Ceramic Coating - Yay or Nay?

Hey guys, I should be getting a new car next week and wondering about ceramic coating.

Its a white car and buying it (brand new) for $30k.
I have already said no to the dealer but looking at other providers.
I have been quoted for the coating between $1000-$1700 so say $1500.
That's about 5% of the car's bought value. Is it worth it?

I would probably do it if I had $60k or $100k car, or even a $80k high investment yield BMW, but not sure if worth it on a $30k car.

I'm expecting to do about 8000km per year, parked nightly in garage, but will be parked in shopping centre carpark about twice a week for the day and on the street near station twice a week for the day.

My main concern is probably scratches and people hitting my door when opening their doors. Will the ceramic coating be that useful?

(First time I have bought a new car, and I am not a car guy, so this is not my area of expertise).



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    IMO, I wouldn't waste my money on it.
    A car is just a means of transport to me.

    • thanks.
      Yes, I am same, its just a means of transport to me also

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    My main concern is probably scratches and people hitting my door when opening their doors. Will the ceramic coating be that useful?

    Then don't waste your money.

    • Thanks, yes that's the way I was leaning too

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    PPF would stop scratches, but wouldn't stop someone denting your car. Probably cost $3000-5000 for the whole car.

    • Def wont be doing that

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    Unless its a budget brand (suzuki, skoda, MG ect.), wouldnt bother honestly, mainly thing that effects scratches is the factory paint job.
    You can run a leaf along a MG3 and make a small scratch.

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      This does not make sense to me

      • Yea, I think he means, if it was a budget brand.
        Its a Cerrato so yea, pretty much fits in the budget category

    • It's a brand new car for $30k, pretty much would have to be a "budget brand" for that price. Doesn't mean the paint is soft as butter….

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    won't stop scratches or dents, but will minimise any paint damage from things like bird poo
    also makes cleaning significantly easier if you were to do the cleaning yourself

    • ^ 100% this. Keeps the car looking good, cleans easier and more resistant to road grime, bird poo, etc. I paid $400 for a Golf (i.e. small hatch back) from a local Detailer that was running a special. I would probably pay up to $900, after that you could probably get similar results from the regular use of a ceramic wax product. The Repco branded one is actually very good and only ~$20 a bottle.

  • Where are you located? $1000-1700 seems quite high unless it's a large car

    • Not if there's paint correction and coating includes wheels, brakes etc but the price range is pretty large.

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    Ceramic Coating for bird poo protection, and ease of cleaning.

    Pain Protection Film for bird poo protection, light scratches and better protection against stone chips.

    The only way to protect from dents is to leave the car in the garage.

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    No. Just buy a bottle of Turtle Wax Seal N Shine and apply every 3 months.

    • 3 months if parked in garage. 4-6 weeks if parked outside.

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    Creamic coating does not protect from dents or scratches. If that's what you want it for, don't bother.

    On a white car that does so little km and is mostly kept in a garage, just keep it clean. Wash it occasionally and give it a once over every now and then with a nice wax coating after you cleaned it.

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    I just bought a white car and ceramic coated it myself. Not hard (particularly because I did it on the day I picked up the car so it couldn't pick up too many contaminants). Just took a solid 5 hours of time.

    Top end Kit was $200 (carpro cquartz UK 3.0 - I did a tonne of research and this came with everything from which cloths to use and helpful how to videos) from waxit.com.au and have been very happy with the result. Heavy rain helps clean the car whilst Pressure washer blows dirt / grime right off now.

    Also doing ppf myself, again not hard just laborious (especially around corners). Cost was around $1000 for coverage from a-pillar forward from paintgard.com.au but you can pick and choose pieces for as low as a couple hundred. Paul is extremely helpful. Just send an email.

  • If you like the car then yes, if not ceramic hybrid wax 3-6 months, its a spray on wax which does a nice job with mild protection. $50 bottle will last years

    I had professional ceramic coating installed on my black WRX STI and worth the coin, paid $1K. Seen Subarus at dealer lots with bad swirl marks, Japanese car paint is soft and prone to scratch.

    DIY'd on my daily Kia, looks great. kit cost $100 but you really need to know what you're doing not to stuff it up.

