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$40 Referral Bonus for Referrer and Referee (3x $10 Purchase by Referee by 4/8 Required) @ Revolut


Seems like the offer is back! $10 more than last months offer!

$40 for both the referrer and referral.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll be credited $40 to your Revolut account for each referral that meets the criteria above, up to 5 sign-ups

What’s in it for my friend?

They’ll get $40 credited to their Revolut account once they meet the above criteria

What do my friends need to do?

  1. Sign up to a Revolut account using your unique referral link
  2. Verify their identity and pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks
  3. Add money by connecting their bank account or debit card
  4. Order a physical Revolut card

Complete 3 purchase transactions with their new Revolut card (this can be through a virtual card while they wait for their physical one) of at least $ 10 each

All by 4th August 2021, 11:59 PM GMT

Note: Only those who received email invite with their unique referral link should update their referral link on OZ. Mods may need to delete all existing referrals in the database as link appears to be different for this offer.

Physical cards cost $9.99 to order.

Note: Some referral links do not qualify for this promotion. Eligible referrals will display "⚠️ Expiring Soon" on the landing page.

If you don't see this message, close the window and obtain another random referral link.

Mod Note: Referral System for Revolut has been flushed, please enter your new Referral Code.

Referral Links

Referral: random (428)

$30 for the referrer and referee. Each referrer can refer up to 5 sign-ups. Three minimum $10 purchases by referee required.

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  • +11

    Make sure you sign up using a referral code ending in !jul1agg or something similar!

    It will also say expiring soon if you've got a working referral code.

    • +2

      Yes, and if u don't get the email adding the ! suffix won't work neither

    • Can we get mods to flush all codes that don't end in !jul1agg?

  • Just got the email so my referral code must be a working one now. Sadly I had an issue signing up my partner last time and she and I both got nothing.

    Got to watch out for that ‘expiring soon’ thing as without it you may get nothing (and actually pay $10 for the card)

    • talk to customer support, both of you will be compensated if she had signed up and followed the steps.

      I had signedup ast year and never used/verified. Talked to customer support in last promotion and they accepted my referral that i took from ozbargain.

      • CS require me to give them name and number of referrer in order to proceed for bonus now. Even referral link won't cut it :(

        This was when i did all the conditions and nothing came through.

        Whoever is my referrer 𝐣𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧𝟎𝐦𝐮𝐧!𝐣𝐮𝐥𝟏𝐚𝐠𝐠 (𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧) please pm me :/

        • -1

          Can peterc5ak!jul1agg please pm me?

  • Damn … 6 minutes lead time, was about to post this shit.

    • So it's a good deal?

      • +1

        Yups … 100% great deal … especially the Unlimited Free Disposable Cards to use on dodgy sites is a great option in Revolut. I am still exploring other features though.

  • +2

    Signed up last time and got the bonus without issues. Virtual card that refreshes after every use has been pretty useful.

  • +7

    I'd appreciate it if people signing up complete the 3 purchases…

    Got 2 referrals last time, but neither did the 3 purchases so I didn't get the bonus. (/cry)

    • same, it's so annoying. like you've ordered the card already, please just finish the signup so we both get our money

      • +1

        same I was so close…and then nothing… I was like what's the point ordering the card if you don't do the purchases then

        • yes like they've already spent the $10 on the card, just make 3 tiny purchases to get the bonus

    • Is there a way to followup?

  • +1

    Seems like 15 days only this promo

  • Be sure to only use referral code that says expiring soon.

    Also, Amazon gift cards $1 X3 is a proven way to get the 3 referrals condition met instantly. Referral bonus will be instant after the 3rd transaction.

    And yes you'll need to order the $10 card to qualify for the bonus referral.

    The disposable card feature is available on the free tier and the website does not show that

    • New conditions mention 3 $10 transactions

    • +1

      Is disposable card the feature everyone signs up to Revolut?

      I can also get virtual credit card numbers that can be refreshed from Zip BNPL. Is Revolut's same as Zip's?

      For transfer money overseas or access to multiple currencies, I'm using TransferWise.

      • +1

        Revolut is trying to be one stop shop, but not BNPL (yet). It's a bit of combination between Wise, 28 degree and neobank? U can even buy crypto too, though not the best platform obviously. If u have all the others doing the same, then yeah, maybe a bit redundant. I honestly only signed up due to referral, but might use it when we're allowed to travel overseas again.

      • Shrug I signed up for the referral bonus and found the only feature I would ever use is the disposable card feature.

        I'm not on zip BNPL so there's that. Features handy.

        I absolutely dislike the interface and design of the revolut app, it just reminds me of really cheaply made apps 10 years ago.

        Revolut's been apparently valued as the most valuable UK startup at £24bn? I'm sceptical revolut is anything groundbreaking that would justify that kind of valuation. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • +1

          FinTech mate. Seen afterpay market cap? 100m companies make more money.

          Doesn't make sense.

          • +1

            @Korban Dallas: Loving the username.

            yep yep, seen them all, think fintech is a repeat of the .com bubble, all puffed up valuations with little income or profit to speak of. but hey what do I know. :)

        • Raised so much money off an IPO that they can pay people to install their kinda useless app I guess lmao

  • Yeah just had to update my Ozb referral to make sure it has the new $40 code. I think you need to update it or it won't be the $40 referral

  • Still not as good as the $50 a couple of months ago. Might be worth holding out for a repeat of that.

