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[PS4, PS5] Disco Elysium - The Final Cut $35.97 (Was $55.95) @ PlayStation Store


Have been waiting for this to go on sale since release (after it was finally classified ). Great discount considering its the first on PlayStation. NOTE: The game is currently very buggy, it might be worth putting off a playthrough for now but some (i.e. me) may be interested in locking in this price.

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    Had this on my list for a while. Tempted to buy it now, but have a couple of big games on the go now (partway through Divinity Original Sin 2 and just started Demon's Souls remake), so I might leave this for now. By the time I actually have time to play it, it will probably have been on sale even cheaper.

    Same with 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim - that's 55% off ($44.97) and one I'm probably even keener to try than Disco Elysium, but just no need to rush yet.

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      I tired to play it and it was pretty boring, maybe The final cut will be better as you dont have to read everything
      DOS2 is a much better game though - 50hrs in only started act 2 :), will be playing this for a while longer

      • Ah yes the internet where you get down voted for a legitimate but negative apraisal by the fanboi masses. Anyway, I liked DOS2 but for some reason just stopped playing right at the final act.

    • I've heard such good things about 13 Sentinels, but I have so many other games to play I don't know if I can justify buying it ahead of other things I want to get to… how much of a GOTY contender is it?

      • I don't know - like I mentioned, I'm also not buying it yet! :D

        But I've heard very, very good things about it, so I'm keen to give it a go at some point.

    • DOS 2 is one of the best RPGs out there. So so good, so much replayability. First time I played as the pre-set characters rather than make my own custom avatar. The amount of unique questlines and dialogue and choices was just too good to miss. Red Prince FTW.

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        Yeah, I love it so far. Playing with Sebille, Fane, Red Prince and Beast. It is like some kind of RPG pinata - every time you hit it another dozen or so quests fall out.

        I don't know about replayability, though - I'm nearly 70 hours in and still on act 2. I'm guessing I won't get out of this in less than 150 hours. Who the hell has time to replay that?!?! :P

        • Act 2 is the most content-packed for sure, so not surprised you are stuck there, haha.

      • Was playing online with mates and encountered a save bug in the final act. I could load the game, but every time my mates tried to connect it would crash. By that point they were too burned out to go back 5 hours to an earlier save and try again, so we didn't finish

        • Man, I shudder to think how long it would take me to get through this game online. It's taking enough time as it is - if I could only play it when my mates were also available to play, it would probably take the rest of my life!

      • Is the storyline good? Like Baldur's Gate level or is it a bit of a step down?

    • Dude this needs a post on it's own. I just bought 13 sentinels thanks to your information

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    One of the best games of the generation.

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      That’s what people said about Hades… I don’t like that game >=(

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        That's a shame. It's one of the best games of the generation.

  • I thought this one got banned? Must be thinking of something else

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      It was banned initially but that was overturned.

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    I'm waiting on this for Switch. Apparently it's coming?

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      yeah, just like mother 3 XD

    • Was given the vague release window of "Summer" in the US. Hopefully soon

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    I can vouch for this.

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    Great post - thanks for the heads-up! Can't wait to get stuck into this one.

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    For anyone else who's wondering about how this plays on PS5, it supports 4K 60fps but apparently the performance was rocky at launch, not sure if they have fixed this yet:

    [Update] found this discussion of the latest patch, doesn't sound particularly promising:

    Browsing the various threads, it still sounds pretty buggy but playable if you're willing to overlook that.

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      That's all I need to help me hold out for the physical release, cheers!

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    Fantastic game even at full price.

  • I wonder if this will be a surprise game pass title

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      Not sure why someone downvoted you, so have an up!
      But I agree, it does feel like a Game Pass title when it launches, often with games that come to the platform later, they make up for it by securing Game Pass availability.
      It (and the Switch version) are due within the next couple of months supposedly, we'll see if they stick to that timeframe.
      The PlayStation version was announced and released in a very short window, so anything is possible!

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    I played this on PS5 a month or so ago, I had only one bug that stopped me completing a quest to do with your shoes at the start but made no diff and plenty more shoes to collect. I had a few crashes throughout the game but once I relaunched was back where I was, so wasn't a game killer. I payed the full price a few months ago but didn't feel ripped off. Great character development, and story. Unique darkish humour and style of game gave me a few good laughs I don't get out of many games. I got a bit caught up on whether I was making the right decisions in case of a political ending but that part made no difference just another layer of defining your character.

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    Advice to anyone interested in Disco Elysium on PS. I bought the game only a week ago and played 20ish odd hours, before the game wiped all my saves.
    Apparently it’s a common issue. Buyer beware

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      Were you able to recover them from cloud storage?

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        I have PS plus and downloaded the cloud save. When I booted the game “Load Game” was greyed out as an option. Contacted tech support and got no reply yet. Looked up reddit and there’s plenty of people in the same boat sadly.

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          Might be worth deleting and reinstalling the game before downloading the cloud save, too?

          Oh well, at least you've inspired me to resist the temptation of this sale and wait for the next one!

          • @AngusD: Tried that too a couple of days ago. No dice. I guess you could buy it now - just wait for another patch before you play I suppose..

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      thanks for posting, and I'm sorry for your loss. Could have been far worse.

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        It's okay - I've Ghosts of Tsushima, Judgement, Yakuza 6, Yakuza 7 and Spiderman Miles Morales in my queue to play next!

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          imagine any dark souls at 90% + doing that…

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    Is this better on PC, or just as good on PS4/5?

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      I believe it's much more stable on PC, quite buggy on console. But you may prefer the ease of use with a TV? Apparently small text makes that a bit tricky though.

    • Was going to ask the same.

      I generally prefer gaming on the tv with a controller, bit this seems like it could be better with a mouse and monitor?

      Or Switch? I'm not in a hurry…

  • Simply amazing game. Highly recommend.

  • Very good game. Soul crushing

  • Coming to Xbox?

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      Yes. August/September

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    If you love old school rpgs this is right in your wheelhouse , can't comment on the ps4/5 port but this is a fantastic game, buy it twice 👌 I love this game that much

  • Is there an actual PS5 version?

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      Yes, aims for 4K/60 but unstable framerate in current build I believe. Plus buggy.

      • Ok popped for it, see what’s what

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