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Drop + Koss GMR-54X-ISO Gaming Headset US$30 + US$15 Shipping (~A$61 Shipped, Was ~A$102) @ Drop


Part of Drops summer sale. It's a great headphone, I personally have it and love the sound. Beats most of the "Gaming" Headphones out there

It's has a great sound quality, especially for the price with classic Koss sound with really good, fun tuning. Ample and fun bass but still quite controlled and somewhat tight, not overwhelming at all. And mids and highs are also well presented, Overall really fun to use. (for reference I have HD6XX which pretty much standart audiophile entry/mid/high level depending on how you look at it. As well as Philips Fidelio X2HR, Hifiman HE-X4, HD280, AKG 275 Pro Monitors, AirPods Pro, Shure Se-215 and many more, too much to list here)

USE REFERRAL CODES TO GET ANOTHER $10USD OFF, bringing your total only to ~$48AUD

It's super light, comfortable and close back so you won't bother people round you. Though it might get a little hot during summer and long sessions, it hasn't for me yet.

Comes with 2 cables, both has mic. One is inline and the other is boom type, haven't used them much but they are said to be pretty decent from reviews.

Overall great bang for thee buck, especially if you are going to get other things from the sale, shipping will be only $5USD additional. like the dac/amp combo here: https://drop.com/buy/drop-o2-sdac-dac-amp —- beware it's 120V only so you'd need a appropriate power source for it.

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    Referral code only works with $50+ purchase?


      Oh could be the case mate, my purchases were over that mark so I might have missed that, sorry! It’s still a very good price for these headphones though in my opinion!

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    Usually sells for around US$60, so it's a good price


    How does it sound comparing with Fidelio X2HR ? More Bass or less?
    Edit: reading reviews and seems like the headband breaks.


      Quite different between. Not really good/bad kinda way tho. Phillips’ bass is really better controlled and excellent for an open back so is almost put them to the same level with Phillips edging koss out. But over all sound quality X2HRs are much better imo. Just keep in mind X2 is an open back so inherently quite different styles between the two.

      Let me actually do an A/B testing tonight and I will comment again.


    how does one acquire a referral code for the extra $10 off?


      Referral link at the very bottom of the deal.

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    How quickly did you throw the K275 in the drawer? :P

    Keen to hear your X4 thoughts as well if you've picked up an amp.

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      Haha mate on point, did i say i was buying it or did you just guess i bought it? XD

      Well honestly K275 did just go on to a hook and stayed there, maybe picked it up 3-5 times so far. It’s alright sound but really nothing special, tho i can see that being used as a studio mixing headphone, would do a great job and one you learn it’s signature (which is surprisingly close to a speaker in a room) i reckon it would be a great utility. Just not as detailed as i’d like. But more importantly super loose in my head even tho I am quite big lol.

      Anyway for X4- i have to say over all it’s great and do not regret buying it one bit!

      Build wise: i read all about QC issues people disliking the build but it shocked me. I have no QC issues and it’s built great. Everything feels very premium, pads are super comfy and it’s easily adjustable. And the headband, looks uncomfortable but seriously the most comfy pair i have despite the weight.

      Sound wise: unfortunately i don’t yet have an amp (thx AAA one on the way hahah). But even with these sources i have to say it’s just great, super close to HD6XX quality wise I’d say. Overall tune is natural and you can tell it’s tuned mainly for classical/ jazz.
      I finally understand what people mean by the word slam of the planar magnetics. Low’s do get low and they are very controlled and layered. But my sources aren’t powerful enough to judge this honestly. I can tell because when i EQ to ridiculous levels i loose the rest of the sound lol. They do extend quite a bit and they are tuned to have a tiny bit more lows than HD6XX. (Nothing like X2HRs tho, they are next level)

      Mids are pretty damn close to HD6XX, missing the texture but it’s almost and for the price it’s great. I’d say vocals both male and female sound pretty great!

      Highs are a bit too sharp for me, even tho i like high highs generally. I haven’t played enough to figure it out but there is a small freq range that pierces into my head. Around vocal S’s Sh’s and cymbals.
      It’s not as detailed as HD6XX either but it’s close enough honestly for the price.

      All that said, i do find myself reaching for the HE-X4 over everything I have including the HD6XX, when i want proper bass it’s X2HR and detail HD6XX, this is like a middle ground closer to HD6XX in terms of sound signature.

      Damn i understand why audio reviews are so long now hahah. I only spent a week or so with it and don’t have a amp yet, so my thoughts on all of them might change later haha.

      Let me know if you are looking for anything specific :D


        That spike you might be looking for would be around 8kHz on the HE-X4. Good that they're solid though!

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    Someone PM me if you want to go halves in buying 2 (to save on shipping and to activate referral discount)