    • You reckon they will increase by another $10 after this one ends?

      • +1

        Not sure, hopefully they will. It’s gone from $50 down to $30 and now up to $40.

  • I want to make an account but I don't have a smartphone at the moment (just sent in for repair). How can I set a pin code without downloading the app so that I can access it through their desktop site?

    • Maybe try an android emulator? Nox, Bluestacks, Memu, etc.

      But I don't know how you'll be able to verify ID since it needs to use a camera.

      • Thanks. I'm trying bluestacks but can't share my referral code. It needs me to do it with "nearby share" but it can't access bluetooth. Any other way to get my link? I can verify in a few days using someone elses phone camera

      • Is your referral code the as as your user ID by any chance? Aka the random username they created for you under your name that starts with @

    • iirc you can't without the app.

      do you have an old phone or tablet or an android emulator on ur pc?

      • I have an old iPhone 5 but revolut requires ios 11 or later and I cant seem to update the phone past that. So annoying!

        • +1

          You have 2 more weeks to sign up so may be can do it after you get your phone.

  • +1

    God I tried 20 random refereral and still not show that expired soon message, are they even there?

    Where about "⚠️ Expiring Soon" is displayed at?

  • Referral System for Revolut has been flushed, please enter your new Referral Code.

  • So you get $40 when you sign up? Is it like PayPal once you sign up and get the $40 in August you can just cash it out to your bsb bank account?

    • you are gonna love it and keep it instead of cashing out ;)

  • What is the point of this card?

    • +2

      It’s more of the point for the free referral bonus :)

    • +2

      It has no 3ds as well. So very useful if you ever want to buy things quickly before they sell out.

  • +1

    Eh guess why not

    Already got several of these dumb sort of digital card things, got zip, lifepay and now this.

    Of all the ones, this one has the worst sign up requirements tho….

  • +2

    How do you know it linked your account with the referral? I never got confirmation that it registered the link during signup.

    • +1

      you dont but trust it

  • ok got it, do i have to order the Physical Cards in order to get the $40? As it charges $9.99 for the delivery costs?

    • Yes you have to order physical cards. On the home page, there should be a Cards option next to Accounts and Crypto. You should be able to add card on that page

      • Thanks for that, i got the virtual card going now. Delivery fee is is must, right?

  • Can't see the T&Cs for the referral promo on the website.

  • I feel like there's too many hoops to jump through for just $40…

    • +2

      It's about 15 minutes work for $30

      Better than what I earn at work.

      You do have a job right?

      • Do we have to pay the $9.99 for the physical card?

        • -2

          Yes. Read the instructions

          • +1

            @Korban Dallas: Yes I have been and was thinking if there is anyway around the $9.99 charge. So really its $30 after the delivery fee is taken out. Still good

          • +1

            @Korban Dallas: (title has been updated to reflect this)

  • Just tried to purchase $10 purchase using the virtual card and I got a message called: Temporary Hold? Do I have to wait till tomorrow to use the virtual card?

  • -1

    Good review on all the options here


  • +1

    OK run through all the hoops. Bought 3 x $10 Amazon Gift cards on shopback 2% back with the new card

    Cost $9.99 for the physical one.

    So essentially got a $30 amazon voucher for free.

    How long does the referral take to process?

    Haven't been notified.

    • from past referrals the referral amount was instantly credited right after the 3rd transaction, check balance.

  • fingers crossed …

  • Done. Received my $40 ($30 after paying for physical card).

    Not bad for 15 minutes of work.

    • Did u buy gift card from shopback?

      • +1

        Just got Amazon gift cards from Amazon. 3 * $10

        • Thanks for the idea. Bought Coles cards and worked for me.

  • +1

    Ordered 3x10 amazon gift also and received $40 bonus.

  • weird…never received any text to download the app after entering my number…..guess i'll have to try again later…

    • well, i tried multiple times and finally got a text after using a referral via incognito mode….funny thing though is that link that was sent was a simple link to the app store without any referral codes…will be interesting to see how the referral code works….guess it's worth a $9.99 experiment

      • +1

        I think it assigns your phone number to the ref link used so it should be OK

        • +1

          nice, got $40 back instantly…spent about 20 minutes, slightly more than the usual OZB due to slow phone

          looks like a good app…only thing I prefer using credit card so not seeing much use in this though

  • Can I link a credit card and deposit using that, or, do I have to use debit card?

    • +2

      Um.. amazingly you can top up with your credit card… loophole?!

      • wait, really?

        edit holy moly it works

        • I can't work out the catch….?? Too good to be true right?

          • @financialminimalism: i dont know but it works! ive transferred the money into bank account and everything. repeat for unlimited reward points??

            • @lawyerz: Seems to be a dollar value limit. I couldn't do more than $500 in one transaction (Citibank).

              • @financialminimalism: good to know, im also with citibank (credit card)

                Edit: Attempting with $1000 now…it went through!!!

                • @lawyerz: Mine's a cash advance, unfortunately.

                  • @mun4: Which citicard? But same bank i dont get why some are ok some are not?

            • @lawyerz: So you topped up from credit card, then transferred that back to your bank account?