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ViewSonic 27" QHD IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor & Steelseries Sensei Ten Mouse $299 + Post ($0 Delivery for Metro Areas) @ Centre Com


This is the Viewsonic VX2705-2KP-MHD (1440p, 144hz), comes with Steelseries Sensei Ten mouse which from what I can find is worth $79-$100
Seems like a pretty good deal since the lowest I could find for this monitor was $299 anyway.

Does anyone have any experience with this specific monitor?

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    Good for the price, but HWUnboxed has a bad review of this monitor. Bad overdrive modes leading to bad response times/overshoot.

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      How about productivity-wise, do you think these drawbacks would make a difference?

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        productivity-wise you wouldn't need anything more than 60hz

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          So paying this for a 1440p would be overkill (in terms of using it for productivity purposes)?

          • @CBlank: Depends on what you're doing productivity wise. If you're just using Office and Adobe programs, the high refresh rate won't be noticeable. What will be noticeable is the upgrade in resolution over a traditional 1080p monitor, depending on how far away you sit.

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              @techie8055: That's plain wrong. 144hz is very obvious when using plain desktop apps. Mouse movement is much smoother, animations are much smoother, moving windows is much smoother. Going back to 60hz is instantly noticeable.

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                @nub: Going BACK is noticable, but if you're only on 60hz now you won't notice the upgrade

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                @nub: Okay nothing you've outlined here is a tangible "advantage" for productivity, though. Paying extra for anything more than 60hz IS overkill, whether or not you personally like the feel of 144hz is irrelevant.

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                  @sob baget: I never said it's a productive advantage, I definitely don't think that. And it's not irrelevant. It's a nicer experience, like a luxury car verse a corolla. Both do the job, one does it nicer.

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            @CBlank: 1440p is good for productivity, better than 1080p on 27"

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          While 60Hz is fine, higher refresh rate monitors are nicer due to being smoother even in productivity tasks

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            @FireRunner: I have a 240hz monitor by a 60hz monitor and mainly don’t notice a difference for productivity. I can see the ‘lag’ on 60hz if I look really closely but most of the time I’m not, so I think people saying 60hz is unusable are over exaggerating.
            Gaming on 144hz+ all the way tho

            • @Danneo: It's always subjective, I've got a 60hz, 120hz, 165hz and a 240hz and can tell the difference on the desktop straight away between all of them

            • @Danneo: I can definitely tell the difference between a high refresh rate screen and a 60Hz especially if side by side, but I would not say 60Hz is in anyway unusable.

        • You wouldn’t need it, but you would definitely want that smoother refresh rate

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          People paying more for 144Hz monitor so their $10 mouse scrolling appears smoother?

          Come on, these are for fast-pace action gaming or maybe expert Excel users scrolling through 100 spreadsheets per second XD

      • No drawbacks on productivity, 144hz is nice to have but not needed, 1440p @27in is considered perfect for most, response times and overshoot isn't the best and only matter IF you are a somewhat serious gamer who enjoys fast paced fps games.

    • Hi, Mr. 3 seconds is that you?

    • Can confirm I have a 2758 and it flickers when freesync is enabled, known issue

  • Does anyone have any experience with this specific monitor?

    Yes, got a stuck pixel after 2 months

    Edit: Mine was an older model, VX2758-2KP-MHD

    • The 2758 is rated better than the 2705

  • Any 32inch Monitor on sale?

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    These are about as good as you can get for the price point in my opinion. Picked up two of them for a work/gaming setup a couple of weeks ago from Mwave, who also had the same $299 magic number (for tax purposes) and a free Steel Series headset included (a similar value freebie to the mouse).

    I think its hard to argue with the value these - great amounts of screen real estate for work, and I've been running games (Rainbow Six Seige and other less frame-reliant games) with great success using G-Sync (even though its not G-Sync certfied). I have a Nvidia 1070 GTX, so can't max out settings, but I've had great performance so far, and as I said above, the price is right for IPS QHD at 144hz.

    They also have speakers, VESA mounting and a pretty minimalist design/bezel. It's a +1 from me.

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      …$299 magic number (for tax purposes)…

      What tax purpose exactly? Does stuff like this need to be under $300?

      • instant write off

      • Where the item can be 'justified' as for work purposes, you can claim an immediate deduction where the figure does not exceed $300. If it is over $300, you need to depreciate it over several years using one of many available methods.

