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Creality3D Ender-3 V2 3D Printer $299 + Free Shipping @ PCMarket


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Features of Creality3D Ender 3 V2:

  • Updated mainboard with silent TMC2208 stepper drivers
  • Compared to the Ender 3 and Ender 3 pro, a V2 design that delivers users out-of-the-box experience and silence-oriented upgrades(quieter 3D printers).
  • New UI & 4.3 Inch Color Screen
  • With a 4.3-inch color screen and a redesigned UI that prioritizes ease of use, the Ender-3 V2 is an ideal choice for beginners.
  • Carborundum Glass Bed
  • Better adhesion when you need it, and easier to remove prints when cooled.
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Pre-installed X and Y-Axis belt tension make it even easier to keep your machine printing at its best. Easily adjust belt tension to maintain accuracy performance.
  • Extruder Knob
  • Swap filament in and out even easier.
  • New Nozzle
  • Brass nozzle with heat resistance.
  • Storage Toolbox
  • Forget where you put those tweezers or snips? Built-in compartment to store your 3D Printer essentials.

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  • +4

    I wanted to buy a 3D printer from long time but not getting enough motivation as I am not sure what will I print with it.
    Can you guys please share, what fun things you print with it.

    • +3

      I got one a couple of weeks ago. It’s been fun to learn but has a learning curve.

      Things I’ve printed so far
      Mask clips (to strap behind your head and take pressure off the ears)
      Wii pro controller stands
      Eufy camera mounts
      Speaker brackets

    • +5

      I got an Ender 3 just over a week ago - I've found joy in printing attachments for it so far!

      I've printed a miniature model for dnd that came out really well given the machine is stock.

      I need to make a replacement back brace for a piece of ikea furniture so I'm going to make a drill jig so I can align the holes I need and drill straight

      I've enjoyed building and learning how it all works enough that i feel I've already got $200 of entertainment out of it

    • +3

      I like to look at /r/functionalprint, plenty of great ideas there.

    • +2

      I have a 101hero that's a few years old, it's pretty trash and I can't print anything that isnt solid or that needs details. I don't have the patience to sit there for 30mins after each print to re-align each pylon to keep it level for slightly better results.

      Some prints that worked:
      - McDonalds nugget sauce holder for car AC vent
      - Filament guide for the printer
      - Glass plate holder *3 (one flexes slightly so it can be removed) for the printing bed thing to keep it in place
      - Cable guide for the printer
      - Plant ladders for seedlings

      I've tried to print other things but it just never comes out right.
      OctoPrint is very neat for printing to it.

      AFAIK these ender printers either come with or can be modified to have an auto-leveler.

      • +19

        "McDonalds nugget sauce holder for car AC vent" … I'm sold

    • +1

      Used mine for a month a couple of lockdowns ago. Now it's just taking up space.

      • +3

        "a couple of lockdowns ago" you must be Victorian haha

      • i'll help you make space….

    • +1

      Have a look at "Thingiverse" for a few ideas. You can also design your own prints if so inclined.

    • +1

      adapters to use different tool batteries across systems

    • +1

      Is there 3D printer community, so if 1 printer fails, the other printer prints replacement parts?

    • +4

      TBH depends what camp you fit into.

      You'll either be a maker or a creator. If you're a creator, you'll create 3d models and print them. They could be functional for your house, or just ornamental. If you're a maker, you'll probably just browse thingiverse and print things there. Sounds like you'd be a maker since you're asking this question.

      So am I, and I have this printer. Some things I've printed:

      • a 40cm long container ship for my nephew with about 50 containers (weighs 1.2kg)
      • a magnetic plane puzzle
      • Roses for my gf
      • headphone holder in the shape of daffy duck that I painted


      • Or you can always start as a maker and then push your creative side when you get the hang of it. Your last point does indicate mix of both. However small it may be to start with :-)

    • +1
    • +1

      I haven't really printed a bunch of "fun things" with mine, but I use it fairly frequently for more practical applications. That includes fixing a lot of little broken things around the house like curtain hangers, plastc handles on a bag, mounting brackets etc. When my parents Koi pond filter had a major failure and stopped functioning, I 3d printed a number of components in an hour that kept it running for a month while they sourced a new unit. I've also built 3 - 4 different "structures" for different electronics projects I've been working on.

      I find it an invaluable tool around the house and wouldn't be without one.

  • -3

    Same price on ebay for Creality3D Ender-3 V2 3D: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/353472879993?hash=item524ca01d79...

  • Been tempted to go for this one for a while but not sure what else is out there. Is this the go to or are there better options for slightly more?

    • Definitely better options out there, but not for slightly more — lots and lots more. (IMHO)

    • +3

      Honestly, this is such a great printer for the price. I bought one when they just came out for $500 and its fantastic.

      I would say I have maybe 1 in 20 prints fails if they are complex designs, other than that I haven't had a failed print since December.

