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Artiss Racer Blue & Black PU Leather Office Gaming Chair Recliner $60.95 Delivered @ Timeless Living, Bunnings


Seems to be a very good deal at half price - other colours are $128-$132. Green is also available for $63.95:


The one with footrest is also at discounted price $79.95 - I have bought it from Ebay 1 year ago for over $100 and it is still very good and reliable:


Deliery as also free for my Postcode 2035.


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  • Any of it peeling yet Lado?

    • Even my secretlab seat is peeling like hell cos of the amount of hours on it did to Covid lockdowns. Not happy for the price paid.

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        PU is PU, doesnt matter how much you spend on it.

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          I have PU from OW. After 4 years of heavy use from my fat arse, not a sign of peeling. Or on the chair either :o

  • Very good quality, still looks as new, using it everyday for my home office

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      How long you have been using it?Most of these break apart after a year

      • I have been using it for about 1 year, bought my previous similar item from Kogan and was using it for more than 6 years

        • OK,thanks,grabbed one,.

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          ahh I see you're someone who wears a shirt and isn't over 100kilos….

  • $14 delivery to WA

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    Free delivery in Melbourne

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    Cheers Op, needed a replacement chair for home office after last 18 months of Covid…..grabbed one

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    What's the big padded bump at the front of the seat? It looks uncomfortable.

    • ;)

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      Resting your brother.

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    Gaming chairs are not ergonomic. Invest in stuff that protects your spine.
    This is trash.

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      Bit hard to if you have $60 ish to spend

    • What do you recommend in the budget range for ergonomic chairs?

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        the floor

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        exercise ball

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        IKEA Markus. Most comfortable chair without having to fork out so much

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        Gumtree. Offices closing down, offices downsizing. Asking your current work to borrow your office chair while in lockdown.

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          I did this last year with previous employer. They were not sending chairs out to every staff like Service NSW did. But when I asked, they sent it the same day.
          The most I miss about my last job is that chair.. ;)

      • Literally anything but this.

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      Hope I didn't order the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, high price gaming chair is a joke, don't waste your money, go buy a real popular Ergonomic chair instead of any gaming chair.

    • People keep saying this, but honestly where is the examples of people who have been harmed…..

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      I don't get why anyone would deliberately make a product like this. Why not give it the right support so everyone gives a glowing opinion of your product. Same thing with this obsession with "quality PU leather". It ain't 'quality' it's crap; it ain't 'leather'; but they got one right… it sure does pee-eew (stink)! The number of chairs I see left on the side of the road that work fine, but are discarded because the surface is peeling is ridiculous. How difficult is it to use some fabric instead!

      • I don't get why anyone would deliberately make a product like this.

        The Chinese factories have a stock blue-print that gaming companies buy from. The factory just prints a custom sticker/logo then ships it. This is why every gaming chair looks very similar and shit.

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yhc6mmdJC4 - They also go through a blind test where they ALL subjectively determine that even the cheapest ergonomic chair feels better.

        • That looks interesting, thanks. I'll watch it later tonight.

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        Agreed, contributes to unnecessary environmental waste, it's just gonna end up in the rubbish tip in the best case scenario, probably won't even be recycled.

  • Any good or are they junk?

    • Probably junk due to name changes on different platforms, seemingly a dodgy practice.

    • They are okay for the price. One lever to adjust height, and the back rest. Can lean back but cannot lock it in place. Backrest comfort is good, seat pad is average.

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    Read my comments above - I bought this one though:


    • How's the footrest and comfort?

      • Comfort is great for me, have not used the footrest often, but it's definitely ok for that price

    • Do you think it would be comfortable for the taller gent?

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        I am 175 and it is comfortable - you can return to Bunnings, should be an easy process

        • Cheers mate! Just ordered, we'll see how it goes

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          Is this not a bunnings Marketplace item? I've never bought such an item but from reading it looks like you go through the 3rd party vendor. I would assume this means mailing it back. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

          • @VeeKTOR: There is no difference to buying it from the same vendor on eBay/Kogan/Catch so that one should only choose the platform that offers the best discount.

            • @Neoika: That's basically what I was referring to, Lado was saying above
              "you can return to Bunnings, should be an easy process".

              It didn't sound like it from reading info on Bunnings website. Was hoping to clarify. I certainly wouldn't mind buying this then returning to local Bunnings if not suitable

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          The seller Timeless Living has their own return policy. Risky to assume Bunnings policy is applicable.

