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JBL Wireless on-Ear Headphones $34.30 in-Store Only @ Officeworks


Limited stock and must be in store only as $59 on website

Sound quality is quite good but can be uncomfortable on ears after a while.

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    Highly not recommending JBL headphone. I used to own a pair of blue headphone, the ear foam will fray badly and wear out very quickly compare to Bose or sony.

    After using XM3, hard to change to another brand


      Has 1 year warranty on it

      How long roughly did the ear foam last before wearing out


        Warranty does not cover wear and tear.

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    I've had this exact pair for at least 3 years. Probably use them once a week when doing things in the yard.

    Pros: sound seems great to me…music sounds as it should. The way they cover the ears basically cancels noise although not technically noise cancelling.

    Cons: they aren't well padded so my ears tend to get a bit sore after about 2 hours usage.


    I have the same. Just a note, from my personal experience, it does not work well with Microsoft Teams.


    I have a pair of these for each of the kids, i think theyre great and i steal them sometimes


    Just went to the Windsor store in Queensland and they said that specific packet on the picture is that price and not the items in store