Can Zoom Hosts See What Device You're Using?

Wondering if a Zoom host is able to see what type of device you're using e.g. smartphone or laptop or desktop.

Searched it up, couldn't find any definitive answers.



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    are you afraid your manager can see you doing the dodge?

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      I'm not trying to hide my browsing history, I'm asking if hosts can see what kind of device you're using

      • Why though?

        Can you use zoom through a phone browser?

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        What he means is that it's clear you're asking if your manager will be able to see that you're on a mobile device, not at your desk, probably somewhere you shouldn't be during office hours.

        The answer is no, Zoom does not transmit your device. This would be easy to work out yourself, have a zoom call with your laptop/ phone and see what you can see.

        The only way they'd know is if they ask you to put your camera on, or they hear something in the background.

        • The only way they'd know is if they ask you to put your camera on, or they hear something in the background.

          Was going to say that.

          Even if Zoom doesn't advertise what device your on, there will be differences in audio & video that someone may pick-up on.

    • More like I don’t want people to see I’m using my phone (aka not at my desk).

  • No

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    Highly unlikely, that'd be against some privacy law somewhere.

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      Zoom doesn't really have the best privacy record so far.

  • Easy way to bypass this. Just run Zoom on your phone and use it like a webcam. Use your PC to your hearts content for non-work purposes.

  • As it is running on your device, I don't see why they can't, if they wanted to.

    Similar to what OzB knows about us:

    Top Browsers (by Sessions)
    Chrome 62.36%
    Safari 24.60%
    Samsung Internet 3.34%
    Firefox 3.20%
    Edge 2.37%
    Ozbargain Android App 1.74%(+.26%)

    • Wow i didn't realise firefox had fallen so far. I still use it :)

      • I still use it to - actually switched from Chrome to Firefox ~a year ago. I do use Nightly but, not the standard Stable build (not that Nightly has ever been unstable on me, touch wood).

        I'm interested if those Chrome statistics are purely Google Chrome, or if they also include Chromium and derivatives (i.e. Brave).

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          I think it covers all Chromium based browsers, possibly including the last Edge, as the Edge figure above is just too low, which might just be the old EdgeHTML/Chakra one.

          • @scotty: Thanks scotty. Seems like you sit on Ozbargain all day like it's your job or something! :)

  • If you use the enterprise account, there is a reporting feature, called dashboard, and you can pull a report on devices.

    Recently they have changed their policy: For Guest participants, you will not be able to view their local IP addresses, cameras, speakers, microphones, device types, and data centre roles.

  • Yes. Just open that shit on your computer and use chrome remote desktop to it.

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    You can usually get a pretty good idea whether it's a phone or laptop just by looking at the person's image.

  • On the desktop app, if people are in your address book and available they can tell - Someone on their mobile will show as a green mobile icon. Someone on their desktop will show as a green dot.

    However, once you've joined a meeting I don't believe there is a way to tell.

  • Can Zoom Hosts See What Device You're Using?

    Yes if you turn the camera around…