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[eBook] Free - Stephen Curry:The Boy Who Never Gave Up/Diary of an Almost Cool Girl/Mean Girl Who Never Speaks - Amazon AU/US


Some more great freebie children books. Today, one with an inspiring true story about Stephen Curry, the NBA star!
All books are free at the time of posting and are highly rated.
PLEASE check if they are still free BEFORE you use the 1-click option to buy!

Stephen Curry: The Children's Book: The Boy Who Never Gave Up: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01K6VPX22

Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 1: Meet Maddi - Ooops!: https://www.amazon.com.au/Diary-Almost-Cool-Girl-Maddi-ebook...

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks (Detective Mya Dove Book 1): https://www.amazon.com.au/Mean-Girl-Never-Speaks-Files-ebook...

US Links:

Stephen Curry: The Children's Book: The Boy Who Never Gave Up: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01K6VPX22

Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 1: Meet Maddi - Ooops!: https://www.amazon.com/Diary-Almost-Cool-Girl-Maddi-ebook/dp...

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks (Detective Mya Dove Book 1): https://www.amazon.com/Mean-Girl-Never-Speaks-Files-ebook/dp...


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  • -2

    Id buy this if it was written by Stephen Curry, from Take Away

    • -1

      For a sec, I thought it was a book about Steph Curry.

      • +1

        It is about Steph Curry isn't it?

      • It is. There's another one by the same author about LeBron.

        • +1

          Who's lebron - pastry chef?

    • +2

      Same if it was about Dale Kerrigan

  • +3

    so inspirational man

    • Yeah, I now aspire to be almost cool

  • +6

    I'm a massive Steph Stan, but, not sure about the title, The Boy Who Never Gave Up.

    The Boy who's dad played in the NBA for 15+ years and the boy who was shooting on NBA arena courts when he was like 10 in warm ups with his Dad. I think he probably had access to some pretty sweet coaches and training.

    If it's about being small and overcoming the odds… Muggsy Bogues has a thing or two to say.

    • +2

      It's probably easier to "never give up" when your dad is a millionaire. Great player though.

    • +7

      "…tells the story of a young boy who many said was too short to play in high school, too weak to play in college and not good enough to play in the NBA."

      If you're a massive Steph fan you would've known how he was considered as 'overrated' & 'only a shooter' in college or scouting reports. Many said he's only being looked at coz his dad is NBA player. His career started off with several ankle injuries & many thought he's washed up. But he never gave up.

      It's a book to encourage the kids to not give up. Steph worked hard to get to where he is today.

      • +1

        You're right, I'm cynical. It's not really about working hard to get where he is today is it? Every NBA player works hard to get where they are, you can't NOT work hard to get into the NBA (even you Diaw).

        But Steph is the most marketable to kids, kids love the dude, which is fair, he changed the game. Thus the book.

        If the slant is never give up to kids, there are better stories in the NBA. Just not as marketable.

        • +2

          Yeah agree it’s all about marketable - no doubt most NBA players worked hard to get to where they are, but not all.

          But can you imagine if the book is titled “The Boy Who Never Gave Up - Kwame Brown”

          Prob not gonna sell as well :D

          • +1

            @Elin2946: Personally I can't wait for the Kevin Durant "hardest road" motivational books in the future haha

          • +1

            @Elin2946: Also, in case you're curious, Kwame Brown finally got sick of being called out for the last 15 years - nsfw language - https://streamable.com/37gewh

            • +1

              @juph0rry: Didn't click the link but I trust it is very funny. If you want to read a good book where Kwame Brown is mentioned, check out Boys Among Men by Jonathan Abrams. Like a lot of NBA players he had a very tough childhood, to say the least. He still managed to be a number one pick and have a 12 year NBA career. He achieved a lot. Should he have achieved more? Probably. Not all of that was his fault.

      • Exactly. Look at all the pre draft coverage about him and it all centred on being too small, overrated, only a shooter and ankles made of glass. He wasn't really scouted by colleges and regardless of his Dad being an NBA player, Michael Jordan's sons have the greatest player of all time as their father and they're both probably no better than you or I! LOL

        Steph Curry became the greatest shooter of all time, a first ballot hall of famer and potential top 10 all time player. He certainly never gave up so its a great story to tell

  • +3

    Yes Steph didn't have it easy. He wasn't highly touted.

    His early injuries were a concern, so much so that many GSW fans lamented trading Monta Ellis than trading him.

    Thankfully the management took a chance.

  • +1

    Great book. Looking forward to reading it to my son - although he's going to be the biggest and strongest as well 😉

  • So cynical about celeb's touting children books.

  • im so blind , i saw the picture and read it as "The boy who gave up curry" 😂

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