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25% off and Free Delivery over $25 @ Paradox Roasters


Pretty good deal especially with the free delivery.

I ordered 1kg of Purple Rain at $36/kg hoping it won’t take half to dial in properly given I’m a newbie.

Asked for delayed dispatch but not sure if they would do it though.

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Paradox Coffee Roasters
Paradox Coffee Roasters

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    Maybe I end up missing out a bit but I barely ever dial in my grind. I have my grind set to 12 on the Breville Smart Grinder Pro and it produces great coffee.

    If you use a pressurised basket then you can set it much higher 20+ and it doesn't make a difference. I got the non-pressurised basket so it does matter but think that 12 consistently produces good results with my Bambino Plus.

    I'd be interested to know from the experts what I'm missing out on.


      Do you drink milk based coffees or black? Milk tends to mask some of the acidity or bitterness you get from under /over extraction.

      Try the same dose (eg. 19g), same yield (eg. 38g) but try a grind of 14, 12 and 10. Stir and drink the espresso shot only (at least a couple of sips, then you can add mik). You should definitely be able to taste the difference.

      At 14 it will probably be underextracted so will be quite acidic and sour-ish. At smaller grind sizes eg 12 or 10 it should be more balanced. Go even finer (8-9) and it will start to taste more bitter and burnt due to over extraction.

      Aim for a grind which gives you 38g espresso from 19g ground coffee in 25-35 secs and you should be roughly OK.

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    Just noticed that the cheeky buggers do 200g bags instead of 250g. I've not seen that before.

    Nonetheless, I'm very tempted to get a kg


      Yes I noticed that too, hence the 1kg bag works out better.


    Doesn't look like you can combine the free shipping code with the 25 off code. Free shipping only applies to Queensland deliveries if you apply the code above. Which does me no good as I'm in WA …

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      Odd. I got 25% off + free shipping for the 1kg bag to NSW.

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        I was able to as well

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    Merged from 25% off Paradox Coffee + Free Delivery with Minimum $25 Spend @ Paradox Coffee Roasters

    Paradox roastery team have got you covered with 25% off your favourite Paradox coffee delivered to your home! Enjoy this special offer on any of our 1kg and 200g delicious blends, single origin limited releases and coffee capsules. We’re also giving FREE delivery across Australia for coffee orders over $25.

    Whether you're topping up your own coffee supply or looking to surprise a friend with a coffee care pack delivered to their door, now is the time to purchase online using code: SAVE25

    Offer ends 15th of August 2021

    Select Free Delivery option in the shopping cart after you enter the coupon code to receive free delivery. Min spend $25 for free delivery


    Just received my package today, Colombia single origin filter… and I would say it make very nice cuppa.
    Last time I ordered single origin from another roaster and I can only taste bitter/flat flavor.
    This one has some nice taste note. Love it.