This was posted 4 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bubs Organic Grass Fed Follow On Formula 800g $9 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Been buying this regularly from Amazon for $24 a can. Not sure why the massive discount. Could be short dated I guess. Stage 3 is $8.40 a can as well.

Link here:

Edit: They are price matching Big W it seems. Thanks goes to JoshJ.

Edit 2: Stage 3 back to $28. Stage two still $9 for now.

Edit 3: They seem to be changing the price of this back to $9 regularly. Best to put an alert on the camels to get the best price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks OP! Great timing. Ordered 6! I hope the expiry dates are not very near!

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      I got 4 cans of stage 3. Hopefully there is a few months before they expire. Can't complain too much I suppose. Really it's about 3 for the price of one. Depending on your baby 6 cans doesn't last long anyway.

      We've been regularly buying stage 2 with our last cans coming maybe a couple of weeks ago. The expiry for those were next year.

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    Oh no. I just ordered from big w for pick up where is 30 minutes away from my place. It was only 2.
    It is price matching from big w.

    • Sweet. Thanks for the info. Can you cancel the big w one?

      • Not at this stage. Their call centre has closed already. I might cancel it tomorrow.

        • Just note, there is a bit of a delay on these. They reckon 2-4 weeks maybe? If you are really low you may need to get those Big W ones.

          Sometimes Amazon says a few weeks then send you an email saying they got the stock in a few days later. In any case, we don't need the cans for a while as it's the next stage and that's about a month away. I'm not going to complain when it's that much saving per can unless it's super short dated. Not sure what I'll do then. Will need to talk to the other half but she already kinda said it's worth the gamble and said to get 4 cans.

  • Good timing just about to run out cheers

    • Just be warned there could be a few weeks delay on these. If you really need some fast then maybe try Big W. As we're not having to fight daigou for stock I usually buy a few cans when it's on sale so we're good for a while.

      • I have just open new one hope they arrive before it empty
        Thanks for info

        • I just got an update that my stage 3 cans are being dispatched earlier than expected, next week some time. Hope you get a similar message.

          • @ozbs25: I order stage 2 still one left in shelf so I am good

  • Hope has few month expiry

    • Yeah, I'm hoping a few months. Babies really go through this stuff pretty quick so we really only need a few months. Looks like they are price matching Big W so we should be ok.

      • Does they have stock of this? Close to me none

        • Originally I thought they were discounting on their own so I figured it might be short dated.

          JoshJ pointed out that they are just matching BigW. For whatever reason Big W is clearing the product and Amazon has automatically price matched.

          Edit: At least we all hope so. :D

  • Didn't know feeding grass to babies was a thing.

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      idk why but this seems more normal to me than another animal's milk for some reason :thonk:

      getting the grass stains out of all those bibs though, blargh.

  • stage 3 back to $28

  • I’m using Aptamil currently. How good are these? Taste?

  • Back to 24…

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