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Up to 25% off Bike Power Meters & Free Delivery @ ProBikeKit (AU)


Was looking for a power meter and stumbled onto a sale for 20% off 4iii power meters from probikekit. Although not as good as the previous deal, figured worth a post.

There also appears to be a sale on other power meters as well.

Some of the products include

  • Garmin Vector 3 dual side $1085 ($1459.49 rrp)
  • Garmin Rally RS200 Dual Sided SPD-SL Power Meter Pedals $1515.99 ($1791.99 rrp)
  • 4iiii Precision Pro Dual Sided Power Meter - Dura Ace R9100 $1294.99 ($1660.49 rrp)

Bundled together with the referral link for additional 10% off (capped at $45), I purchased the 4iiii Precision 2.0 3D Power Meter - 105 R7000 - Black - 170mm for $369.89.

Referral Links

Referral: random (40)

Referrer gets $10. Referee gets 10% off first order with $85+ spend.

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    Nice find! I actually bought my Vector 3 Dual sided from Aliexpress, knowing it would be a risk, but I have been riding them for almost 12 months and no issues. Would recommend. Paid about $400 USD. Done 10000+kms this year already, makes riding so much more enjoyable!

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    Too bad they don't stock the Favero Assioma (which has just released the Shimano version of their power meter).


      bet of a let down apparently - see Shane Miller's verdict


        Same link as mine. The Favero Assioma Look version is still good - they are Shane's and DC Rainmaker's go-to power meter after all i.e. they both use the Assioma as a benchmark when reviewing other power meters. I thought I'd just mention the news about the Shimano version (I didn't comment on whether they were good, I just put up the link to the review and let everyone decide for themselves).

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    PBK have great prices, but their post sales service is horrendous compared to Wiggle. A mate of mine warned me about how they sent him the wrong socks and refused to refund him until he sent them back at his own expense, and I ignored him. I then had a problem with a pump and it took literally three months of me chasing the heck out of them before they finally refunded it. I think they're great for straightforward stuff, but if I dropped that much money on a power meter, I'd be very wary about going with PBK. I think Wiggle still price match.

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      sent him the wrong socks and refused to refund him until he sent them back at his own expense,

      Very poor customer service, and illegal to boot. The seller is responsible for reasonable return freight expenses for products which don't fit advertised specs, aren't fit for purpose, are faulty etc

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        The problem is that they are UK based (and as far as I know, no Australia office) so they likely aren't that concerned about action by the ACCC or Fair Trading.


    Do NOT buy from them! I just put in an order on the 25th Aug, still has not dispatched, the contact number is 44 (0)161 8131710 which is NOT australian number.

    My estimated delivery is 8th of September which is ridiculous for an Australian website