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[PC, macOS] Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete Edition - $23.98 @ Square Enix Store


First post!

I came across the official Square Enix store with the Complete Edition price of A23.98 - Also includes the most recent Shadowbringers expansion!


The Complete Edition - Collector's Edition is A$43.98.


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  • I have an old copy of the game from before Shadowbringers came out - can I use this to upgrade my copy with that DLC and get some gametime or does this only work for new players?

    • No, if you already have an existing account, cannot redeem any further 30 days for free, :(. You'll still get the new content but you must buy a subscription which I feel is lame given you're paying additional money to buy an expansion / full game again.

      "Includes a 30-day free play period. This can only be applied once to each platform on a single service account. This 30-day free play period is not applicable to platforms on which a licence has already been registered"

    • yeah I believe this is for new players/accounts only

  • Wow thank you <3 I was going to buy this yesterday but held off.
    Lvl45 and loving this game so far.

  • whats the monthly sub price?

    • Free until level 60. But not if you've already bought the game and used it. Mind you the free version will have a few things left out but not much. Its a good indicator of whether you'll like the game or not.

      • Do you mean the free trial? If so you can't even invite people to your party or talk in global chat I'm pretty sure. If you are a solo player and not with a friend then the free thing is decent still

        • Yes it has some drawbacks. But since the game can be solo'd quite well, you can just run around with a friend anyway even if you arent in the same party. Use a chat program to communicate. It just depends if you're happy with single play or crave multiplay off the bat.

    • It's in euros but usually comes to about $17AUD for me paying through Steam. That's for the entry level subscription which allows no more than 1 character per world (Which realistically you'll probably have forever)

  • How's the game for solo players?

    • I've been playing solo and so far it's fun. A bit grindy, run here do this run back etc
      I picked it up last week just using the free trial and was going to pay the $60 yesterday glad I didn't but at $23 it's a 100% buy. No Aussie servers yet, but I haven't noticed the ping. We get server with the next expansion in November.

      • +2

        At the beginning it feels like that. But once you get to a certain part in the game its just pure magic. Best story of any MMO and most rpgs out there.

        • Which part is this in terms of level or hours played?

          • @haru: I'm not sure. Its the main game and I think some of the next expansion. Either way there is a crapload of content even before you reach the expansions. It'll take a while from what I've heard. Have a friend playing it and he was there for like 6 months playing before buying it. He didnt play every day, though now he does. Proper addicted. They say it starts off a little slow like any kind of MMO. But later the story smashes into you and its just awesome. Best MMO on the market, and thats because people who play WoW are drooling over it and trashing blizzard. No other MMO has managed that before. Myself I'm waiting for the aussie servers to hit before I star the free period.

            • @vlahka: so you are saying the story is as good as any RPG without even playing it? Pretty Bold.

              I'm at level 30 and so far it's about the worst story i've played in any RPG. I find the gameplay relaxing so i'm gonna keep going but i'm losing hope as far as the promise of a decent story goes.

              • @gruffjaguar: Sorry, I meant my friend has said that as well as others who play the game. I dont know much myself aside from people saying stick with it. Once the expansion content hits its spposed to just skyrocket with greatness. Or some such.

  • thanks OP! going to buy the code and save it for if I ever get through the trial version.

  • +1

    I still remember getting a code way back with some dominos promo, and never used. /headdesk

  • Thank you, I was to buy the other one posted a few days ago at $40ish. lucky i didnt. This is a steal. Purchased now :)

  • +1

    Can I purchase this but activate it later? Like when Endwalker is out?
    or can I go for free trial and then activate full account using this one?

    • You can 100% have the code sit there until you're ready - it doesn't expire!

  • long time Wow player here, is the sub for this game the same price? The website is running me for a loop

    • Most basic subscription is at 11euros (~18aud). This only allows one character per world, up to 8 characters total. Which is fine because you can level up all classes on the same character and switch by equipping the relevant class weapon.

    • Ex-WoW player here, FFXIV is a little bit more expensive, but still very worth it. Although I thinkk WoW's prices increased in AUS earlier this year so it might be fairly similar.

      • Yup WoW is now more expensive.

  • There are also a handful of Optional Items on sale in the Square Enix store - some emotes and costumes, but also level 70 boosts. However if you're new to the game I HIGHLY recommend avoiding these boosters.

    FFXIV is not like WoW, where all the content is given in the end game (level 60/120/max level); the content in FFXIV is spread out pretty evenly throughout each level (with spikes at 50/60/70/80).
    Even if you do decide to use the boosts you still need to do the main story quests and unlock all the different dungeons and content. I've been 80 in FFXIV for a few months now and still haven't unlocked all the old dungeons.

  • Omg this just made the decision for me lmao. I actually like the game but been on PS5 and can only transfer my stuff if I buy the full game. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Seems to be high demand at this time. I had to submit my transaction a few times before it was accepted.

