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1000 Free Chicken Wing 5 Packs (Starts 29/7) @ Domino's (Facebook Required)



Domino's are giving away 1000 Codes for a free 5 pack of Chicken Wings on July 29 (National Chicken Wing Day) via Instagram.

The link can be released at any time, but generally is released around 2-3pm.

  • The Promotion will involve a Woobox link being made available on the Domino’s Australia Instagram Story via the “swipe up” function (Promotional Link) during the Promotional Period. At the beginning of the Promotional Period, one thousand (1,000) Prizes will be available to be claimed by Entrants.

  • The Prize is one (1) voucher for a five (5) pack of chicken wings (any flavour) for pick up or delivery, valued at AU$6.95 (Prize). There are one thousand (1,000) Prizes to be won. The total Prize pool is valued at AU$6,950.

  • Valid for pick up or delivery.

  • Prize expires at 11.59pm on 6 August 2021.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +3

    At that price, they will fly out the door

  • +4

    no food for 29/7? just wing it.

  • +2

    did dominos increase the size of their wings? My last order their chicken wings is about the size of two AA batteries.

    • +6

      I was disappointed the first time I had buffalo wings. I thought they'd be massive, didn't realise that the chicken just identifies as being a buffalo.

  • Well anticipated after Pizza Hut's promotion.

  • +5

    Anything not pizza is undersized, poor value and tastes shit at Dominos.

    Change my mind.

    (The pizza itself is edible in my experience).

    • +5

      I humbly submit that the pizza at Dominos is also shit.

      • There is certainly better pizza out there.

        • Highly dependant on the store. Plus cheesey crust is godly.

      • You've just got to find a good store, which can involve quite some trial and error haha

  • Ain't nothing but a C-Wing

  • -1

    We all love free food but must say its poor form to be running these freebie promotions and allowing store pick ups in areas currently under lockdown.

    Ofcourse this will be a popular promotion and will inevitably increase foot traffic in the stores.

    Given how transmissible the delta variant is particularly in indoor settings, you want to avoid any opportunity of a superespreading event.

    • You still see people going around claiming their birthday freebies lol

  • +1

    … and here I was reading the title as "1000 chicken wing pack" … the disappointment is palpable…

  • Phew… For a moment I thought WTF ..how am I going to store 1000 chicken wings!!!

  • So we just keep an eye on dominos Instagram at 2ish on the 29th?

    • Either that or wait for link to be updated here.

  • Pizza delivery is one of the most overpriced things ever. Not really relevant but still.

  • wait so is it on Facebook or instagram?

  • Hopefully better than the Pizza Hut Wings

  • what time is this on? will this be like the pizza hut podium since i haven't got one from that since day 1?

  • +7
    • Thanks, added into OP.

    • Legend! Thank you!

  • +1

    Dang all gone

  • Omg was just 30 seconds out of losing, woo just scored, my lucks crazy 😍 same for the Xbox series X

    Don't hover on Instagram, dumbest thing ever, if it wasn't for Oz bargains id be out.

  • got one
    good timing as I was thinking about what to have for lunch 🤣

  • -1

    omg. gone. my lucky is definitely run dry with dominos or pizza hut promotions…

    kinda like a joke now….

    if someone no need but got one could spare would greatly appreciated…

  • just missed it. no luck with Pizza hut as well.

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