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Maxtrax Recovery Tracks - Orange Pair $209.99 + $9.99 Shipping/Free C+C (Free Membership Req'd) @ BCF


Maxtrax Recovery Tracks - Pair $209.99
RRP$299.99 Club price $249.99 + SAVE40 code.

Not as good as previous deals but nonetheless appears to be the best price at the moment for these.

Don't forget to save an additional 3.5% via Shopback!

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    BFC means something different I think?

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    Good idea OP. Throw in another $50.01 worth of stuff and with SAVE80 you can get the lot for $220.

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    I use cheapo aldi recovery tracks that were way under $100. Seem to do a good job.

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    @OP - 5% cashback from Cashrewards

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    I needed to use these on the weekend just gone by. Haven't had to be towed through mud in a RWD van before - that was great fun! Though seriously, I've always found RRP for some moulded plastic to be insane on these. The value is in the need to have them I guess….

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      I'd say you're paying for: R&D, Australian made, brand, they're the strongest and thinnest on the market

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      If you dont use them a lot, the X-Bull at almost 1/3 the cost will get you out just as good as Maxtrax will. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143634725246


        I have the X-Bull just in case but never used them.
        Video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkI2qPsa96I - So you can make your own choice


        Yep I'll be getting them for sure. If they break, get another set and still be in front. Several youtube tests rate them too.


          I have both a set of X-Bull and a set of Maxtrax.

          The Maxtrax i'm always worried someone is going to pinch them off the roof when walking in the bush or away from the car. Or worried someone is going to spin their wheels and melt the lugs off when helping get others unstuck.

          Maxtrax have maybe a fraction more grip but not much. They stack lower and have more after market mounting options available. But they are a fair bit heavier.

          If you need tracks just in case you get stuck on the beach, in snow or when exploring some fire trails definitely get the X-Bull. If you are doing remote touring, challenging 4wd tracks and need to have them properly mounted on your roof, camper etc the Maxtrax.


            @LowRange: Absolutely right. Mine will be for occasional use so just in emergencies. Not going to need them all the time so what's the point of paying top dollar. It's like buying a Ferrari just to go grocery shopping.


    Guess it was just me that had to look up what recovery tracks were lol.