Backlit and/or Illuminated Keyboard (Budget $200)

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am after one of these that has a "great" price - a couple of weeks back there was a link here but I can no longer find one.

Ideally wireless but wired works as well.

Looked online but most seem to be around $200 mark.

Just need it for working from home.

Can you please assist if you know of a good source? Note: I have looked on Amazon/eBay etc


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    Are you looking for the Logitech MX Keys?

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      Great keyboard. Both my partner and I prefer it over the Magic Keyboard.
      Also, using both it and supported mouse between 2 devices works great.


      I will have only the one device and keyboard so I guess no?

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        Using one device and keyboard doesn't matter. Logitech MX Keys is quiet which is a bonus.

        Logitech MX Keys $161.15 Delivered @ digiDIRECT ($153.09 Price Beat @ Officeworks).

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        Handy if you hook up to 2 devices. I was using it for 12 months prior on 1 device, before connecting my Surface, and MB Pro up to it.

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    Logitech MX Keys. Usually on sale for around $180.

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    +1 MX Keys. Picked one up myself a fortnight ago for $179 by getting JB Hi-Fi to price match Mwave, however if you're not in a rush, should be able to get a better price.

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    Keychron have a few models available depending on what size/layout you want. There are options for wired/wireless and white or RGB backlight so double check you're picking the right model.

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    If it's just any backlit/illuminated keyboard, most 'gaming' keyboards do. They're pretty cheap too (eg. <$50), which is both good and bad.

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    Mx keys is sweet. $130 is sweet spot


    $130? Where was this please?


    I use one of these
    It is an adjustable white light, back lit, mechanical keyboard.


    I saw this the other day for $199, but I didn't check around as I have my Corsair Gaming K100 keyboard.
    So check around and see what you can find after you read it, it is an EVGA keyboard
    OK, I had a quick look elsewhere & found it for $169


    It really would depend on what you want from your keyboard.

    Mechanical keyboards are nice, but I feel like they aren't something everyone likes.

    Whether you'd enjoy one or not I feel depend whether you like noise coming out from your keyboard.
    Most of them are fairly noisy, even the red ones. The silent switches are better and my wife does use one at work, but they are slightly on the more expensive side.
    Not to mention, the stabilised keys (the long keys that are wider) tend to make noises, because the noise on those come from the stabilisers (metal wires that help the keys to press evenly across). There are things you can do to improve those, but I feel like that might not be for everyone.

    What I feel like they excel in is not tiring your finger out, because you don't have to bash every single key to make sure that they are pressed completely.

    Someone already did recommend MX Keys, which I have good things about.
    Someone also mentioned NIZ keyboards, which are Topre clones. Topre has good reputation with noise and how they feel in typing and I think NIZ ones are too?