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Sony Alpha A7S III Full Frame Mirrorless Camera (Body Only) $4,929.15 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Need a new Vlogging camera? Don't buy this one :) . Appears to be in stock and is a few hundred dollars cheaper than other Australian retailers. Stack with gift cards for a further discount.

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    I want this i want this i want this

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      Yeah me too, but I can't justify it at this stage. Sticking with the a7 III for now, hoping the A7 IV isn't too far away.

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        Same here mate. I hope the a74 will have 90% of video capacity of the a7s3 haha. I know I’m dreaming

        • It pretty much will have 4k60p and maybe 10bit (has to if they want to compete with canon). but i predict it will have a launch price around $4k aud, and it will probably suffer from delays and shortages, which means even if you're prepared to pay retail it likely won't be truly available before 2022.

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            @eggboi: a7iii is still a remarkably capable beast. The menus on the A7s3 are so so good, but the 12mp sensor is scarily low-res for stills by 2021 standards. Out of sony's currently available lineup, if you don't need 4k120 10-bit, the A7iii is still the way to go.

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              @eggboi: 12mp is optimal.

              Game of Thrones was filmed with a 7.5mp arri. As well as countless other films including recent Oscar nominated and winnings films..

              a7s iii is a video specific animal. Which has finally been the product to convert videographers to sony. I see them used professionally everywhere.

              Hence not focused on stills. Nor is it even on the radar as a factor.

              That's what the A7R series is for..

              The A7 iii is the official ozb all-rounder

              • @stickymoo: Yea mate, but the S3 still walks and quacks like a still camera (and isn’t bad in a pinch) so just pointing out for folks it shouldn’t be considered “good enough” as your only stills machine.

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              @eggboi: Recently bought myself a Sony Seconds A7III on Ebay in combination with an After Pay discount for about $1400; broke my personal record for the most money spent in the shortest time between seeing something and buying it.

              • @JS1: How was the condition of the camera? Was it a refurbished or a seconds? Any cosmetic damage?

                • @ets27: It was a "Seconds"; as for cosmetic damage, none that I've noticed though it's certainly possible there was some scratch somewhere subtle like on the bottom of the body. There's a tiny bit of anxiety of not having a 5 year warranty like with my last Canon purchase (Sony Seconds products just have a standard 1 year warranty), but even if the shutter breaks (AFAIK the most common failure on these cameras) the repair cost will still be less than the difference between what I paid and the cost of a brand new / MSRP A7 III (at least at the time of my purchase).

                  • @JS1: Thanks. I am thinking about getting a temporary A6000 while I wait for a killer offer for an A7III or A7C.
                    I think on an A6000 a minor cosmetic damage would not be too bad.
                    Thanks for replying :)

      • Yep also waiting on the A7iv

        Hoping it will be 4k 60fps 4:2:2 10bit, but I think it will end up being 4:2:0 8bit internal

  • @buy2much

    • Not my cup of tea :-p

  • What does that cose apply to?

    • I've had too much gin to work out what your question is?

    • profit

  • One can dream, way out of my price range for a camera.

  • At least it’s under $5k sweet!!!

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