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[PC] Steam: Mordhau $16.54 @ GreenManGaming


historical low for this fun medieval online multiplayer slasher with unholy battle mechanics

become a noble knight and distinguish yourself by capturing enemy castle

or choose the forsaken path of archery - everyone will hate you, don't say I haven't warned ya

or kill your enemies with frying pans, horse dung or carrots w/e

or become an engineer and build annoying fortifications and range weapons

yeah, in hindsight it is a tough world for a noble knight out there

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  • Great game! I'm terrible at it.

    • don't worry mate, it's the journey that matters, not the destination! haha

      I normally just troll others. yeah I get group murdered often, but w/e :D

      • +1

        It's good fun with mates for sure, all those spinny boi's that know the ins and outs of the dragging.
        Worth noting, there is a bunch of modded servers, one of them has a Helm's Deep map/horde mode to change weapons/skins. That with 30 people was the best fun I've had in a LONG time.

  • Awesome, been waiting to get this at a cheap price. Been enjoying Chivalry 2 in the meantime.

    • see you in the game then! dung covered peasants convention is that way

      • +1

        Still waiting for my gaming laptop to be repaired, so won't be on anytime soon. Been without it for 2 weeks now. Needs a new motherboard, first and last gaming laptop I will get. I've always been a desktop gamer but got annoyed with the lack of parts and jacked up prices last December so bought a laptop instead. Not the smartest decision in hindsight.

        • +1

          what's the brand? I mostly game on laptops, and never had big issues - but I am a laptop technician and handle a lot of these to know which ones are good

          • @shabaka: MSI GE66 Raider.

            • @yippy: not a big fan of MSI, their design decisions are, shall we say, interesting

              I prefer CLEVO builds for gaming, they are usually solid (think Metabox)

              Dell used to be more or less OK, and so is HP, but recently they haven't been doing great designs. Alienware m15 and m17 have been OK

              Acer helios and triton are also solid, but with their own quirks

              and Lenovo are overpriced for what they are

              • @shabaka: I was looking at them and also Infinity but ended up with the GE66 with 115w 2070 Super as it was on sale for $2600. Most of the other brands had laptops with the same GPU for around the $3000+ mark.

                • @yippy: that's the problem as high wattage means increased cooling requirements, and requirements increase exponentially with linear wattage increase

                  so I normally don't recommend getting any laptop with cards that draw above 90w, unless you plan to place in on a cooling pad and laptop is able to draw air from the bottom, too

                  also chassis size is a factor, for 2070 I would recommend 17.3" machine for the same reason: heat spikes are less likely to affect other components

                  cram a lot into tight space and you are asking for trouble. when companies design gaming laptops like normal run of the mill consumer machines that don't really get hot, that's when the wheels start to come off

                  1660ti, 3050ti, 3060 are best options for laptop gaming as they are not too power hungry, and more than enough for 1080p gaming

                  it's sales pitch that you might need 1440p on a laptop, even 17.3". you will never see the difference

                  so you don't even need top spec laptops to enjoy portable gaming. saves you $$$

                  repair your laptop and sell it on while it has value.

                  • @shabaka: My laptop sits on my desk with a cooling pad connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Never had heat issues as I undervolted the cpu, it's basically used as a desktop. Didn't even game much on it until I bought Chivalry 2. I personally can't stand 1080p gaming. I've been using 1440p monitors for the past 5+ years so I prefer the extra resolution.

                    • @yippy: GE66 is designed to draw from the bottom, so should work well with cooling pad. still, 15 inch chassis too tight for this set of components, in my experience, and 1440p gaming was really pushing the components up the power curve

                      in general I am against these kinds of scenarios (gaming laptop used as desktop replacement), I see quite a few failures in these cases

                      could be also just quality issue on MSI side

                      • @shabaka: Well they do have a 24 month warranty compared to a lot of the other brands offering 12 months instead.

                        • @yippy: Metabox do extended 3 year door to door warranty for $75, they are good guys. support Australian! haha

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