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Meguiar's Scratch X 2.0 $15.99 C&C Only @ Autobarn


Was just searching last night for some swirl/scratch remover. Saw this at Supercheap for $19.95 which seemed reasonable.
Didn't complete the sale as I was too lazy.
Today - Autobarn has a sale and $15.99 for the tube.


Have used it before - when applied properly on small scratches it's not a bad result.

Can't be @rsed with a price match and not even sure if you can do it with SCA online? Thanks C-19! :(

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    Eww c19

    Maybe get some Bowdens Own while you are there


      Had a look at that some time ago.
      Find the Megs stuff works pretty well.

      Can't even remember all the bottles (think i've got about 8 different megs products for different things). have some of the old-school Poly Sealer (that isn't available anymore sadly). Was uber exe when I got the bottle - think it was 4lt.

      Been using the Next Tech Wax which is good and the blue bottle spray ceramic sealer on the new car. So far so good!

      Went to order the above (Autobarn) and remembers there isn't any Autobarn where I am for the C&C… FU C-19!!! Need to pay the extra.. :(


    Hey this isn't an ad for scotch