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[Switch] Monster Hunter: Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, [PS4/XB1] Biomutant $59 @ Target, Amazon AU


Target appears to be having a "clearance", some are being price matched at Amazon

Hyrule Warriors Target Amazon

Biomutant PS4 Target Amazon
Xbox One Target

Edit: JB Hi Fi also has these on sale with coupon ONLINE15
Original Coupon Deal

Monster Hunter Stories 2 $58.65
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity $58.65

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  • Look like standard prices or a small discount at best

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      MH Stories 2 only just came out under 2 weeks ago, $9 off compared to amazon so not bad for a brand new game imo.

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        Fair enough but all the other games' prices don't seem like anything special

        • Yeah I agree, Hyrule warriors especially has been out for a bit now, thought it would've been a bit cheaper by now.

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    I always forget this so just a nice reminder for others who do too…Remember if a physical Switch Game is less than a year old, you can collect 80 cents Gold coins on it. I guess its a small way to get back some of that Nintendo tax…
    Things like Zelda Skyward Sword, Mario Golf, Bowsers Fury, Bravely Default, Monster Hunter Stories..just to name a few

    • Please explain…

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        Physical games provide Gold coins if you redeem for them within 1 year of the game's release.

        You can redeem for them when you have the cartridge in then
        Pressing "+", going to My Nintendo Rewards Programme and pressing "Earn Gold Points". It will link to your account and you can use the coins as a form of discount on your next digital purchase.

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        Instead of launching the game with the "A" button at the Switch menu, press the "+" button to bring up more options and scroll down to "My Nintendo Rewards Programme". From there you can redeem gold points provided the game has to been released less than one year ago (and not been redeemed by another user).
        The gold points are used to get minor discounts at the Switch eShop.

      • It's by redeeming the My Nintendo gold points and using it towards other purchases. The amount of gold points redeemable on physical copies is based on the RRP of the game even if you buy it on 'sale'.

        • Thanks guys, did not know this.

          I guess it doesn't work on BOTW? I only just got it last month! :\

          Edit: got 60 for Cadance of Hyrule. The rest of my games are old. Just got a Switch recently.

          • +1

            @bongo007: Won't work on BOTW as it released in 2017. The redemption needs to be made 1 year from the game's release date, not the purchase date.

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    Brilliant thanks Monster Hunter ordered.

  • Target approaches gaming with as much effort and enthusiasm as I gave my grade 9 Society and the Environment homework.

    • Agreed, they either need to commit or give it up (almost certainly the latter)

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        It's weird, they only seem to stock about one shelf of games, and most of them are old ones at terrible prices. Why bother?

  • Very tempted to grab MH Stories 2, keep hearing everyone go on about it.

    Free delivery too from Target 🤔

    • +1

      Try the demo first maybe!

      • +1

        I enjoyed the first one, but it's more so if I want to spend the money on it right now! 😆

        I think I might, time to get caught up in the hype lol.

        • +1

          It does a great job building on everything from the first.
          Also progress from the demo carries across, so play it a while you wait for your order :) have fun

          • @pdcmelb: Ohh I forgot the progress carries over, thanks for the reminder!

            Already ordered in case the price goes back up so looking forward to getting into it.

  • Nice one! Just grabbed Monster Hunter Stories 2 for $49 delivered from Target. 👍

    Still disappointed no AU retailer wanted to carry the Collector's Edition, so it's now impossible to get Razewing Ratha amiibo for SRP in AU. I had no idea EB Games had the amiibos exclusive to the online store until it was too late and Ratha preorders were sold out. 😭

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      I had no idea EB Games had the amiibos exclusive to the online store until it was too late and Ratha preorders were sold out. 😭

      Was posted in the Gaming Forums

      • I was surprised it didn't go out in an EB Newsletter. I think I found out about them when I was sniffing for an update on an AU retailer carrying the CE, and discovering a Twitter reply by EB confirming they would not be carrying the CE, I then discovered the tweet about the amiibos - albeit too late. Retailers really not putting much faith into Stories 2 in AU. Maybe based on sales results of Rise being lower than anticipated (based on MH: World and Iceborne).

        • Ye, I usually follow EB Games on social media (Twitter and Facebook) to get notified on pre-order exclusive/limited releases, since the hold the monopoly in Australia.

    • How'd you get it for $49?

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