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Large Traditional Pizzas from $6.95 Pickup (before 3PM) @ Domino's


Great Domino's takeaway pickup pizza deal if ordering before 3PM!

(Note: Sunday Surcharges still apply)

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    It looks like dominoes have set it up incorrectly.
    I just tried the before 3pm code on dominoes.com.au site and it gives me an error message "The voucher 720356 can not be used at this time of the day."

    Entering the after 3pm code seems to work - but it gives you the after 3pm price.


      Worked fine for me.


    I'll probably come to this page @ 4:00 pm 01 seconds after getting defeated by the pizza hut podium pizza giveaway…. :D …

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    Its only valid for today.

    And the 'after 3pm' price is greater than $7.95 ( which there are thousands of coupons for ).

    Also, Sunday Surcharge.

    So, to sum up, its a crap offer


      Yeah, kinda shady that they are advertising this one day only code as pizzas "from 6.95" yet the sunday surcharge makes the products it applies to more expensive than that.


        It's actually been running for over a week or more, just decided to post it today


          Ah ok, that makes alot more sense.


    Thanks OP! $7.65 for a chicken pizza is not bad


    Seems like I am the only one that this code didn’t work for

    I tried it at like 3 stores near me, every time I see an error message stating ‘its either not applicable at your selected store’ or ‘not valid at this time of the day’



    They need to stop calling these Large pizzas. They are not.