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Fresh Whole Chicken $2.99/kg, Sliced Leg Ham or Honey Ham 400g $3.99, Leo Lager Beer 12 x 330ml $16.99 @ ALDI


Spotted these deals on the Super Savers Page.

  • Broad Oaks Farm Fresh Whole Chicken $2.99/kg

  • Berg Sliced Leg Ham 4 x 100g $3.99

  • Berg Sliced Honey Ham 4 x 100g $3.99

  • Leo Lager Beer 12 x 330ml $16.99

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    This makes me very happy. Thanks OP

    • +8 votes

      Username checks out is so glaringly obvious it’s not worth even pointing out, and yet I still did…

      • +13 votes

        Thanks for pointing it out though


    I personally enjoy the Leo beer and its 5%


      Username checks out


      It's a little too sweet for me; good deal if that suits.


    i misread it as $3 for a chicken, and i thought, this must be a large pigeon or something…


    Has anyone tried the chicken recently?

    I got one about 2 years back.. never again.
    There's some things Aldi does really well, like beef, and other things they do not so well.. like chicken. And carrots.


      Yes I love their chocolate, dips, jams and continental items plus many others. But every time I have had chicken it smelled off and still had weeks before use by date. Very disappointed in them surely they know this and need to change their supplier.


        Same. Only takes a few days for that awful smell to come about.

        What I do now is as soon as I buy aldi chicken, I separate it into freezer bags (for legs, breast etc) and pop it in the freezer.

        Whole chicken lasts a bit longer, but I make sure to cook it asap.


      Yeah I've had an instance of their chicken smelling off also days before their use by…wish they had a free range option


    How much the non-fresh chicken?


    its national wide?

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    Is this chicken frozen or fresh?