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[SA] 25% off Online C&C Orders @ Lone Star Rib House


Get your Lonestar favourites at home!
We're so happy we are still able to serve you at your favourite Lonestar locations in Adelaide and we are grateful to all our loyal customers that are helping us to keep afloat in these crazy times.

We appreciate your continued support and we are offering our food menu for Pick up or Takeaway with a 25% discount

Get 25% off on your Online pickup order. Just use code EATATHOME25 when you checkout

*There is no listed expiry date, so I assume it is only during lockdown, which for the moment is 7 days from 6pm Tuesday 20 July 2021

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Lone Star Rib House
Lone Star Rib House

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    Lone Star still exists?

    • Obviously they do, given the post. 23 stores in 4 states.

    • Pretty sure they replaced hogs breath in North Adelaide

      • Don’t recall there ever being a Hogs Breath in North Adelaide?
        There was one in Hindley Street and Holden Hill..both closed down.
        There is still one in Glenelg.
        Lone Star is in the location that was previously Scuzzi Cafe in North Adelaide.

        • There was a Hogs Breath in North Adelaide, for sure. Upstairs in the plaza building.

          • @pharcyde: Where is the plaza building?

          • @pharcyde: Upstairs? Yes there was one but it wasn't upstairs maybe you're thinking of Glenelg

            • @Monstalova: It was upstairs. Never been to the Glenelg store.

              • @pharcyde: I remember there was an Outback Jacks upstairs in the centre across from the Archer around 12 or more years ago. They had this really dumb AYCE ribs deal where you had to finish an accompanying bowl of spag bol to try and fill you up 😅

              • @pharcyde: No it wasn't. Ground floor. Even a few steps to go downstairs lol. It was a a couple stores further down to Archers

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    Was this the place where you eat peanuts and throw them on the floor, and then every hour or so they would come out and do a quick dance?