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[PS5] Judge Eyes Remastered (Judgment) US$21.99 (~ A$32) Delivered @ Play Asia


au$28.33 (ex. GST)
japanese version available at Playasia
currently having a free shipping promo until 31 July 2021


japanese version has both japanese and english voice over and should have english subtitles together with other asian languages available.
apparently delivery time will be longer than getting locally from EB Games.
slightly cheaper than EB games and for those who dont mind have japanese cover.

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    How fast is the shipping from Playasia usually?


      2-6 weeks


        How’s the packaging? Is it usually packaged well? I had a read of their terms and conditions in regards to damage item returns and it seems fairly anti-consumer


          Very well in my experience but I usually order 2 or more games so they come in a small box with the games in a bubble wrap sleeve.


    Pretty sure the local version I got has both English and Japanese voiceover


      It does but $32 is cheaper than anything else in the past though the recent $36 EB eBay deal comes close.


    Fantastic game although I don't feel the need to buy it again on PS5. Doubt I'll replay it. Good price though.

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    Pre-owned copies are $28 from EB btw