Which Islands to Visit in Queensland for a Honeymoon?

Hi all!

I'm getting married at the end of Feb 2022 (super pumped) and am trying to get an idea of which Islands are best to visit for a week or so in Queensland. Looking for something that feels a bit isolated but has plenty to do (was originally hoping to go to Fiji but that is now basically off the cards) and a holiday that is affordable but still very nice, relaxing and romantic.

Any recommendations are appreciated as I live in Adelaide and have never been to any of the Islands in Queensland.

Thanks in advance!


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    What sort of budget?

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    I would recommend Qualia but it's pretty up there, then maybe the IC Hayman Island.

    Was supposed to be at the IC right now for a vacation but Sydney's lockdown screwed that.

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    Not Qld but consider Lord Howe.

    • Yes, Lord Howe would be great in Feb. QLD is hot, wet and muggy at that time of year. I haven’t been to lord Howe but my parents and some friends have and say it’s amazing.

  • Hamilton & Daydream

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    Bulwer Island.

  • In feb in qld stick to the south. It’s wet season up north and tbh even the Gold Coast is super humid at that time of year. Maybe lady Elliot island, I haven’t been but would like to https://ladyelliot.com.au I like the lord Howe suggestion too.

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      Been twice to Lady Elliot. Can recommend. Is quite pricey though.

    • Are there other islands in the South other than Lady Elliot Island? Good suggestion though.

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        Lady Elliot is the furthest South on the Reef. South of Lady Elliot are Fraser, Moreton and Stradbroke, which are all amazing but have less of a honeymoon resort type feel. Fraser would be my pick of these for a honeymoon but still doesn’t have that isolated honeymoon vibe. You really need a 4wd or access to one to get out and see the island though. I love Moreton but there are issues with the resort there and lots of families and kids. Stradbroke is residential and very busy, but also fabulous.

        The next to the north on the reef with accommodation would be Heron Island I think, then the Keppels. I’d also love to go to Lizard Island but that’s way up North and would be super humid and wet in Feb. I haven’t been to any of these.

        • So would Whitehaven, Daydream, Hamilton etc not have ideal weather? We'd be going the very start of March

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            @TheLethal97: TBH they are all in wet season, it’s just gets more humid and wet the further north you go. Cyclones are most likely to occur nov-April. Feb is the absolute wettest everywhere in the tropics I think.

            So lady Elliot has av 125 mm rain in March, daydream 209mm and Hamilton 273mm

            In feb Hamilton and daydream both have over 300mm

            Lord Howe has about the same rainfall as lady Elliot, in March, it gets it’s peak rain in winter.

            Not saying you cant have a great holiday in North Qld in summer/the wet but just be prepared to enjoy it in the rain so you’re not disappointed.

            Whitehaven isn’t really somewhere to stay, just camping so you’d generally stay somewhere else in the Whitsundays and go for a day trip or overnight. Be prepared for sand flies at Whitehaven too. You’d be advised to wear a stinger suit when swimming anywhere in the tropics in summer for box jelly fish and irukandji . I even wore one last trip in Sept.

            The problem with the southern reef resorts is they seem quite basic in terms of accommodation, which might be okay. Just depends how fussy you are. I’ve gotten fussy as I age. I like things like aircon in the tropics in summer.

            Fraser Island could be an okay option in a nice resort, you can also day trip to the reef from Fraser. But like I said it doesn’t have that isolated honeymoon islandy vibe.

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  • Daydream.

  • We went to Hamilton Island for our honeymoon, albeit 21 years ago in 2000. How time flies!! We thoroughly enjoyed it BTW.

  • Do a night at whitehaven

    • Where? On a boat?

      • We were staying at hamilton, which was nicer than i expected… then took a boat to whitehaven to camp for a night. It's beautiful. Depends how you both feel about camping for a night though… but you can walk to some really isolated areas of the island and have a private beach, skinny dip, do whatever. It's a really nice place to be. Check it out on google.

        • Yeah love the place but never knew you could camp there. Only ever done day trips. Will look into this. Ta.

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            @afoveht: Yeah, they let maybe 10-20 campsights at per night. Not supposed to have a campfire, but you can do it once the rangers leave. It's a top spot.

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    Coochiemudlo Island

  • Fraser Island. The fishing is great!

  • Hamilton Island. However, the way things are going, you may not even be able to go to QLD.

  • screw Qld…
    save up and go for this

  • Russell Island, for memories you will never forget.

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    Lockdown Island

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    Giligans island

  • If you want budget, how about Magnetic Island in Townsville

  • Ko Chang, Koh Samui or pretty much any Thai island. Your entire holiday will be a 1/4 of the price, the service will be far superior and the hotel you will stay at will be a higher star. By March '22 international travel will be a lot easier.

    Island tourism up there in Qld is priced for rich o/s tourists and honeymooners looking to get ripped off. Honeymooners are easy prey to island resort/hotel operators to be gauged as they are willing to hand over large sums of money on subpar facilities as they see it as a 'one-off' or 'special' holiday and all logic and price considerations are throw out the window.

    Don't fall for their over-inflated prices and poor service. Especially as many will be looking to recoup profits lost during the covid lockdown to repay fixed costs and overdue loans.