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JBL Bar 5.0 Channel Multibeam Soundbar $479 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was looking for a cheapish soundbar. Found this one which has some pretty good reviews, and at $479, its much cheaper than anywhere else I could find.

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  • Have been in the market for a medium range soundbar to match the new LG BX 65" OLED. Think I might bite the bullet on this one.

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      If you spent that much on a oled, get a decent Yamaha or better surround. IMHO sound bars are junk.

      • That's a good point. How about something like this? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/yamaha-musiccast-ysp-2700...

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          Got YSP2700 recently on a price match from JB at an excellent price.. I still can't believe it.. :) https://ibb.co/tX16xhy
          I am loving it.

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          Probably something more like this when they are on sale


        • @mgexiled: I am curious why this Yamaha 7.1 sound system only includes 2 pieces. I thought it should be set up like this

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            @ntienvu: No soundbar is actually surround sound like your diagram, they all use virtualised speakers. Literally stereo speakers would sound better than nearly every soundbar as they are actually 2.0, while most soundbars don't even do physical 2.0.

            These soundbars use software and directed speakers to attempt to bounce sounds off of objects/walls back to you. It's incredible what they are trying to do, and it fits the market where people might not care much about sound quality, but just want lots of bass and a slim bar instead of a bunch of speakers.

      • I sold my old q850 soundbar for a set of bookshelf speakers (edifier S3000PRO for $550), I would reccomend them over the simple front only soundbar any day of the week, even the "7.X.X" soundbars.

      • I got a Yamaha surround system in 2004, and I can't think of a reason to change it out even now. I am not associated with JB, I don't know why OzB says I am.

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    Words of advise, do not expect big bass, even any bass, these sound bars are too small in volume to accommodate the space required for extreme bass.

    Sound bars are simply a light enhancement replacement to TV speakers.

    • If that subwoofer is the same as the JBL 3.1 then it's got decent bass - just depends on room placement.

      • @Super64 my living room is approximately 6.5m x 5.5m.

        I put the TV and the sound system (to be purchased) in one of the corner.

        I would appreciate to hear your suggestion on what is the best soundbar for this room placement?

        • My room is 6 x 4.5m with 2.6m ceilings. TV/soundbar in the middle of the longest wall (wall mounted). The sofa on the opposite wall. I placed the subwoofer the left rear corner about 10cm away from the walls.

          • @Super64: thanks, do you mean the above JBL 3.1 ?

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              @ntienvu: Correct, I got the 3.1. Was posted here on OzB for $375 from Big W. But I believe the 2.1 version has the same subwoofer - only difference is that the soundbar has a centre channel on the 3.1 but does not have a centre channel on the 2.1.

              • @Super64: I missed out on the Big W deal for the JBL 3.1. What do you think of it? Decent sound for the price?

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                  @Sambuca: Yea not bad for the price. Bass is wow (boomy) - not for audiophiles but a great improvement on any tv speakers.

  • I bought this from JB Hi-Fi on First Responder Day for $407 as I did not want to have a separate sub for the kids to break!

    The bass doesn't rattle the windows, but it's better than I expected and miles better than the standard speakers on my Sony 9500H TV.

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