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15% off Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer $466.65 + Free Express Delivery + 2 Samples @ Adore Beauty


Adore Beauty is offering 15% off the Dyson Supersonic hairdryers for today only, price is discounted in cart. Not as good as the previous deal but doesn't require Klarna.

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  • Can a hair dryer really be THAT GOOD for the price?

    • If you're going to spend around the $400 mark, get a Gama, not a Dyson. Everyone I know that has one (including hairdressers) say they're a game changer.

      • Do they have a Dyson as well? is it a game changer from a Dyson or compare to a $20-50 hairdryer?
        Dyson is a game changer for me, it is much quiet and quicker to dry long hair.

        just found a comparison video.

        • +1

          None of my hairdresser friends recommended the Dyson, they say they don't last in a professional environment. I get the usage at home obviously isn't going to be anywhere near the same but if you're spending top dollar for "professional" equipment, it should be the best.

    • Short answer: No.

      Long answer: No, but if you buy 3 cheaper ones, you can tie them together to get even more heat and airflow than the Dyson one, and you'll still only pay half as much.

  • Supersonic Hairdryer

    Is this really supersonic ???

    Wouldn't the sonic boom break your windows? Maybe even cause hearing damage?

  • +1

    Got a dyson and a $300 parlux.

    I would not reccomend the dyson at all. build quality is super nice but performance is subpar. Parlux gives a much better dry and hair looks heaps more balanced