  • If anyone needs a referral code before they start subbing (more information), here: 76NUTVMP

    Welcome to Eorzea :)

    • how do i use the code?

      • After buying the game, log into the mogstation and you should see a button that says 'use refer code' or something like that!

  • Great price! I got mine for 35 2 weeks ago.

  • I bought a complete collectors edition but then realised my account was NA instead of EU so I couldn't redeem the code :\ Definitely my fault for not looking around enough to confirm but the account management site and process is terrible lol.

    • +2

      sorry to hear man, yeah Australia is under EU with Square Enix, little confusing =/

      • Yeah so as an Australian should we be buying NA account considering EU further away?

        • +1

          We would buy EU because somehow with Square Enix - Australian is under EU

          • @bitambitious: Hello, I just caved and bought the collectors edition too but have never played before. What do you guys mean about account NA instead of EU? My friend was on NA Aether Siren, I clicked something about NA early when installing trial…did I screw this up too?

  • Is this a steam key or they have their own launcher?

  • Looks like it's time to fire up a new account and get back into it.

    Edit: I just remembered why I quit years ago, lag was shocking for AU players and without WTFast or similar VPN service it was unplayable (making subscription total costs very expensive). It used to be almost a full second of delay from pressing an ability's button to when it actually started casting.

    I'm going to do the free version before buying this to test lag because this guy says lag is still bad - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CHj9HOriug

    • +2

      I'm on the Tonberry JP server and it seems fine in terms of lag, I barely notice it.

      Another good news is that we are getting Aussie servers soon, and likely a free transfer for those who wants to transfer across.


      • I never thought I'd see the day. It was seriously depressing back in the day, well that's great news

      • Do you reckon it's worth buying this complete edition now? or just wait for Endwalker to be included in complete edition and buy that one instead?
        I'm thinking I'm just going to play the free trial first, taking my sweet time to play, until I'm ready to jump to full version.

        • You might save $15 by waiting but you might also play for a few months then quit so it depends. Surely not worth waiting half a year for such a pittance of a saving. They also could increase cost of the complete edition.

          • @Budju: I caved in and bought the collector's edition instead. I'm hate myself for buying it. lol

            • @squall3031: haha, oh boy. I bought the complete edition even though I already had the original game and an xpac for the free game time. I hate myself for that too :)

    • I'm new on Aegis JP server and was playing healer last night… barely noticed any lag doing dungeons and I was on PS5.

      • The issue back then, and I haven't played any of my old characters in an instance to really test it out, was you could only cast spells half as fast as the person next to you cause of the delay between pressing the button and the cast bar commencing the timer. It was an absolute joke considering WoW managed to resolve that issue since it was first created in 2006. From the limited testing I did today it does seem like this has been fixed quite a bit.

    • I'm in the Elemental data center (JP) and get about 110ms ping, it's pretty good nowadays. Definitely better than the usual 200-300ms to NA servers for other games at least.

      • I managed to log into Behemoth on the trial and the lag is significantly better than back in the day. Several years ago I quit the game even though I really liked it due to the lag. There was a lot of complaints from the community then and it really was unplayable at a competitive level. With poor lag out of the way and possible Australian servers coming this year, it is a game changer.

  • Does this work with the steam version? Once I get toward the end of the free trial can I use this code and have it work or do I need to spend $88.90 AUD on the Steam complete edition?

    • So going from the trial, you can either upgrade through steam or SE. Once you decide though, you're locked to that method forever.

    • No this is not the steam version. When you purchase on Steam, your SE account will be identified as Steam edition, and any expansions you purchase from the official SW store will not work.

  • Just a stupid question: how can I get free trial up to level 60? I bought the game on PS4 long time ago and finished my 30 days trial at that time. If I buy this on PC, should I create a new account or can I still use the old account? Thanks.

  • Does the game have AU/SEA server? or is it EU? :O wouldn't latency be terrible for EU?

    • AU servers are coming after the release of the Endwalker expansion. Currently all aussies are playing on JP servers cause we can under 200 ping.

      I expect there will be free transfers to the new AU servers when its released to populate the server.

      • So we buy from Square Enix EU but we play on JP servers with the local JP players? Is that how it works?

        • Yes we buy from EU. But you can play on any servers, NA, EU or JP servers. SE EU is purely for managing your account only and Somewhat we under the EU.

        • Yep that's it. There's a few unofficial aussie servers (such as Tonberry) that are in the JP data centre, much like what Blackrock US used to be for WoW.

    • My ping to Jp servers is 120-140ms. Aus servers end of this yr.

  • If anyone wants to join and use my RAF code PM me. I am a few weeks into the game.

  • Damn missed out. The Online Complete Edition - Collector's Edition is now $110!

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