Buy 2 Large Pizzas and 4 Cans of Soft Drink (from $29) & Get Free Coca Cola Olympics Cooler Bag (Pickup Only) @ Pizza Hut


For a limited time only to celebrate the Olympics, Pizza Hut are offering the new Coca-Cola Olympic Games Deal!

No coupon needed just click on the link.

For $29 pickup, you’ll get:

2 Large Pizzas
4 Coke Cans
Coca-Cola Olympic Games Cooler Bag

A surcharge of 10% applies on Sundays & 15% on public holidays.

Pizzas with a menu price over $14.95 Pick Up will attract a $3 Surcharge. A surcharge of $3.95 applies for stuffed crust & $3 for gluten free base.

Cooler bag is red with white handles can easily fit up to 6 cans.

EDIT: If it doesn't work. Go to the main Pizza Hut page and select your pickup location before clicking the link.

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    Says product not found for me? 😔


      the link works for me. not sure why it doesn't for you. maybe you have to go to the main page and select your pickup location before clicking the link.
      because when i clicked it, it went straight to Knox pizza hut (my local)

      screenshot of what you should see:

      • +2 votes

        Thank you, friend, yup that fixed it. Appreciate your help mate. Awesome 1st post 😊👍


          awesome glad that worked.

  • -1 vote

    That's a good point,

    I give Domino's shit for their 10% on Sundays bullshit, but Pizza Hut do it too, they just have become so irrelevant that I didn't know. (profanity) you guys, too!


    Is there a list of which stores are participating?

    • +1 vote

      should be all stores.


    I'm surprised how long this would be running - would hate to see a bunch of angry pizza-goers miss out?