    • +3

      This printer is a good start. There is a learning curve but the print quality is really good. Take your time assembling it and follow YouTube videos, instead of useless manual it comes with. I had a few failed prints with V1 in the beginning, but mostly user errors. There are few things I wish I was told before getting into it:

      1. How to properly level the bed, and change to better quality springs

      2. I used the print bed that came with it, and the print won’t come off without breaking. I started using glass bed and coated it with 10% PVA glue solution. Never had any issues again.

      3. Octoprint through Raspberry Pi. Makes it so much easier

      4. How to use supports

      5. Where to buy filament from: I buy eSun from Cubictech. I have had only one bad filament from them so far, their silk yellow range. Everything else works well

      I am using it more than I thought I would. And our friends and family love the things we print for them. Thingiverse is a good source for printable STLs before you start designing your own stuff.

      • +1

        Silk is ok, I had to set extrusion multipler to .85 to get it to work as it swells after coming out the nozzle

        • Thanks! I will try that

    • +2

      Checkout the Voxelab Aquila - Which is a clone of the Ender 3 V2. The Aquila as a few small improvements, out-performs the Ender and costs less - about $244 AUD.

      Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMLL-16FQWk

      Link https://www.voxelab3dp.com/product/aquila-diy-fdm-3d-printer

      • Just had a look, very tempting at onlyjust over $200 aud

      • -1

        Damn that review was painful to watch.

        • bruh that was like the perfect review and comparison, he left nothing undisscussed.

    • +1

      Was in the same boat a few months back, ended up with the 5 pro.
      Main thing that won me over was the bed on 5 pro only move down in Z axis while printing, so if you print a tall object it won't wobble too much.
      In terms of build volume, you have an extra 50mm height on 5 pro, again handy if you're printing tall objects.
      5 pro comes with metal extruder vs plastic on 3 V2, and also capricorn tube vs standard PTFE tube.
      Both of them are less than $20 each to upgrade, so no biggie.
      260c nozzle temp compared to 200c on 3 V2, helps with experimenting with different filaments.
      You also got higher bed temp, but for the types of filament you can print with the standard hot end, the 100c on 3 V2 is enough anyway.

      Overall, happy with my 5 pro so far.

  • Hmm RC car or 3D printer

  • +1

    Is this a good first printer? budget for under $700. I don't mind learning from a budget one but also would consider spending more if this starter will just itch for an upgrade after a couple of months

    • +5

      Absolutely. I've got 5 printers now, Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro (both modified to have the silent stepper drivers that are included in the Ender 3 v2) and 3 other more junk ones…
      The Ender 3 series are the best one to start on, lots of room for modifications but will also print really well out of the box :)

      • Could you link me to the steppers you upgraded your v1 ender 3 to please?

        • +1

          I assume he is talking about a motherboard upgrade such as the 4.2.7 board which includes the drivers

          • @Superstar15: Yeah, I upgraded the motherboard. I went with the BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 V1.2

            Goes good!

    • +4

      I'm happy with mine, can get good quality prints especially for the price.

      I am yet to fit a BLTouch and hookup to a octoprint server on a RPi4 (next weekend's project).

      The immediate upgrades are Bowden tube and bed springs which is about $30 on Amazon for it all.

      If you're interested I did a vid on my first couple weeks with the Ender 3 V2 and cover all the initial things I had to do to get up and running and basic slicer settings :)

      • awesome , will check it out. With everything you've spent for the upgrades would you still do it again or jump on a different model? if so which one?

        • +1

          Im happy with it, the non-level glass plate I got may be a Unlucky chance but I was happy enough to sort it out with foil (covered the issue in the vid).

          But yeah for my first personal printer I'm very pleased, and the level of support online and cheap parts makes it a great buy but Maybe someone else can chime in that maybe has owned a few other models :)

      • Glad you posted this Cam, got my Ender last week and glad to have found your Video/Channel and have subscriped to keep an eye out for more vids!

    • This is an excellent first printer. Highly recommended. As someone who owns far, far, far too many….
      A rare gem that is good — and good out of the box.
      You may need to align the eccentric pulley's on the running wheels on the x and y axis, but that's about it.

    • Ye this is one of the best entry level printers. I personally would get the Voxelab aquila which was recommended on another ozbargain post, it's the exact clone of the e3v2 for ~$80-100 less. I use the $100 and bought filaments and some upgrades.
      But you won't go wrong with this deal either. The e3v2 have a big community so if anything goes wrong a youtube video or somebody probably can help you.

  • as someone new to 3d printing, which is the best no dramas printer? this series or prusa ?

    • +1

      Prusa is a different class. If you have money for the Lexus - get a Prusa, else if you have only for Toyota - get an Ender3V2.
      Note that Prusa needs FULL assembly (good learning though) while E3V2 comes partly assembled.
      Anyway - it is great fun, particularly once you start getting a handle on designing stuff in a 3D program like openSCAD (or Blender, or many others available)
      A "sample" of available stuff to download models and print is https://www.thingiverse.com/
      There are FB groups of 3D printing for OZ or for your local area, many helpful people ready to assist.

