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[VIC] Nongshim Shin Ramyun 5pk $2.98, Manbok Level 7 Spicy Noodles 5pk $2.50 @ Asian Food Store


Shin Ramyun $2.98 for 5pk, Manbok level 7s 5pk for $2.50.

Cheapest by far. Both expire around April 2022.

3 Locations:

  • BRIMBANK Shopping Centre
  • CENTRAL WEST Shopping Centre

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  • State in title pls.

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    Asian Food Store

    ?? store name?

  • Hi OP, do they have an online store?

    • Not that im aware of. Likely no as its just a grocery store. Call and ask.

      • Thanks. Would like to buy a few things (saw on their fb) but couldn't locate any website so unable to buy

  • delivery?

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    I’m Korean I haven’t tried it before but I reckon it’s way more spicier than shin ramyun. Because there’s level on package. That’s not a good sign lol🥵

    • Going to YouTube to watch people eat these haha

  • According to Jain cosmology, there are seven levels of Naraka or hell. These are further divided into 8,400,000 other hellish locations

    Those are some spicy noodles.

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    very clear store name.