This was posted 3 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Black & Decker 1300W Steam-Mop $34.50 (Was $69) @ Woolworths


1/2 price however no further product details provided by woolies.

From the BLACK+ DECKER website, it looks like it may be Model No. FSM13E1 with the following product blurb:

Features + Benefits
- Safe to use on all sealed floors
- Swivel steering 180° - manoeuvres around furniture and tight spaces
- Ready to use in 30 seconds

8.9/10 based on 7 Reevoo reviews

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      Obviously undertaking household chores may push some people to take up smoking so have to be prepared 😉

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    I actually have this so can give a quick review. It's nothing special but does the job. Also it only takes water, I have heard some steam mops you can add detergents to. I would recommend as a cheap steam mop that does the job you expect 😁
    Any questions, feel free to ask….

    • is the microfibre cloth washable or have to get replacements from B&D?

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        It is washable. I generally soak it for a day or two. But I have a few spares. I get a 2 pack from GoodGuys for $15 so I buy them when I get my $20 Concierge credit.

        • Dose soaking for 2 days clean it better?

          • @Safoan: If you wash it regularly enough you shouldn't have to soak it. I just don't mop that often and I have multiple animals that live inside so it gets quite dirty/ pet hair so a soak is needed

    • Do you happen to know if it's better than the $49 one at Kmart?

      • I can't comment on that. A quick look at the Kmart mop manual it appears to have more accessories. All the accessories that come with this one are useless. The cord also needs an extension cord as its probably a metre long if that..It mops my non carpeted areas to my satisfaction. It is the only steam mop I have ever owned though so I don't know how it compares to others.

    • How long have you been using this steam mop and does it drip/leak at all?

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        Probably 2 years but not that often. Maybe twice a month. But most of my house is tiles/lino and it's a large house. I think I refill it with 500ml of water twice while mopping. It has never leaked or dripped. And the floor drys superfast, usually within minutes. Hope that helps :)

    • Could you use this on bathroom floor tiles or vinyl kitchen floors?

      I guess I might pass on this as I need something that can take detergent so I can mop up more better some rat urine and dropping areas after being swept and wet mopped but my current cleaning equipment needs replacing I think they do more bad than good.

      • Why don't you just ask the rat to move out if it can't use the bathroom like a normal person?

        • We have tried but unfortunately squatters rights.

          Plus his gang keeps growing every year.

          And I think now some of his kids even have kids lol.

    • can i be used for cleaning walls/windows or would that not work due to design?

    • Stupid question, can you use them on carpet like the Kmart ones (the very top part of the carpet only)?

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    Was 69. ehe

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    Thanks bro!

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    Can you buy attachments separately for this? Keen on getting a carpet glider

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    Nicked down the local Woolies and picked one up. Cheers.

  • Will this get dirt stains out?

    • I got this from Choice article: How to buy the best steam mop

      Stain removal
      Steam mops aren't great at stain removal but keep in mind that this is dependent on the flooring you have, as some stains soak more easily into certain types of floors over others. While not perfect, they probably do remove stains better than a mop and bucket. And while they can be good at removing new stains, don't expect them to instantly lift years of longstanding dirt.

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      I find it isn't great with stains. Stuck on dirt I mop over a few times and end up having to wipe with a cloth or scratch off with my nails. What is it good for? I find it is mostly for just giving the floors a kind of buff and shine.

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    Nicked down the local Woolies and picked one up too. Cheers.
    - Yes it does the job
    - Filling water if detachable could have been better but still ok
    - Doesn't leak (did not leak)

    Happy wife so can't complain and I'll probably be the one using it so can't complain too…..

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      I actually have a cheap 500ml jug from Kmart to fill it up. I can literally just lay it down, fill it up and keep going. Makes way more sense than having to detach it, and fit it under a tap.

      • Yep that's the way i did too

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    I also went to the local Woolworths and picked one up too.
    Thanks OB.