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    My two daily drivers are ceramic coated. I DIY'd my car, which I wouldn't do again. I also wouldn't DIY it if you weren't familiar with detailing as you want to get the paintwork as clean as possible before installation, and even a brand new car can benefit from a correction. On the other hand, I had my partners' new RAV4 professionally ceramic coated from new. It has a 9 year warranty, and we paid $1,500 for it.

    The main incentive for me is that if I didn't have the cars ceramic coated, I would polish it every 6 months, and wax it every 3 months. I park outside at work and my partners' car lives outside 24/7. We also live in Central Queensland and the sun/heat can be unkind to paintwork in the long term. Both cars are a long term purchase (aiming for 10+ years) and so to not have to polish/wax it for the next 9 years is well worth the price of admission.

    You can probably gather from this post that I'm fairly fussy with my cars - I didn't hesitate to get it done. If you're not a car person, and/or you don't plan on keeping it for the long term, you may find it harder for it to stack up. Also, a ceramic coating isn't invincible - proper washing technique is still required if you want it stay looking good.

  • 1) depends on brand of coating you are getting..some are just shit
    2) dont get from a detailer… go to a 3rd party and get it cheaper (which is what dealers outsource to !)

    ) I get it on all my cars… if you look at windows alone , it shits on rainx etc

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    Forget it. It is a white car. If you ever sell it nobody would know the difference neither would you get your money back. The only person that will know is you because you didn't fork out for it.

    If it is that important you'd be asking why manufacturers don't let you order it out of the factory.

    • Importance for most things is subjective. There are heaps of options that don't come out of the factory.

      • They used to not put seat belt in cars, we know how that worked out.

        More realistic example is rust protection. Some brands are notorious for none, badly applied rust protection and everyone ends up knowing who they are.

        I'd buy a car without ceramic coating but not without rust protection.

        • I have no idea how your reply relates to my point, but…

          What rust protection specifically? And what brands (in Australia) don't have it these days? Which cars are known these days to rust early?

          • @afoveht:

            There are heaps of options that don't come out of the factory.

            If it doesn't come out of the factory with it then you most likely don't need it.

            And what brands (in Australia) don't have it these days?

            Talking about in the past. You said if it doesn't come of the factory then it is "optional" seat belts were optional once.

  • Ceramic coating… is for people who can afford ceramic coating.

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    no need on white car imo if you still want to do it call up jims car detailing they might do it for $550 i think

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    These add on are mostly rubbish, just another way to hit you in the back pocket!. I just grimace when sales staff try to hit you up for these items. When I tell them to avoid the sales pitch as I am a retired ex vehicle manufacturing chap, they soon have a laugh and the "Pitch" ends fast. Each time I buy a new car a consultant is ready to enhance the stealership profits!.

    IF you must have such things - ceramics, tinting, fabric protection find "outside operators" cheaper and its often what dealerships use in the end!.

    A good quality waxing, is a simple effective solution - save your money!.

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    White car?

    Don't bother with ceramic coat or PPF , you won't be able to see the scratches anyway.

    Complete waste of money , if it was any other colored car it might be worth it but for white? better off spending that money on decent insurance or better tyres to help you avoid an accident instead as sometimes factory tires are complete garbage and a decent dash-cam while you are at it.

    Let me tell you Ceramic coating will not protect your car from anything other then an extremely light abrasion caused by dirt/dust , think of it as a light layer of extremely thin clear nail polish on your car …extremely thin.

    A single layer of ceramic coat can measure up to 2 microns in thickness and multi layers can build overall surface thickness for thin or soft paint systems. Unlike any other paint protection products 1 layer of ceramic can measure more than a 100 times thicker than a wax or sealant application measuring less than 0.02 microns , most places will do at least 3 layers unless they are total tight arses.

    Standard thickness (average) of PPF (paint-protection film) is approximately 3m or 0.076mm in thickness , and the price of a full car is generally the cost of a full closed-door respray ($5k) , if you are wanting to spend that kind of money you might as well just get a wrap and then you can have it whatever color you like.

    If you care about your car's paint-job , just avoid the intellectually disabled practice of going to a car wash and using the local town broom to go over your car with and occasionally give your car a proper wash followed by a wax.

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    Nope. Save your coins.

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    I bought a white CX-5 and had it ceramic coated, and I honestly wouldn't do it again.

