Received Damaged BBQ from eBay

I purchased a brand new BBQ from eBay the seller has sold over 100 and has positive feedback. Once I opened the box I noticed it was wonky and parts of it was bent, eg. the lid doesn’t close and it’s legs are really wobbly.

I contacted the seller saying it faulty and he made it out like I was crazy saying it’s a light weight item what did I expect.

Should I just let it go?

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    File a damaged item claim. End.

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    Lucky you’re the buyer in this case.

    Rip to seller if they think they’re getting off. Should have no problems filing for a replacement or refund through eBay.

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      Or even a partial refund. However if it is really flimsy, they should redo their ad. Take pix, and send them through.

      Did you use Paypal?

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    Simply file an INAD case with eBay


    What did you expect? Adequate packaging. If it works, and is good enough, then sure, let it go, and use it. If not, as everyone else said, just open a dispute.


    Do you have the listing?
    I want to see what bbq's they're selling


      It’s called “ Stainless Steel Outdoor Portable Foldable Charcoal BBQ Grill Camping Picnic Set”

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        Yep just looked it up.

        They're made to a budget and unfortunately you pay for what you get.

        I wouldnt say its faulty

        Its more a design feature


        If they're actually designed for camping, then being light weight is intentional. When you're carrying your gear, weight matters. Being flimsy is a side effect of the low weight.


    get refund use paypal