I have to say this TV is pretty good, I came across this by mistake on eBay and did a little research and decided to buy this TV.

It comes with web OS and 4K HDR and some decent specifications.

Soniq Australia is in Melbourne and it took only 2 business days to be delivered to SA

I have to say I'm impressed for 65 inch 4k TV it is decent. Obviously not the best but far from the worst.

Web OS is pretty easy to navigate and I've connected up to my Xbox One X and it works with 4K 60hz and HDR 10.

Totally cost me $670 to my door and I'm very happy.



    I'm happy for you.


      I'm happy that you are


        Pretty good deal


    WebOS is fine until you try and install one of the many unsupported streaming apps.

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      No issues here my Xbox One X has all apps that TV don't


    Still loving this TV USB works well using 4TB portable plays all kinds of formats