    My last car had issue with bat poo which ate through the paint, so I thought it would be smart. The issue is, the car is always outside and I park on somewhat of a main road (the main shortcut of the main road).

    Because of this, I have heaps of iron fallout, which the ceramic coating hasn't protected against.

    If it's garaged, I'd just buy $200 worth of cleaning and maintenance products, and self care

    • You bought the ceramic coating for the same reason. It's not there to protect iron fall out. Simply there to provide light protection to bird poo, bug poo, grime etc and make it easier to clean.

      You still need to clean the car regularly (as usual) and maintain the coating.

  • The better investment is to learn how to detail a car yourself and it isn't difficult. Most of the damage to your clear coat will come from poor washing practices so the solution is to correct this not apply a temporary expensive coating. You can apply a quick wax product as you dry your car to afford a bit of extra protection from bird poop etc. Next learn how to use a clay bar and a gentle compound to paint correct as needed.

    I bought a used Mitsubishi covered in swirls and holograms from poor detailing. Paint corrected it over a couple of days and have been able to maintain it over several years with the above regime despite Mitsubishis having notoriously soft clear coats

  • If you really want protection against stone chips etc, you need PPF. Doesn't necessarily wrap it around the whole car, just the front end + A pillar + leading edge just above the windscreen + edges of the door + the cup area right behind the door handles + the strip right on top of your rear bumper. Then maintain your paint properly with the right technique and good products.

  • Don't pay for that over priced package. Easy as to do it yourself using commercial products. E.G. Turtle wax Hybrid Ceramic is fantastic. So simple to apply that you can do it in minutes after you wash your car. It protects beautifully and the water beading afterwards is amazing.

  • As with most comments here, it doesn't sound like it's worth it for you. I'd suggest spending a little more on insurance instead, lower your excess. Maybe a professional detail and polish down the track when it's looking a bit tired.

    • Insurance won’t cover stone chips and will likely not be worth using for minor dents either even with a lower excess. Not worth upping your premium IMO.

      • I agree, it's just money better spent.

        There's no avoiding shipping centre car parks, and the (profanity). I expect my daily will be at the crash repairs yearly/every other year.

        Mind you I don't like having my cars marked, scratched or dented.

        My other car, is coated and almost never enters a shopping centre…. But it's special.

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    After 5-7 years there would be no difference to the resale value if it was treated or not.

    Keeping it clean and waxed will protect it just as good.

    • Keeping it undercover, occasionally washing dirt off and getting it detailed after 5 yr would likely give the same result.

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    As you are not “a car guy” you won’t appreciate any benefits as you won’t clean it correctly and you will still get swirls. Ceramic coating needs appropriate cleaning and maintenance ……..

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    As above, Turtle wax Shine & Seal.
    You could wash & dry (with a drying towel like Bowdens Big Green Sucker) then prep with something like Bowdens Three Way Prep Spray. You at least need to keep the paint surface hydrophobic. Shine & Seal will do that, just repeat when required. Buy products when discounted (often 30% at Repco, Supercheap, Auto Barn). Use microfleece, not chamois.

  • Only PPF still stop rock chips.

    Nothing will save your doors if a tradie kicked their ute door wide open and hits your door.

    Ceramic coating only helps with maintenance , and protects from acid rain/bird poop better than wax. When maintained properly (the coating) you get 2-5 years out of it.

    On a $30k car, I'd get something like a prosumer grade GTechniq Crystal Serum Light. $2000 means you're paying for Crystal Serum Ultra or equivalent.

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    This is where they make their money.
    Say NOOOoooooo

  • It really depends how you value your car.

    If you plan to drive it from A to B and don't really care the look & want to drive it to the ground, then don't bother.

    But if you're the person that washes the car fortnightly/monthly & care about the maintenance and looks, want to sell it in say 3-5 years - highly recommended.

    Ceramic paint protection can protect swirling and minor scratches and protect the paint from bird poo. It's also super easy to wash the car and the coating will last for a few years at least, depending on your product.

    I recently got one done for around $800 for a new SUV (Melbourne). All the best.

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    Would just stick to a wax.

  • Thanks everyone for all your advice.

    I have decided not to get the ceramic coating and will as many have suggested, research and look into the Turtle ceramic wax and other products.

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