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Win an MG ZST Essence Worth $33,690 from Network Ten



Closing Date 12/09/2021


Description MG ZST Essence with On-Road Costs.
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $33,690.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Account/Membership

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  • Thanks for sharing

  • They're not a bad looking vehicle, shame they sold the brand off. I'm not ready to trust a China brand.

    • +3

      Not that I would have trusted MG Rover either :)

    • Do you trust Volvo and Tesla? I have some exciting news for you about where they're made if you're not aware…

      Having said that looking at the specs I regard the ZST as a car I would go to the shops in. Reviews certainly don't rave about how it drives. I'd probably test drive the EV MGs but again as more of a go to the shops car.

      • No and No. Telsa has one of the worst defect ratios around on delivery. I'd rather buy a car from a car company with a history of making cars.

  • +3

    "Your personal information may be disclosed to a third party as a result of entering this competition, including but not limited to Ansible Pty Ltd"
    Considering I need to provide my DOB, Address, Number etc I think i'll pass.

    • wtf. why?

    • +2

      Don't know why companies need full DOB for comps, age or 18+ checkbox should be enough.
      I don't enter real DOB in comps anyway..

      • +3

        Yeah, i dislike that about some comps too.
        18+ should be enough.

        Just be aware …
        Putting incorrect DOB details could invalidate your entry.

        I won a car in a comp back around 2017/2018. In the corresonding emails they wanted a photo of driver's license + were VERY detailed in confirming my DOB in a further email.

        I didn't do anything dodgey… And DOB details matched up with my initial entry… Hence won the car.

        But yeah - if going to straight up lie on form … Then don't cry foul when disqualified on a technicality.

        • wow, that's so lame hey. I will take the risk of losing, vs identity theft from hackers that obtain info.

          • +1

            @davonator: I have had a similar experience to simplystu in having to provide ID evidence to collect the prize. I won cash in a competition and had to provide the radio station with a copy of my driver's license.

  • +2

    Oh - was wondering - YES can enter once per day till comp close Yay.

    EDIT I think T&C's imply entry has to match your 10play membership details too.

    Thank You gnv9 - best OzB'er EVER ❤️🤗

    Is gnv9 Ok? Hasn't been posting for a while?

    • +2

      Had also been wondering about gnv9 and hoping they were OK. I did a search of OzBargain and https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/644453 notes that they've been absent this month and not posted a comp since 31 July. I've won a number of comps thanks to them so I've just started posting some competitions overnight in their absence I am also indebted to them/the OzBargain competition community (and I've run out of competitions I want to enter on OzBargain!) so hopefully that will keep some people busy (especially those in lockdown) until gnv9 hopefully returns!

      • Me too with the wins (at least 2, 3 maybe 4? Dunno - includes my first win of Xbox One S in 2018 - OzB needs a won tab in peeps account page).

        Trying out 5 ⭐ Ratings settings & possible breakage Beta (wiki but TLDR).

        So 5 stars for gnv9 - hope you are well.

        • Ozb has a section that shows you what competitions you've won. Click on "Comps" - - > 'Entered' and there will be a list of all the competitions you've won at the top if you've marked yourself as the winner, as well as all the competitions you have entered :)

          • @Becstar: Oh thanks - really got to read some of those Help sections fully - Ok tried (working :- mobile site No, desktop version Yes).

            Says 62 entered 2 won - might have won at least one or two more - sometimes find by myself online and never notice in OzB website, so no Win or Entry recorded there either. (Some of those Gleam ones don"t give me a link to share sometimes)

            Will try to get the No Expired comp section search to work too - Always shows Expired or Closed first so lots of full page scrolling (may be an open one hiding in there?).

            Well obviously think I'm luckier than I am - generally pessimistic/stoic so surprising.

            So first win Was through a gnv9 post.

            EDIT Mobile site works Too - just need to be very careful clicking little ▶arrow to left of Comp - in some ways much easier to use too.

            • @AbucklingNMS: Self reply so much easier to find open Comps by selecting Not Entered or QLD - great.

    • I hope gnv9 is ok too. Like Becstar I've won a number of competitions thanks to gnv9 and really appreciate their effort. I tried to send a PM but can't.

      If you come across this gnv9, your posts are very appreciated. Thank you!

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