaxy Watch 4. Should be announced Aug 11th and is meant to be a significant upgrade.

      I have a Garmin Venu 2 and it is a good fitness watch with excellent battery life. But doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a smart watch.


        Awesome thanks mate


        Oh bummer.. What is your venu 2 missing that you think it needs? I was thinking about getting one!

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          Notifications are pretty basic. You can only send preprogrammed replies. There is no keyboard to type a response.

          There is no speaker or microphone so can't interact with Google assistant or take voice calls.

          Apps are pretty basic as well and the Garmin app store is limited.

          The strength training app is not very accurate at predicting exercises or reps. It gets some right (pushups, situps, curls) but fails miserably with others. You need to manually correct it after your workout through the app and you need to remember your weight/reps as well. It would be great if you could set this info in the watch as you are completing each type of workout.

          Overall, it is a decent fitness watch. I'm getting about 8-9 days of battery life with always on display set to off. This is with 24x7 heart rate and SpO2 off (it's not that accurate anyway) and about 1h of non-gps fitness tracking per day. The heart rate monitor is pretty accurate. Sleep tracking seems to be pretty spot on as well.

          Also one thing to keep in mind is that besides the Fenix, their other watches do not usually receive new features over the life cycle of the product. Nor does Garmin readily implement user bug/feature requests. There are a number of users unhappy about this on the Garmin forums. There are a few annoyances (eg sluggish scrolling, disabling screen fade in animation, prolonged pause for an activity, additional prompt before deleting an activity) that could easily be fixed and make this an even better watch.

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    This watch was launched in 1st half of 2017. Better to invest your money on Forerunner 745 instead.
    More info on Wikipedia - Click Here


      745 battery life isn't anything to write home about. Had my 935 for 2.5 years. Battery life is now down to 13 days. Good luck getting that out of a 745

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        9xx series is superior, No doubt about that. So, that's a fair point.
        But I don't know why people would buy a watch that was launched 4 years ago? You got your 2.5 years ago.
        I guess I will leave that to the buyers to decide.

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      not much difference between the 2 that I can see to justify $200 more for 745?


    Looking for the 745 / 945, but harder to find on sale

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      300$ discount on 745 on the official website - Click Here

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        It says $849.00 AUD - $300 = $549.00AUD

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          Yep, that's generally what a $300 discount looks like. ;)


      Last week I got Rebel Sport to price match Kogan/Dick Smith’s $589 price for the Forerunner 945 (international model). This gave me the non-international model and after using 10% off gift cards, it came to $537 (they add the shipping cost for price matching online stores, was $7.99 for this).


        Which store? I tried online and they confirmed this was a different product. Interesting they said it was different warranties and couldn't price match and nothing mentioned about maps or firmware! I want to keep trying but.

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          It was an Adelaide store. I called five different Rebels with the first four stating they can’t price match Kogan/Dick Smith, however none of them seemed to realise the discrepancy between international vs non-international.


    Got it for $360 in 2018.

    Not surprised price hasn't come down as at newer models don't offer a great deal more.
    I only use mine for running.
    Main purpose of this is fitness tracking for people who like to look at a lot of metrics.
    You could look at other brands esp Coros Pace which has pretty good reviews (some better than Garmin)


      It’s been as cheap as $350 in the last year.

      Mrs sween64 is very happy with her’s.


    Great watch. I got the combo clearance at bikebug for 499 (came with bike mount and 2 HR straps). Been using it for 6 months and battery life is great. I mainly do long bike rides (6-8 hours) with GPS tracking, and still have about 50% at the end of the day.


    I got mine for $374 a few months ago with Amazon. Great watch, has exactly the same function as Fenix 5. Long battery life. I use for tracking runs, cycling and indoor rowing. Fenix 6 has a bit of gimmicky mtb functions (flow etc) that I would probably use but that is about it.


    Great watch. Had the 935 for a few years. Sold it to upgrade to the newer 745 though earlier this year as the 935 didn't have wrist heart rate or water temperature for open water swimming. The 745 has been awesome, though not quite the battery range as the older 935.