      • Under 300$, full expense in tax yr. Over 300$ depreciate over 3(or 4) yrs

  • How would this go as a gaming monitor for PS5?

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      Poorly - PS5 doesn’t support 1440p

    • I thought this wont be good as PS5 only supports 1080p?

      • PS5 supports 1080p and 4K. A few QHD monitors can accept a 4K signal and downscale but I don't think this is one of them

        • Downscaling doesn't look that great either. Not so bad when it's a console tho (they are made for TVs with often poor pixel rendering, so the UI looks fine when scaled)

    • for ps5 go for either 1080p 144hz or good 4k 60fps panel. Its pretty sad that xbox x and s can support 2k but not ps5 sigh

  • Seems like a very good deal. Looking at popular websites, the mouse can be bought for $79 at Kogan, but that seems to be one of the cheapest prices you can get atm

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    I have this specific monitor, I've had it for about 4 months now using as my daily driver for gaming mainly. It's my first and only 1440p 144hz monitor so coming from a 1080p 60hz it was pretty good, but comparing to other similar monitors I can't say. I can't say I've had any major issues, however recently it's started making a buzzing noise when its in 144hz. Also everytime I switch from my headset to speakers, I have to mute and unmute from the monitor which is odd, as my speakers are connected to the monitor not computer. Overall, decent for the price id say. Especially considering I bought it for 400

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    out of stock? can only pre-order on website

  • I need another monitor, the Dell S3221QS one for $370 will be great if they bring it back!

  • I do not see it on the compatibility list, buyer beware! This is a good deal, but make sure your GPU is compatible!


    • This list is outdated and missing some monitors anyway. Good deal.

    • I have a 1070 and g sync works with this monitor.

  • Shame its not the VX2758-2KP-MHD that is on sale. Now that is a darn good bang-for-buck monitor. Using one right now and love it.

    • What's the benefits of getting that monitor over this one?

      • From memory the 2758 supports gsync and freesync, whereas the 2705 just does freesync. Could certainly have the models mixed up.

        • I have the 2758, no g sync settings here :(

          • @Dealzallday: Have you enabled G-Sync/Freesync in the monitor’s settings menu?

            • @ransworld: I've checked Nvidia control panel but not the monitor itself, I'll give that a shot!

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                @Dealzallday: Hmm, only seeing the adaptive sync which was turned off so I turned it on but Nvidia control panel still isn't recognising it as a g sync capable monitor :/

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    How long is the pre-order going to be?

  • non-dell monitor bargain at dell price. nice!

  • 144hz, 250hz, 60hz, 75hz..

    The look and feel of smoothness sometimes doesn't only require the panel to be fast…

    My CX LG 120Hz OLED looks smoother to me then a 250Hz desktop monitor..

    I think the pixels are faster on the LG CX OLED so the delay/lag is reduced making it look silky smooth… my 144hz VA 32" monitor looks about as smooth as a 90hz TN due to the lag VAs come with.. and its worse when moving from blacks to white.. dark to light.. IPS is better and TN more so… OLED or Non organic LED self lit lixels are the future of display tech

  • Any good for gaming? I currently use a Dell u2711.

  • Tempting but wait for Dell sale!!

    Prefer S2721QS.

  • anyone know how long do we have to wait for the pre-order before dispatch?

    • Did you pre-order? Have you received an update yourself?

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        Ordered on saturday night when it was out of stock already, received an email on monday morning:

        "Good news! You order has been consigned and picked up.
        Tracking number: …….. Track here
        Please allow up to 1 business day for tracking to be updated on the couriers website"

        Also, received a tracking number from aus post shortly after. Should arrive in 3 days to Sydney.

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    I have this specific monitor, I've had it for about a month now and am using it for for gaming ( BFV, CSGO, Fortnight, etc) , MSFS2020 and watching lots of youtube videos ..all at 1440p 144Hz. I have found it to be fantastic, no complaints at all. Beautiful colours, responsive, clear etc. Inbuilt speakers are a bonus (of course they are basic sounding but when I don't need my Sennheiser headphones plugged in its fine). I got it for 284 in recent ebay sale and at that price its excellent. I'm sure for the videophiles who need to analyse all the specs in detail they will find something to complain about but for the average person its great.