Private Building Certifier

Hi Ozbargainers,

I am looking for advise from private certifier. It is regarding new home & occupancy certificated.

I have spoke to few certifiers but could not provide any outcome.

So if you are a certifier/if you know any certifier who possibly can help please PM details.

I'll really appreciate it.

Thank you. :)


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    I’ll certify anything for a slab
    Certified sandwich artist

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    I have spoke to few certifiers but could not provide any outcome.

    Sounds mysterious tbh.

    • Nothing mysterious about it… different certifiers are giving different opinions based different building code. And I dont know who to believe.

      Looking for another opinion.

      • What did your council say when you asked them?

        • Different opinion and it did not make any sense.

          • @sydneybargainer: I think until you get clarity from your council, you are not going to get any further.

            I’m assuming getting the private certification’s is for the council to “finalise” your build.

      • makes it look pretty straightforward.

        The Council folks know the building codes and they are the ones that you have to satisfy.

        Don't put them offside, 'cos they have seen so many shifties that ANYONE not doing what they require is going to find the process difficult.

        Generally nice folks, BTW.

      • Just don't forget that free information is worth what you pay for it - sfa

  • Tip - work with your Council Planning Office, I did this and had a dream run with a 3 level complicated build. Managed to gain approval for difficult aspect's of the build that did not fit the Councils normal regulations. Work with them, be polite, it works wonders. Extra tip, - employ your engineer to inspect the build progress, keeps the builder honest!.

  • What is your question specifically?