      Get into it and enjoy!

    • My suggestion is to invest only a little money in 3D printing, and upgrade to a better printer (eg. Prusa) if you continue.

      I own 2 ender 3 pros and 2 ender 3 v2, which equates to one prusa printer price.

    • +1

      Start cheap to learn and if you find you're still interested in 6 months splash out for the Prusa.

    • Prusa is on another level altogether, but also costs around 5x more (~AUD $1500+). Having owned a Creality CR-10S and then a Prusa MK3 for 3 years, there's no comparison, the Prusa is far easier and less hassle to run. You can get cheaper printers to run just as well, but you'll spend far more time tweaking and maintaining them.

      Doesn't mean you won't have any dramas with a Prusa, it is still an FDM 3D printer after all, but it's definitely one of the more robust designs.

      Price-wise, it's impossible to beat the Ender series for sheer value.

    • I have both and use the Prusa 90% of the time, but it's not really a fair comparison given the price difference. This unit is very good for the price.

  • Edit: Nevermind misread specs.

  • newbie here, just wondering if this is a good price for entry level product ( Ender-3 V2) ? Saw a few ebay history, was at $275 at somestage?

    • +3

      It is roughly average price. Not terrible, not great. Lots of the ones at $275 etc are multi listings which have both Ender 3s or Ender 3 Pros and v2s.

      Decent printer though, probably the best of the entry level products.

  • whats the cheapest one thats self leveling? I got an aldi one couple of years back. its ok, but leveling takes a while and printing large flat pieces is impossible (for me at least)

    • You can add the BLTouch to most if not all Creality models. Crealtiy sell them with the mounts and have the firmware ready to go.

      • You can also get a 3DTouch from Trianglelabs that works well.

    • if it uses Marlin firmware, then the mesh bed levelling feature is my favourite. It's free, no chance for wiring/mounting mistakes or bad ABL units causing your nozzle to crash through.

    • The CR-6 SE is cheap and self leveling.

      I take it that means this ender isn’t?

  • +1

    Just wondering is there a way to 3D scanning an object
    and 3D printing to duplicate a copy?

    • +1

      Been watching alot of movies hey… Its possible but its exxy

    • The most liked thing on Thingiverse is something which makes this process less of a headache… https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1762299

    • +1

      If you can find a Xbox One Kinect and a PC adapter for it, that works. I've set mine up and it scans pretty damn well. You'll still need to edit/tidy up the model in a 3d modelling program.

  • What filament to people recommend?

    I have tried esun from Cubictech, just wondering what other brands are recommended.

    • 3dfillies.com

    • I use eSun at home and Filaform at work. Both work great.

    • +1

      I regularly use eSUN, 3DFillies and CCDIY (both PLA+ and PETG). They're all very good; I tend to pick and choose depending on the colour I need since each brand has different shades. For example, I love the eSUN Fire Engine Red, and the 3DFillies Orange.

  • +5

    Voxelab Aquila 3D for $207.46


    with coupon SAVER10OFF

    • Missed it by that much.

  • OOS - backorder

  • Seems like a good place to ask… Thoughts on a Creality CR-6 SE?
    The auto bed leveling and out of the box performance interests me.

    • +1

      I’ve got the CR-6 SE and it’s fantastic, definitely recommend. Super easy to set up and use and prints fantastic quality things. The one piece of advice I have is to buy a Creality magnetic print bed mat thingy - completely eliminates any bed adhesion issues, which are definitely a problem with the glass bed. Also makes removing finished prints a breeze as it’s flexible. This is the one I bought:

      Creality Original Ultra-Flexible… https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B088PF9QXR?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_s...

      • +1

        Thanks MrFunSocks just what i needed.

  • whats the largest print dimensions you can do?

  • +7

    I made the mistake of telling my wife I was going to buy a 3d printer, rather than just buying it. Sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission

    • Any printing ideas that might justify the purchase to your spouse? E.g. a handbag desk hanger

  • Review on V1.


    Good channel for tips etc.

  • How does this compare to the Creality CR-6 SE? I’ve got the SE and absolutely love it, but I’m looking at buying a second printer as well and this might be a good one.

  • I was looking for ender 3 v2 for a while, missed this deal, but now I find a better price in case anyone still looking:


    by the time of looking he had 4 in stock so I cant post it as a deal. (had to be at least 10 in stock to be considered as a deal)

    $278.05 with 17% ebay plus discount, I paid with suncorp GC for further 3% discount. ended up paying $269.


    • -1

      Orrr you could of bought the Aquila for $200~ and flashed Alexes Merlin fork for a better built and cheaper E3v2. The current V1 are pretty much the same as the v2 only difference being the handle, vertical screen and filament runout. The N32 V1 has the upgrades fans, PCB and possible plastic update on the feeder so with thr saving could of bought 3 rolls of decent filament

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