          All returns must be directed through our Customer Service team. Please do not return or post items before obtaining instructions from us first. If you do, there is a risk that your returned item may not be identifiable and not accepted. Applicable freight fees and a 15% re-stocking fee will be deducted from your refund in cases where you changed your mind about your purchase and wish to return the product.


          As Bunnings Marketplace products are sold and delivered by third-party Trusted Sellers, the Bunnings price guarantee and lowest prices policy does not apply to products sold on Bunnings Marketplace.

          Our Trusted Sellers have their own individual returns and refunds policies, which are available on each product page. Please review the sellers returns and refund policy for more information. Refunds will be processed, by the Trusted Seller, back onto the original payment method used at the time of purchase.

    • The package weighs 41.6kg. Must be a heavy-duty chair even minus the packaging.

      • I am pretty sure this is an error - check out other similar items, mine is definitely less than 10kg

    • So since you have both, which one do you prefer?

    • Cheers gonna cancel original order and go for this

    • Link didn't work for me

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    Seller Timeless Living = ozplaza.living on eBay = oneshop on Kogan = Daily Plaza on Catch

    You can find identical items on these platform.

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    Hey Lado, have your screws in your chair become loose at all? I've seen this complaint regarding Artiss chairs?

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      My son-in-law has this and the screw connecting the right arm rest comes loose no matter how much you tighten it.

      • you've tightened it too much then.

  • Hey, no, still going well

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    Eh for $61 I'll give it a go

  • Get extra 3% on catch for white chair

  • Warranty\return may be an issue with Catch - at least as per my experience.

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    PU leather. Eww.

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    Why does all these product design for gamers have this certain aesthetic that is just looks unappealing?

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      I guess it's just a niche. Gamers who dislike the look just buy regular office chairs (as you should), so that just leaves the people that like the gaudy look.

  • I've had a red one for a couple of years which looks almost identical. Still going pretty good apart from armrests which have been ripped when sliding under desk, but that's just me being lazy. Pretty comfortable for sitting for an hour or so but after that back gets sore, but maybe that's just me getting old… I wanted a blue one originally but could only get red back then, so time to get a spare… Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP

  • It's my pleasure - good luck to all, have to leave now

  • From the pictures, the curved arm rest could be really high so you won't be able to move under the table when you sit down. Can someone comment if the chair could be too far away from the table when sitting? The arm rest of my current chair is flat so I can slide in a bit under the table in order to sit a bit of closer. Thanks

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      The photos say the top of the armrest is 33cm from the bottom of the chair, so just measure 33cm up from where you're sitting atm and see if it hits?

  • Purchased! Thanks Lado

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    Just beware of the quality issues of this brand, have bought a few Artiss chairs from ozplaza(eBay) before, they all got problems like loose screws, broken plastic parts, and the PU leather will just peel off in less than a year period.

    Although the $40-$60 range seems fit, (instead of the rip-off pricing on eBay, which is more than $100.) I honestly do not recommend buying any PU Leather Chair from them, but you try their mesh chair

    • This 3rd party seller is indeed ozplaza as you are aware of. Pretty sure it is on Myer marketplace too (maybe in another new name).

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      honestly do not recommend buying any PU Leather Chair from them

      Or from anyone. Mesh is the way to go.

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    Paid $88 for the BlitzWolf® BW-GC3 chair the other day. Hmmm…. not sure if this is on par

    • Let me know how it goes. I have been looking at bw on banggood. Im in the market for a new computer chair

      • +1

        Got two at home now - can't fault BW products

    • May I ask where you bought it for $88?

  • Thanks OP

  • Very tempted to buy this although I prefer mesh chairs.

  • anyone has problems with the website?

    • Yes, it seems its been ozbargained already

      • they took the payment but I haven't got the confirmation email

  • Website slow and took a while but eventually got there.
    Thanks op

  • Got one thanks OP

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    Thanks I purchased the $79 one with footrest not sure why but I did.

    • +1

      You'll figure it out when you sit on it :P

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      Same .. flat armrest and footrest made me go for it .. :-)

    • Link please

  • LOL. After clicking this all I see to the right > is gaming chairs. And this: http://www.shorturl.at/vwLUV. Of course, where else would you buy a V8 Chevy engine from?

  • Does this fit someone 190cm tall ?